Wilderswood, rivington without the Trees


running next to the Wilderswood

where they have felled the trees

Trees being felled due to a pine disease problem

no trees left – clear felled, not even the plants which were not effected were left
note from dad there is lot of old remains from the mines here -they have now gone

last few trees

running down the slope only thing left is the bark from the trees ?

running towards cabin pit

hmm they left this one ?

down towards the stream

careful this is is very loose

into the stream
going down the waterfall it was slippy

though the water tunnel

over the wall just by cabins pit

up from the Cabin pit

back to the tree line

one of the old entrances -will they destroy this ?

part of the Rockhaven castle garden can you see the path ?
the old pottery i found at Rockhaven castle

route taken

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