My Birthday I am 8 years old today

Evie and Jake and leo
Note Jake reviewed the Blog Photos and helped me write this entry !

Evie helping Jake 😉

Jake outside the Imperial War Museum

Rank Hovis and T55 turret

Harrier Jet

Old WW1 siege gun used by Germany

T34 tank
I saw these in Prague !

DDR – East Germany

Old Contact mine

Rolls Royce Merlin engine

Rolls Royce Merlin engine

Vulcan bomber jet engine

Outside the BBC Manchester at Media City !

Note From Dad : Jake playing with his new toys, This will be updated later ,Jake intends to celebrate with a run on Winter Hill ! though the weather is poor –  mist and rain due for most of the day Winter Hill.

Coal pit road

Old dam -showing mist

very wet
mist became driving rain
misty conditions
one hat
wet condition’s underfoot

two hats plus change of trousers  to  waterproof

Winter Hill trigg – I am standing on this !

Two lads

gateway on wildersmoor near Wilderswood


Jake in the dark –

weather condition’s :  mist which turned to driving rain , very wet with very low visibility ,

6.9 miles to the field next to where we live,
323 metres gain
aver 3.6 miles
full blog entry will put on Jakes blog later tomorrow

Jake had a full set of wet weather equipment on in the end  , Jake changed his equipment as the conditions changed , this is a tough route in what were far from ideal conditions , a lot of care is taken to keep jake safe,  No jake did not get the hi viz vest for his birthday!

Note: this entry was entered by Jake’s Dad with Jake’s assistance !


5 Responses to “My Birthday I am 8 years old today”

  1. Happy birthday Jake =)

  2. Have a great Birthday Jake

  3. thanks for the Birthday wishes , Jake had a really good birthday , he was very motivated to go up winter hill after his birthday tea, 6.9 miles in poor condition's, Simon

  4. A dreich birthday run on Winter Hill Jake 🙂

  5. agreed re the weather comment,great term acknowledgement on the full blog of this run

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