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Two Lads to Hole Bottom with Sharon , meeting with Mal and Italian evening !

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Today we met up with Sharon who came with us on walk to the Two Lads to Hole Bottom with Leo,
We met Mal  Frith  with his three dogs ,Brett ,Sam and Molly at Hole Bottom by Chance photo of me and Mals trip on Winter Hill with Brett,Sam and Molly
our route

This is Sharon , Sharon came to our house ,

It was muddy after all the rain and hail

Rivington Pike ,Sharon had not been here before So I told her what everything was called  we are standing by the two lads

Rivington Pike links

Two Lads links

Winter Hill Mast

Me with Brett ,This is Mal !

This is Sam and You can just see Molly!

Hole Bottom

based on Dave lanes book -this area had houses, brickwork’s and a Pub!

I am looking around

Sharon looks under a large brick to find another Brick !

Sharon found a  ridge tile !

the mast

You can just see Mal near the two Lads !

we are walking down the road – Bolton were playing at Home you can see the lights on the Reebok stadium

Italian Night ,

we had Four seasons Pizza -Pizza quattro stagioni
Melon and Prosciutto
Spaghetti carbonara  or Pasta alla carbonara
I have been to Italy we drove from Prague and stayed near Venice

“Lazio style: Pizza in Lazio (Rome), as well as in many other parts of Italy, is available in two different styles: (1) Take-away shops sell pizza rustica or pizza al taglio. This pizza is cooked in long, rectangular baking pans and relatively thick (1–2 cm). The crust is similar to that of anEnglish muffin, and the pizza is often cooked in an electric oven. It is usually cut with scissors or a knife and sold by weight. (2) In pizza restaurants (pizzerias), pizza is served in a dish in its traditional round shape. It has a thin, crisp base quite different from the thicker and softer Neapolitan style base. It is usually cooked in a wood-fired oven, giving the pizza its unique flavor and texture. In Rome, a pizza napoletana is topped with tomato, mozzarella, anchovies and oil (thus, what in Naples is called pizza romana, in Rome is called pizza napoletana).
Types of Lazio-style pizza include:
Pizza romana (in Naples): tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano, oil;
Pizza viennese: tomato, mozzarella, German sausage, oregano, oil;
Pizza capricciosa (“capricious pizza”): mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, artichokes, cooked ham, olives, oil (in Rome, prosciutto raw ham is used and half a hard-boiled egg is added);
Pizza quattro stagioni (“four seasons pizza”): same ingredients for the capricciosa, but ingredients not mixed;” taken from

Leo Loves Spaghetti he just loves finger food 

Yummy Pizza I loved the ham and cheese

I loved this !
Note from Dad : Jake and Evie don’t like coffee so we removed this

Wilderswood to Two Lads to Winter Hill mast Brickworks to River Douglas

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on the way from wilderswood

the Pike

The mast in the mist -two lads is to the left
cinnabar month

on the way to Two lads

wet -switched to waterproof Hat

on top of the two lads

on the way to the mast

we came across a wall next to this 3 bell pits

on of the bell pits

on the mast road

on the way down from the mast

the old brickworks

the old brickworks at the back of the mast

a old sink – they used to make these here

very interesting moss

very wet between the mast and River Douglas

This route was very wet today – this goes from the mast to Rivington Pike

nearly into the deep bog !

crossing a stream

I wanted to take this home -dad wouldn’t let me !

River Douglas

quick break!

This is the water tunnel next to Brown Hill 

another rest !

 Lower Rivington reservoir

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

Winter Hill tramway with my Nana, Evie and Leo

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Me and my Nana

Me and Evie up the road

Looking at a flock of Sheep

Evie looking at a GPO pole

Me and Nana  and Evie on the Winter Hill road

me looking at bricks

a brickworks Kiln

some bricks  at he Brickworks -I went to the other one yesterday

Evie and Jake on the Iron pipe

the tramway

looking at the thistle

Me and Evie taking a rest

Nana on the tramway

part of the Old mine

two lads

Looking at a stream


Leo is in the back carrier he has just woken up
about the two Lads
good background to this area
another local walking site
Good Walking site

Cranberry Moss, Bull Hill, Darwen, – Old mines,Quarries and Old Brickwork site ?.

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Stone quarry
Note from Dad this was in line with the mines found later but no sign of any coal mine waste

on top of the quarry

looking towards the mines

hot chocolate on top of a mine waste tip

can you see Darwen tower ? and me of course !
to collect water ?

on top of a yet another  mine



mine entrances

stone sleeper ?

to another  mine  -in line with the quarry

long stone – part of the mine ?

I love hot chocolate -see the bricks?  – another old mine

another mine shaft


Bull Hill Brickworks ?

brick kiln
see the picture of the Bull Hill Brick from this Kiln ?
two deer can you see them ?
last of the mines we saw – we came across around 32 old mines -too many to inspect each one
reasons for this area being full of mines ?
“The Entwistles used to sink little pits on Cranberry Moss, They were what was called Darwen yard mines .just a  few yards deep, coals were bought up by windlass, and sent to Turton, there was  fighting amongst the men. Some of them were too lazy to go down for coal, but when it was brought up they would fight for its ownership”
referance to Darwen yard mines
Our route
weather Cold  below 4c, High chill factor, Jake is now in winter grade clothing , we have changed Jakes socks to include a  waterproof /Breathable layer plus thermal layer, He has brand new Walsh PB’s for increased traction.



Useful links
Information about the River Darwen which starts on Cranberry Moss

Bull hill maternity hospital
reference to mining at Cranberry moss
fireclay accidents – mines on cranberry moss
reference to mine in this area


Disused Turton Moor Colliery/brickworks site ?, Turton Moor, near Belmont ,Blackburn With Darwen

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spooky woods

tramway to the mine

going up the mountain

Whitaker, Darwen brick
site about bricks

Bull Hill Fire Clay works Darwin – look at the Brick
Note from Dad
at Bull Hill there was a sanatorium , plus evidence of mines -based upon maps unknown location of the Brickworks ?
Turton Moor Colliery site ? two shafts Winter Hill on right hand side in the background

Turton Moor Colliery  view of site looking down the hill

Turton Moor Colliery  -another waste tip ?

Turton Moor Colliery  waste tips -lots of burnt coal ?

Turton Moor Brick Works – lots of old bricks here !

4 ramps for the tramway ?

where they put the gold 😉  in the spooky woods -the woods were very dark and  wet!

Dads Note :pipe works by Blackburn Road,? lot of iron engine mounting’s found as well
history of the Blackburn and Darwin area
information about the West Pennine Moors
information about the West Pennine Moors
information about the West Pennine Moors
Walks in this area with ref to pipe works by Blackburn Road,
history of the Blackburn and Darwin area

Two lads to Winter Hill to Rivington Pike via old mines and brickworks

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me near the top of the  Two lads
towards winter hill after the Two Lads
Old reservoir?
old mine?
look carefully at the bridge I am on it!
me running on stone- to practice running across  loose rock and stone
old mine remains near the winter hill mast  ?
old wooden walkway
old brickworks at back of the mast
old bricks found at old brickworks
me wet and muddy after running between the mast and the Pike
dad very wet and muddy   -my dad was waist deep LOL, we had to clean up in a stream otherwise my mum wouldn’t let us back in the house
dead sheep that got stuck in the mud you have to be careful on soft ground !
at last  the pike
4.26 miles , rough terrain, very soft ground due to rain  , -very boggy in places !, sunny

Horwich Heritage Wilderswood Trail,Horwich, Lancashire

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These houses, on Bridge Street, are very old and are opposite the old bleach works.

The old cart road, up to Wilderswood.

A water trough that is made of iron.

This is where the tram way track was from the mine.

A spider on my dad’s leg!

This is the forest near Rockhaven Castle.

These are old miner’s cottages, Brinks Row.
A brick made in Horwich

The link to the route we took:

Lichen, watercourse,Iron object and highest point on winter Hill, Horwich

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orange Lichen  means pure air

this is a water course that joins together

what is this iron object?.

this is me on the highest point on winter Hill

water tunnels with a bright torch,Old trough? and plastic Brick ;), Wilderswood, Rivington, Horwich

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this is me with my new torch in a tunnel

this is me half way through  a tunnel

this is me going up the steps

this is a water trough?

this is a hard tunnel i got very wet

plastic bnck

Winter Hill – Brickworks,mines (part one)

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brickworks tunnel?

other end of  tunnel?


what is this?

mine adit bricked up

mine shaft capped off and  fenced off

Winter Hill site

Best winter Hill document !!!!

underground in the mines of winter hill

about the fireclay which the brickworks used