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8 mile round trip ,Margaret 6600 Bastogne, Ligne 163 , bois de la paix, wood of Peace , Belguim,

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Note from Dad This was a warm day at around 25 , humid , 8 miles aprox .

Start of the Church at Margaret 6600 Bastogne,

small commemorative plaque

most of the roads are called Margaret , so they put a sign up telling where to find the house numbers

off we go !

can you see the flock of birds – they were very noisy !

the electricity line was full of the birds !

we passed a lot of cows !

Evie and me have sun cream on already

Leo also has sun cream on but he does not like it being put on ,

Evie in the woods – this is peace woods

there is lots of woods around here,

a sign telling you about a path !

can you see the wind turbine?

we found a old trailer on the railway

This the railway line looking towards the memorial for 101st airborne divsion

an old bridge – I spent time here while we were having a picnic looking at lizards they were too fast to photograph, they were black in colour

look what hopped onto Leo’s push chair

a green grasshopper

its on me !

off we go , we saw lots of people on bikes

Leo is sitting up most of the time in the pushchair

after such a long walk Leo is asleep with his sun hat on him !

Ths old station can you see the sunflower ?
next to it is the memorial to the 101st Airborne division we saw last time

we found a beetle in the grass

Evie held it too !

he 4,000 trees making up this wood were planted for the 50t

these are some of the solders names who came back

the beetle is still on me !

some of the trees that make up the woods

a rest – this was a long way – we now have just done 6 miles ,

we are running about – still

Evie on road from the peace woods back to Margaret  its about another 2 miles from here 😦