Two Lads to Winter Hill Trig bright and Fresh today

This was a fun run – i love to play with Ice and take my time , it was a beautiful day , not a cloud in the sky  but could be very cold in the wind, my dad said it was bright and fresh today !

the pike

towards the mast I keep off the road as my trainers are not good on the road !

lots of people were walking today

two lads

playing with ice

crossing ice , i can run across this but enjoy slipping across this

I  am still playing with ice , my dad can wait ! i am near the Ice patch !

I love climbing !

you can see the rocks were covered in frost today

lots of Ice today

I can run across the water -well ice anyway !!!

its still muddy under the ice !

a lone runner

see if i am careful not break the ice !

my trainers are still clean !

the pike

I use this as a navigation aid when its dark – its the boundary wall between Chorley and Horwich

 that’s better the trainers are covered – my glove marks where the bog came up to ! Don’t tell mum 😉

on the trigg which was covered with frost and ice  – be careful this is not easy !

we went off path

note from dad – this is the terrain that Jake can cover in the dark , please be careful the grass will tire you out and twist your ankle if you get this wrong  -what Jake makes look easy is not !
Note from dad :

Note from dad :this is at Jake’s neck height -we don’t normally go this way  though i am aware of this as a marker and so we keep well away from this area  – please be aware of this  if you have limited  visibility in fog/sleet/dark  ,This has been left in place after the work to upgrade the mast to digital  was  completed  several months ago , 

my dad’s trainer  after one small bog !

I have just got out of one bog which was above one of my knees !

getting out backwards from a bog – my dad is teaching me to self rescue myself from these bogs  !

these don’t look deep but they are !!!

bog marks above my knees on both legs !!

the two lads !
 running down the tramway

4.88 miles per hour including many stops for the ice and saying hello to people !

-3 to 1  today bright and breezy !

4 Responses to “Two Lads to Winter Hill Trig bright and Fresh today”

  1. Hi Jake I love running when it is bright and frosty too.It means that I don't have to wash my dog Billy, when we get home.Happy new year from Steve and Billy

  2. Hi from Simon, Jake Happy New year !look forward to running and exploring in 2012 ,thanks for your comments ,Jake and Simon

  3. Hi you two,lucky you..I lived on the Belmont side of the moors and spent many weekends running/walking up to mast, I wasn't quite so young as you Jake! I never realised what a beautiful place this is until later on in my life. I now live in southern Germany and get to the Alps a few times a year, but I ttill love my walk up to mast when I'm home though! Your Dad doing the right thing for sure taking you up much to see!

  4. sorry for not getting back to you Bernard,the next time you are in the area let us Know and we would be happy to show you some of the things we have found, Jake has been across Germany many times when we drove to Prague ,Jake recently visited Hamburg, which part of Southern Germany do you live in?

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