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Rivington Castle, Just having Fun ! muddy puddles and walking in a stream

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Leo get to ride in the back carrier – he is really growing up now !

me and Evie on the way to Rivington Castle

we watched a tree creeper on this tree – can you see it ?

Evie playing in puddles

Evie and I followed a stream

I built a dam with leaves ,Mud and stones

Evie came to help me !

can you see the Pike ?

Evie and Me at the Castle

The mast and the Pike

see the stats for the mast

we played hide and seek – Evie  is looking for me !

Lower Rivington Reservoir

Rivington Castle

This is a red Admiral butterfly – Leo liked these – the flowers did not smell nice but the butterfly’s and bees and fly’s didnt seem to mind !
I liked watching these !

me and evie went to play  afterwards

Evie found a tree which i could climb

Another tree to climb they were wet and slippy – i had wellingtons on so i could not grip the tree well !

it was nice down next to the water

can you see the tree roots ?

Leo was looking at me and Evie playing

Leo does not like the sun in his eyes !

this is one of the towers can you see the window ?

one of  the towers behind a oak tree

Evie in a puddle !

Evie is such a show off !

Leo looking at me and Evie

Me and Evie breaking the dams we made before !

Leo looking at me when I was talking to him

Rivington Chinese gardens,Lever Park,The Pigeon Tower, Rivington

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note from dad :family walk to the Chinese gardens ,Rivington

The Bungalow Grounds, locally known as the Chinese Gardens.  These were constructed by Lord Leverhulme on the slopes below the Pigeon Tower.

taken from

can you see round loaf ? to the right is great hill
sites for the round Loaf

building that looks like a turret

the top of another turret !

bathing lake -stone steps lead down into the water

pigeon tower

look at the view

Rivington Pike

Lever Bridge

ballroom floor

short stairs

long stairs , this place is full of all kinds of stairs leading to different buildings and levels

can you see the R tree ?

the big garden

a sign about  Rivington terraced garden

Pigeon Tower

links details of the plans held for Roynton Cottage,

Link to the person who designed the  Lever park friends of Lever park

maps of rivington


Spooky trip to haunted castle ;) or Rivington castle in the dark !

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This is a trip to the full-size replica of Liverpool Castle, in ruins at night !

we are going  around the spooky castle we go into the secret passage !

we are running away from the castle quickly 😉

Full-size replica of Liverpool Castle, in ruins

Route to castle our route we went down the secret passage some General history of the area photos in the day 🙂 the history behind Liverpool castle