Coniston Old Man Mine or Moss head Slate Quarry -part 3

overlooking the mine -Coniston village in the background

down the slate along the slate track

having a rest

sunbathing -this is a doorway look carefully!

a very big wheel -part of the slate transport ?

the railway that goes nowhere -nickname railway of doom

in the mine -the torch has 1m candle watts of  power only shows up a small part of the mine

in the big dark mine

a video of the trip inside the mine

exit from mine

looking at the view to Coniston lake  from another railway track

across the slate waste with Coniston in the background

big pieces of slate

view of  Coniston lake , the car park where we parked is just visable

nearly back to the car

see part 1 and 2 for further details  – of the trip

Links :

use the 3 D display to see the complete route in mapmyrun

1341 feet climb in total , climb to the mine has a ranking  of 1 which is the most severe climb rating without climbing using ropes , 4.21 miles total  completed in 3.5 hours, pause time in mines exploring 1.5 hours,


2 Responses to “Coniston Old Man Mine or Moss head Slate Quarry -part 3”

  1. Oooh that mine looks a bit spooky but I bet it was very exciting!!

  2. Wow that is amazing I felt like I was there with you. What a brave boy.Gran

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