>second part of 10 peaks Adam Hill to white Brow to counting Hill to Winter Hill to Noon Hill


see the following routes

Looking towards the Pike from Wildersmoor

Rivington Pike and Two lads(RH)

Bell Pit near Adam Hill

White Brow from Adam Hill,

Winter Hill Mast in the background

on the White Brow

evidence of mine near Knoll at 350m

Running down towards Burnt Edge -350 Knoll on right hand side

Old  animal  feeding trough

old farm house -Holden’s plantation

sitting down with Winter Hill Mast in the background


Old Bricks from the  Brickworks

Old Brickworks

Brickwork’s at Hole Bottom

Add caption

Brickwork’s at Hole Bottom


Old mine tip

Brown Lowe in the distance

we counted over 60 Bell pits in this area near Holden s Colliery

Two lads in the sunset

Holden’s Colliery one of the many Shaft’s found here

deep grass difficult to cross very tiring for my legs

Mine Buildings ? found in the line with Bell Pits  in line with Holders Colliery

sunset on Winter Hill temperature had dropped to -3C at this point.

towards counting hill

wall which marks Dean Ditch


Counting Hill


Winter mast

standing on the Trig point  for Winter Hill

Rivington Pike in the distance  ,

note from Dad ,the sun set at this point, we went on  to Noon Hill and Catter nab then back to winter Hill , temperature which was low became very low -5 , Jake was tired at this point we made our way to the car which Jake was glad of 😉


fell running resources

mountain rescue




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