Hidden places near Goosnargh,Preston ,Cold war Bunker , Chingle Hall the most haunted house in England ,Whittingham Hospital (disused largest mental hospital in the country),Orchard (rare fruit tree’s) ,

guard  house  to the Bunker  for Preston

bunker main entrance
Video this shows you Goosenargh filter station  for this site !
radio station/Mast
Note from Dad Vodafone use this !
a church in Goosnargh
painted window (look carefully)
the haunted house  (Chingle Hall)  you can see the moat !
Note from Dad – the most haunted house in England ?

??? next to Chingle hall

Chingle Hall -the haunted house  ?
Whittingham  asylum was home to nearly 3,533 patients (and 600 staff) making it the largest populated in Great Britain and second largest in Europe
it had its own church, farms, railway, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, brewery, orchestra,
brass band, ballroom and butchers.
Above is the Cameron House section
Plan of Hospital

This is the  St lukes section  -Male patients

the old  station

railway bridge -look carefully

this is the orchard which is very special



Whittingham Hospital was built in the last quarter of the 19th century.  Its orchard which we help to maintain still contains over 200 trees with 18 varieties of apples and 3 of pears.  We have replaced some of the lost trees with trees of similar varieties.  The hospital was self-sufficient in fruit from the orchard from October to May.  The following are the varieties to be found in it:
Annie Elizabeth
Bramley’s Seedling
Crimson Bramley
Early Victoria
Edward VII
Ellison’s Orange
Golden Spire
Howgate Wonder
Keswick Codlin
Lane’s Prince Albert
Laxton’s Superb
Lord Derby
Newton Wonder
Scotch Bridget
Warners King
Early Portugal
Louise Bonne
Pitmaston Duchess
This is taken from

hospital fire station

site of the old brewery

main entrance to the hospital

hospital church

feeding the ducks

lots of ducks

Note from Dad no work has been done !
remains of a headstone found in the lane !

Our route

Link about the new hospital

Links about Goosnargh and Whittingham
Where I was baptised


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