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Fermont Fort maginot line, France

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this is the main entrance to the fort

this is a 88 mm German gun

this is a really noisy train

a very narrow passage

this is a turret that moves up and down.


Trou des Fées (Fairy Caves) – Croix Rouge,Virton, Belgium

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This is the car park for the Fairy Caves at Croix Rouge, near Virton.

Going up the hill to the caves.

In the caves.

This bit was too small, we can’t go any further in.

This image is like the two squirrels I saw playing in the forest where the caves were.

Link to the route we took:

Here is a link for the caves in French

Lower Montcliffe quarry, Site of Montcliffe Colliery, Winter Hill, Horwich

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Debris from the mine or quarry?

Is this a fossil?

This is the quarry.

A lot of water from an unknown source-iron pipe?

A sun fire mark on a house.

Yarrow plant to help stop bleeding.

The route:

good overview of the Montcliffe colliery
climbing site

Two Lads from Wilderswood,Rivington,Winter Hill,Horwich

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This is a metal lamppost. Update Mine Vent ?

This is a doorway see the Sheep ?

This is me just below the  Two Lads – Rivington Pike is in the background

The mast in the mist.

This is me on a pile of rocks- one of the Two Lads
weather :wet and cold and misty on times

Link to my route:

two lads history
two lads history

Iron Trough,mines at Wilderswood/Rivington,Winter Hill, Horwich

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this is a iron trough

wilderswood main shaft -capped

this hole is blowing very cold air!

this is Rivington drift mine.

this is a plastic bnck.!

Before the water tunnel

after the tunnel -this time just my feet got wet !

GPS Route is online at

Links best mine site Rivington pike, what was a drift mine wilderswood mine site another mine site Horwich Heritage centre Horwich history overview

Lichen, watercourse,Iron object and highest point on winter Hill, Horwich

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orange Lichen  means pure air

this is a water course that joins together

what is this iron object?.

this is me on the highest point on winter Hill

water tunnels with a bright torch,Old trough? and plastic Brick ;), Wilderswood, Rivington, Horwich

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this is me with my new torch in a tunnel

this is me half way through  a tunnel

this is me going up the steps

this is a water trough?

this is a hard tunnel i got very wet

plastic bnck