Winter Hill Three Peaks at Night, Two Lads To Winter Hill To Rivington Pike –

Note :Weather -Cold below 4c wind chill high  (wind sleet -very cold rain) visibility good apart from some driving rain

it is really windy, wet and cold

I’m having a hot chocolate -two lads

it is a really good view  from the Two Lads

me in the dark

the haunted  mast -it was spooky covered in sections of  mist ,sleet was falling  gave a red glow around  in the sky ! Note from Dad – poor quality sorry !

the creepy  sheep (mast)

falling ice sign -if the lights flash on the mast -take care !

me having a hot chocolate at winter hill Trig point

rain and sleet in the middle between Winter hill and Rivington pike

Rivington pike  (pike wall  in background)- I kept my eyes down to keep my night vision


fell runners forum -used for hints and advice

what colours to wear in the dark

good running route -too long for Me !!!

night navigation advice

night navigation advice

Note from dad – Jake is very experienced in most weathers in this area and can pick out features in what appears to be a barren environment  even at night  , The distance is well within his capability ,

Risk reduction – Jake has multi layers of high performance Waterproof/wind/ breathable and warm clothing, Hi Vis clothing is used where the visibility is poor or I need to know where Jake is , headlamp, backup Torch , Jake has on him high energy  food plus spare top layer.

Dad has more  spare clothing,compass,map food and in this case the hot chocolate. Emergency Hi vis bivi, Two Blackberry‘s(BB), one is used for GPS tracking/ Photo and the other is used for phone/e mail -backup GPS. either can be turned on to show current GPS position/route on the web. torches and BB’s  are fully charged and  checked for charge before the run.


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