Two Lads ,Winter Hill, Horwich in the falling snow at -6

Note from Dad  :Please take advice/care  before going up on the Hills—taking-ad.html–-just-in-time-for-the-snow/

the last time we were out we were just testing  the equipment ,

this time we tested the equipment, road up to this area  was clear(this is steep and single track in poor weather  – though it had patches of 2 inches of snow plus some ice, when we set back the road was completely covered in snow ,

weather was OK snow falling  -4 , medium  wind chill and snow falling ,we headed down after the weather closed in and the  snow became  heavy high  wind chill -6 c  – footprints were becoming obscured ,

If you are driving in Autumn,winter or spring  take the precaution of using cold weather tyres -they really do work !!!! I don’t endorse this site but  read the advice about “winter tyres

we got up and down to winter hill safely without a problem,

you don’t want to turn up to your car tired wet and cold and unable to drive yourself out of the situation.

a video of me on the way to  Two Lads

me on top of one of the tallest  Two Lads

the last time I was up here!

a  video of the snow falling down

Evie and me in the snow

Evie in the snow and a bit grumpy

Note from Evie : I was not !

me making a snow angel

on the way down from Two Lads

The weather got worse as we came down -the snow was in our eyes! me writing our names in the snow!

route -we know this route in the dark and poor conditions we use map and compass and GPS tracking !

Both children had extra layers and winter grade boots -both waterproof and insulated , the slopes were covered in dry snow with fresh snow falling on top , we kept to the low incline and decent , this track does contain boulders, ridges and a quarry on one side – things which are not on the map and can cause a  injury leaving you stuck in poor weather unable to move off the hill to safety ,–-just-in-time-for-the-snow/


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