Explore ruined farmhouse at holders plantation ,Winter Hill , Horwich

a old mine look very close-bell pit(nearest end)

old mine wall ?

this is a local brick found at old farmhouse -has the words Horwich on it , perhaps Dickerson  as well?
other bricks were winter Hill bricks,

collapsed old farm house near holders plantation near burnt edge colliery

this is a old dam the route crosses the old dam here is the breech to the wall -yes you get your feet wet !
along this path on the dam we found baby frogs but not today

exposed bank – mix of coal and burnt coal -from the brickworks on winter hill

very odd water  drain this has a very rhythmic flow (sometimes fast then slow) –  mechanical ?

examples of rubbish left where we parked today -take it home and recycle!
all types plastic can be recycled -when we lived in Prague all plastic is collected and recycled !!!!!!!
please recycle http://www.recycleforgreatermanchester.com/recycling-in-your-area/bolton
-note from dad – if the Czech republic can recycle plastic why does Bolton put this in landfill sites ???

route taken today

today’s links
http://horwichheritage.co.uk/ great place to find details on the heritage of Horwich and winter hill
http://www.d.lane.btinternet.co.uk/winterhillthebook.htm the best winter Hill resource
interesting web site on the historical area of Halliwell ,Bolton


One Response to “Explore ruined farmhouse at holders plantation ,Winter Hill , Horwich”

  1. Great route! And that water flow is really interesting. So sad to see people not caring about the environment, even worse (as Dad said) that Bolton do not recycle properly!

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