Two Lads to Wilderswood via sportsman’s cottage 

quick Blog entry just to get back out on Winter Hill

the Start – we have not run on Winter hill for two weeks

Two lads and the pike

lots of heather at this time of the year

Just started to rain

someone added a seat ?

looking towards the mast

these are some trucks with motorized hang gliders in the back

Philipson and son bricks

some old bricks and debris from old buildings

looking towards the mast

the pike ,

going towards crooked hill

down to sportsman’s cottage  I did some roly poly just  down from here !

down towards wilderswood

it was dark through the trees

Note from dad Jake has multiple layer reflective 360 capability , Jake also has a extra spare torche on him,  the strobe light on the right has a 1 mile visibility range it is also reflective.

running through Wilderswood near the old mine entrances

it was getting dark back towards the two lads

Note from Dad : we are getting ready for winter and the dark nights ,Jake is already carry extra safety equipment , greater use of Hi viz but not winter grade equipment we normally carry full waterproof  from head to feet is carried. today was drizzle nice to be back on the moors !
Jake says Keep safe


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