Manchester University museum ,BBC Planet Dinosaur Tour

Giant spider crab

a mammoth

a tusk that has been carved

I had to build a dinosaur

you put the bones on the frame

Evie helped

Evie putting the head on !

Finished !
the lady who was from Russia helped us!

“build large-scale reproductions of Spinosaurus, the largest ever known land predator”

a head of dinosaur ,

can you see the tiny frog -its orange !

I love this snake
Green Tree Python,

Evie and leo enjoyed the monitor lizards

a very big frog !

Deadly 60


Today we were pleased to welcome the CBBC Crew from Deadly 60 to film in the Vivarium. You may need to turn up the sound, but here is short clip of the presenter, Steve Backshall, with our Chameleon. This beautiful male Panther Chameleon specimen was kindly provided to us by Jamie and Laura at Chameloco.  Also, although she doesn’t work in the Vivarium, I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the amount of work Rebecca Machin from our Zoology department put into preparing specimens and information for the visit.

lots of different rocks -see the colours !


kidney iron

this had alot of teeth !

Evie didnt like this !

T rex bone

T rex !

I had such a good time !!!


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