Old mines via White Coppice Geology Trail and the Great Hill

this is Waterman’s Cottage

I am standing on a tree ! it looks like a rock but its a old tree trunk !

this is the entrance to the city!  -Here I imagined I was discovering a  long lost city !

I am climbing the wall of the city

waterfall wall  these need climbing

last wall and very very sliiiiiiiiiipy

next to the city mine

in the small mine

a exposed bank of shale ( comment from Dad opposite here evidence of many mine shafts -bell pits  )

looking at the bell pit these are the best so far we have seen

a line of bell pits  going towards the river

standing between to gate posts at Drinkwaters which was used for target practice in WW2!

Great Hill summet  here you can go to Darwin Tower, Winter Hill views all around
– you can see Preston,Rivington Pike,Blackburn

me relaxing on a stone seat  – 4 miles  one to go !

weather Bright sunshine and cold at start to light rain and cold wind, we saw a lot of people on Great Hill
who did not have the correct kit on  ,
one asked us near the top of Great Hill if this was Great Hill  , the other two people didn’t know either – do not go out without a map and if you carry the map know how to use it!
Take care on the Hills please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

route we took
http://www.sanoodi.com/routes/white-coppice-mine-hunt-301356/ 5 miles in total

http://www.white-coppice.co.uk/ good site for this area

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Hill about the great hill


3 Responses to “Old mines via White Coppice Geology Trail and the Great Hill”

  1. What a beautiful walk! Such lovely scenery and if only everyone would wear the right clothing and take a map! I think people don't realise how risky it is!

  2. Interesting Blog and thanks for reference to my site, web.ukonline.co.uk/jed However, could I ask you bookmark the new site address http://www.white-coppice.co.ukThanksJed

  3. Thanks for the update on the bookmark -only noticed the comment today :)also updated on the Jakes other site https://jakeofwinterhill.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/old-mines-via-white-coppice-geology-trail-and-the-great-hill/

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