keld, Swaledale Rainby Force ,Wain Wath Falls or Force and camping


Lime Kiln they burnt the limestone to make lime

Hi Vis jackets to keep me and Evie safe – we went to see the Swaledale Lambs

Me and Evie watching a film in our new tent

me playing in the River Swale

The waterfalls were fast and dangerous

On the limestone pavement

throwing a big rock
This is where my dad used to go swimming when he he was a boy !

Rainby Force

5 meter waterfall

another two Swaledale Lambs – they have horns

Wain Wath Falls or Force

another picture of the falls – my dad used to sit under the waterfall when it was sunny the pool is deep and cold but the water is heated up by the sunshine which is still warm when it goes over the waterfall


5 Responses to “keld, Swaledale Rainby Force ,Wain Wath Falls or Force and camping”

  1. >The waterfalls remind me of the movie Robin Hood – where Robin meets Little John. Awesome photos. 🙂

  2. >Jake likes your Photos as well, thanks for taking the time to comment

  3. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.Hi Vis Vest

  4. Jake says thanks he enjoyed the time as well

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