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Christmas day and Wilderswood

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Christmas day , I had a great day today , we went for a walk and watched films and played with our new toys , we had a really good breakfast and roast beef for our main meal.

Me and Leo

These are Leo’s Hand prints



We had Italian pancetta , Croissant and scrambled egg for Breakfast

I liked this

Leo enjoyed the breakfast – scrambled eggs and Croissant

Evie looks at her presents

one of my presents

Evie is opening one of her Presents

I am very happy the Game I wanted

Leo opens his main present from out Nana

Leo likes his new present

one of the Art books Evie got

This is the Pin art -my Hand !

Walk around Wilderswood
we did this last year but it had snowed

our route this year


in the woods

Evie in her Pink coat

Evie and mummy

Love the mud !

They have planted new trees to replace the pine trees which were cut down
the Pike !

walking towards Cabin pit

I am running up the track

having a look at the stream which flows underneath the track here

running past  there are a lot of mine tunnels under where we are

part of the old mine buildings

some odd holes in the walls ?

this is old pit head !

Iron trough

The pike

an old rail from the old mine used as a fence post !

Looking over Horwich and Blackrod

winter Hill mast and the two lads and of course my hat !


Wilderswood, rivington without the Trees

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running next to the Wilderswood

where they have felled the trees

Trees being felled due to a pine disease problem

no trees left – clear felled, not even the plants which were not effected were left
note from dad there is lot of old remains from the mines here -they have now gone

last few trees

running down the slope only thing left is the bark from the trees ?

running towards cabin pit

hmm they left this one ?

down towards the stream

careful this is is very loose

into the stream
going down the waterfall it was slippy

though the water tunnel

over the wall just by cabins pit

up from the Cabin pit

back to the tree line

one of the old entrances -will they destroy this ?

part of the Rockhaven castle garden can you see the path ?
the old pottery i found at Rockhaven castle

route taken

Wilderswood in the snow , Horwich , Christmas day walk 0C to -3C

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weather good , small family walk

old gate post at start of Wilderswood

sledging again

Rivington pike from wilderswood

deep snow

ice river

I had been down this the other day , the river goes into one of the water tunnels which is blocked ,








adit for mine ,



iron trough


mine building for the main shaft at wilderswood




shaft -capped

main colliery  winding buildings

still blowing cold air – which is warmer than the surrounding rocks melting the snow!

cabin pit shaft buildings




quarry terrace

I love running in the snow






me back at the car ,

note from dad:Two lads is to the left , Georges lane in the snow , the compact snow made it easier to drive on as the road is normally heavily potholed another mine site Horwich Heritage centre Horwich history overview


Wilderswood, Winter Hill ,Horwich in the snow up to 3ft in drits -4 to -6 c

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Two Lads and winter Hill mast – view from wilderswood car park



“Although Winter Hill is a wonderful “playground” and a place of great

beauty and fascination for many of us, we should always be aware of the

hidden dangers at all times, and do all we can to minimise them.

Unfortunately, many of us like the bleakness and solitude of the place,

and often go wandering around on our own – and at times when there is

perhaps nobody else around on the moors – and in the most appalling

weather conditions! Some would call us foolhardy, but this is our choice

and what we choose to do – and we would defend our right to do just this

– so long as we are all aware of the possible dangers and we dress and

equip ourselves to minimise the risks.

In poor weather never underestimate Winter Hill. The bogs really ARE

there. The visibility really CAN vanish totally within 60 seconds. The

body surface temperature plus the chill factor for those unsuitably

dressed, really CAN drop to –10C or more on top of the Hill.

DO take care on Winter Hill ….. but enjoy it! Remember. It CAN bite”


today the weather was – 4c dropping to -6c combined with scrambling along a  ice covered stream with a water at 3C,  the  snow was waste high for Jake in several parts of the  scramble,  The road was passable with care (I saw two local  cars get stuck and they were just moving their cars off the driveway to the small car park opposite their houses , get stuck up here and  you have a long walk in these temperature’s with wet -ice covered clothing( in this case ) is not a a positive experience for a 7 year old!


ice stream scramble

me on the ice -scrambling down a set of steps

me stamping on the ice BANG!

me waking on the ice


the ice is slippery

me sliding dawn the ice


a branch is in the way

this snow is slippery

Note from Dad insulate yourself when sitting down -Jake enjoyed the Hot chocolate !


giant block of ice

Mine audit in the snow -this is blocked after a few meters

tree in the way


going in the and through the water tunnel



exit to a tunnel

Cabin Pit

note from Dad :change of gloves  was all that was needed to keep Jake warm – picking up ice out of the water was too much for one set of gloves!


see Jakes other Blogs for more information  and pictures in the summer,


Good local heritage site

Good fossil guide to this area


Bolton Mountain rescue


More exploring at Wilderswood, Mines and water tunnels, Horwich

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An adit hole for the mine.

Me approaching the water tunnel.

A drawing of the bends in the tunnel.

Today, we also visited the quarry and found 2 closed entrances.

Next week, we will be visiting Rivington or Winter Hill.

link to best mine site and information in this area

Good local heritage site

Good fossil guide to this area

Wilderswood mines and water tunnels,Wilderswood,Horwich

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I like this place because you can find interesting things.

This is the entrance to the mine shaft.

This is me in the water tunnel.

Link to a good walking site
Good local history site