Red Moss ,Gibb Farm , MiddleBrook ,Reebok, Horwich

wet  paths today

looking back at the Reebok stadium

running through the wet paths

getting very wet now

along the wet paths

the mud gets everywhere

Gibb farm

just about to go into the jungle


just getting out of the jungle

odd wood and brick in the middle of the moss

two lads, Rivington Pike and  the Mast from red moss

towards red moss hill waste tip

you have to be careful

Rivington Pike and the old loco works

can you see the Blue Damsel fly ?

resting can you see it ?- on the left hand side of the blurred grass are two eyes !

another Damsel fly
Dragon fly

web – but for what ?

Dragon fly !—production-of/hindley-green-plastic-brick-co-ltd/2144b280492294a530debe0072587339d362afa0/comp/,_Greater_Manchester

 route taken,–looking-from-landfill/en

Reebok Stadium links

Red Moss Links

Methane burning site

links to Horwich and Horwich Parkway

Links to Horwich Police station!/Blackrod

3 Responses to “Red Moss ,Gibb Farm , MiddleBrook ,Reebok, Horwich”

  1. Hello Jake. I have been looking at your photos of Red Moss and Gibb Farm. The day you visited there was my birthday – I remember it was a very rainy day! My chickens live in the wooden shed on your photo of Gibb Farm. Happy Running!

  2. Hi,It had been raining that day but it was just wet , very wet , thanks for your comment ,

  3. Jake says happy birthday -belated of course !

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