quick post first snow on Winter Hill.

Rivington Pike -snow, we went via two Lads -cold weather -1 to the pike through fog with some falling snow

me doing a roly poly though the snow hadnt really settled but it was still fun !

running down the road snow falling   after going between the Pike and mast road 

watching the snow falling when we were in the car !

very odd night – hail , clear sky’s with gusts of wind , then snow falling then fog then snow again – just a small amount though !


2 Responses to “quick post first snow on Winter Hill.”

  1. Bit early for the first snow Jake! I live on the Fylde Coast. Sometimes I can see the snow. Today I can't!

  2. although it has snowed a few times it has never settled , this is the first time we saw this stick , I was a train early on Monday and there was a small amount on Horwich Parkway car park , when i came back it had gone , this relates only to this day but last year http://jakeofwinterhill.blogspot.com/2010/12/two-lads-winter-hill-horwich-in-falling.htmlmore heavy snow and lower temps

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