>10 peaks part 1 Rivington Pike- Brown Hill-Crooked edge-two lads

Georges lane  ice run


Rivington Pike -view of Bolton,Horwich ,Chorley and Preston, Winter Hill mast


across a stream





sheep Skull we found – no other Bones ?

me in my hi vis clothing  plus strobe light plus torch plus a tracker and walkie talkie,


note from dad: a full set of emergency kit is carried by Jake  –  a bivi bag, foil blanket, food,water ,whistle,

he understands how to use this equipment we take his safety very seriously,

Jake has a great deal of experience on this terrain and has been trained to cover this in the dark, sleet and snow,ice , fog ,this environment has many micro climates – we came across still air which dipped to – 6 through to wind of 30 mph  combined with  -2 to -4 gives a very low feel like  factor in less than 150 metres.



this environment is tough what Jake make appear easy is not unless you are equipped  and experienced,


view towards Horwich


view from Two lads -Manchester,Bolton ,Reebok , Middlebrook , Horwich, Chorley





route for part one



Note from dad :

route is poor lots of  fences ,most of route is a   fight to cross  , lots of deep grass, ground was very hard like running over rock , Ice and frozen ice water in the deep bogs and streams

route was undertaken at night , conditions poor – very high wind factor in parts ,

very cold,



you would go on from the Two Lads to Adam Hill which is in part two




Rivington Pike links




Two Lads links






Bolton Mountain rescue






2 Responses to “>10 peaks part 1 Rivington Pike- Brown Hill-Crooked edge-two lads”

  1. interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it.High Vis Clothing

  2. Its not clear on what you need ,this blog is a route in the dark and in poor conditions against defined peaks on winter hill, this blog entry became part one,The full route plus details you are looking for are on http://jakeofwinterhill.blogspot.com/2011/02/10-or-14-peak-courses-on-winter-hill-by.html, Background :Jake thought it would be better to link three of the big runs together into one hence the 10/14 peaks route , they were each a separate run/walk. does this assist or what do you need ?

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