Explore the disused railway at Dochamps, Belgium two trips 29/8 and 2/9

a set of points

a expansion gap that  allows for hot weather

a bolt to hold the track and has the letter B on it ,I collected some of these.

level crossing sign

a railway sign

there were a lots of nettles we used a stick to clear the nettles

a bend on the track

I am standing on a bridge

3 Responses to “Explore the disused railway at Dochamps, Belgium two trips 29/8 and 2/9”

  1. Timothy L. Studebaker Says:

    Jake, Thanks for sharing your story as well as the excellent photos.
    I was researching railroad lines used during WWII in Belgium and
    your site came up as a part of my Google search. I live in the states. Newport, Oregon on the west coast, in a small coastal community. I take my son and daughter on many outdoor adventures, much like it appears that you and your father also enjoy doing a lot! We too use excellent technical gear for our various trips to whatever destination we choose. I surf and snowboard,kayak, snowshoe, and do a lot of hiking and backpacking,mountain climbing etc. so I am always researching gear. I purchase a lot of gear from a company here in the states you may like. It is called “R.E.I” for Recreational Equipment Inc. “www.rei.com” Your choice of gear can save your life and your are wise it seems as you know how to layer your clothing. Good job!
    Keep up with your adventures! Always be aware of your surroundings and learn to use a compass as well as a G.P.S unit.
    A G.P.S unit can fail to receive signal if you are in a thick forest, so
    it is very important to be able to navigate with a compass and map.
    Also, always listen to your Dad and Mom! Do the best that you can do in any situation that life gives you, and keep up your adventures and love of the outdoors!
    Autism cannot stop you from being an adventurer with your
    father, nor can it stop your love of the outdoors.
    I take my 11 year old daughter every where! Be kind to yourself.
    Carry on, keep your head up, and feel good, feel strong!

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