Waterfall at Wards reservoir night and day


the approach to the waterfall

path leading up to the waterfall

the path was flooded this time

these stones protect you from the bog

up the side of the wards reservoir

climbing up the waterfall

crossing the stream

we crossed this and climbed up the water fall be careful !!!!!
close up of the water rushing down
video of the waterfall
another waterfall video
old shaft note this is square not round !

me again this time in dark ,
note from dad:
This waterfall contains a lot of slippery rocks , i have removed photos and videos showing techniques to climb, cross and dry off afterwards, the path at the top also has a broken fence hidden in the long grass which has barbed wire and wire fencing sections- this will cause injury unless you are careful in the dark ,

Hordern: (13th century ‘handran’ and ‘haderan’). Possibly from the Anglo-Saxon ‘heorde’ meaning herd, and ‘hyrne’ meaning a nook or corner.
Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.
taken from –http://www.belmontvillage.org.uk/History.htm








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