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8 mile round trip ,Margaret 6600 Bastogne, Ligne 163 , bois de la paix, wood of Peace , Belguim,

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Note from Dad This was a warm day at around 25 , humid , 8 miles aprox .

Start of the Church at Margaret 6600 Bastogne,

small commemorative plaque

most of the roads are called Margaret , so they put a sign up telling where to find the house numbers

off we go !

can you see the flock of birds – they were very noisy !

the electricity line was full of the birds !

we passed a lot of cows !

Evie and me have sun cream on already

Leo also has sun cream on but he does not like it being put on ,

Evie in the woods – this is peace woods

there is lots of woods around here,

a sign telling you about a path !

can you see the wind turbine?

we found a old trailer on the railway

This the railway line looking towards the memorial for 101st airborne divsion

an old bridge – I spent time here while we were having a picnic looking at lizards they were too fast to photograph, they were black in colour

look what hopped onto Leo’s push chair

a green grasshopper

its on me !

off we go , we saw lots of people on bikes

Leo is sitting up most of the time in the pushchair

after such a long walk Leo is asleep with his sun hat on him !

Ths old station can you see the sunflower ?
next to it is the memorial to the 101st Airborne division we saw last time

we found a beetle in the grass

Evie held it too !

he 4,000 trees making up this wood were planted for the 50t

these are some of the solders names who came back

the beetle is still on me !

some of the trees that make up the woods

a rest – this was a long way – we now have just done 6 miles ,

we are running about – still

Evie on road from the peace woods back to Margaret  its about another 2 miles from here 😦

Ligne 164, Bastogne to Wiltz, Belgium to Luxembourg

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we crossed from Belgium to Luxembourg , we went through 3 tunnels !

164 Railway was a railway that Bastogne Nord Kautenbach Luxembourg covenant through Benonchamps. The course consists of four tunnels on Luxembourg territory.
The section between North Bastogne  and Benonchamps opened on July 18, 1887, the division up to the border on September 22, 1887. The Luxembourg section was opened two times, section Wiltz – Kautenbach on June 1, 1888 and Section line – Wiltz on July 1, 1888. The operation of the equipment line was done with Luxembourg.
On October 8, 1950 rode the last train from North to Bastogne Benonchamps. On school grounds until 23 September 1967 is still two pairs train from Luxembourg to Bastogne Nord but these have never been mentioned in the timetable. In 1967 this section was closed. 
Benonchamps between Wiltz and the trains as usual by the book until September 23, 1967 although the section was closed in 1965.
Now the line is broken up Wiltz, since she’s still in use until Kautenbach and since 1991, this section also electrified. From North of Bastogne town is now a bike path built. The tunnels are still accessible and enlightened, but even during the summer it can seriously cold in and between the tunnels.

taken from

Old station building can you see the platform remains?

the start of our walk was this sign , a long way to go from Paris to Moscow !!!!!!!!!!!!!
our walk was based on

the old railway track is great !

we came across a old goods yard
note from dad : used for the old border

some old cottages !

the first tunnel

Leo is very happy !

hmm I wonder what this was for – we find out later by using GPS and seeing where we are !

The path turned from concrete to asphalt

can you see the lights ? so we can see our way !

the tunnel is cool,
note from Dad : in the PDF file in French is mentioned to be aware of the wind and temperature’s found in the tunnel

out the other side

this sign is in french and mum says – reduced light !

name of the tunnel -Tussen Tunnels there are three of them ! but we couldn’t go too far today !

another tunnel, Evie feels the cold wind !

can you see the ferns growing in the light ?

looking back at the tunnel !

me and Evie

Leo is looking at mum

racing into the next tunnel !

in the middle of the tunnel

into the next tunnel

going back !

Evie is looking for bugs and leaves !

Leo is  happy and awake 🙂

can you see the bug – Evie spotted it ,Its on a nettle so we could not pick it up !!

Dad climbed this !

These are old tool marks when they were making the tunnels

start of  stalactites

Leo is still happy and awake

Old station building – this is in Luxembourg

This is a old station

we found a old mine tunnel ! -it had around 12 inches of water in it so we couldn’t go in it
another time with equipment !

can you see the tunnel ?

running down the hill from the mine

This is the border !

can you see the border ? I am in Luxembourg and Belgium, Evie is in Belgium,
the concrete paths are Belgium and the tarmac is Luxembourg . – its a long name !,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=699&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x479545b9ca212147:0x64db60f602d392ef,Luxembourg&gl=uk&ei=QShhTqPNEYPpOYaO1TQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=4&sqi=2&ved=0CEsQ8gEwAw

Leo fell asleep

a gas main !

The sign warns of cars in German and French !

back to where we started !

It was great being able to stand between the two countries
I did this once before

Remembering Granddad who died ,28th August 2008,

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We visited this church in Bastogne, so that we could say a prayer, light a candle and remember my Granddad.

Saint Peter’s church carries the markings of different eras. The first altar, the remarkable baptismal fonts made from chalk from the river Meuse and the massive tower are products of Roman art. The other parts of the building can be identified with the flourishing Gothic period. Saint Peter’s church is worthy of note for its admirable multicolored ceiling rafters, which is presumed to have been painted by a local artist in 1536.
The church was restored on many occasions, notably after the 1940-1945 war. Another point to note is that the building has a very beautiful “crown of light” (16th century) and an impressive pulpit, work of Jean-Georges Scholtus, born in Bastogne, who was the greatest sculptor of Luxembourg in the 18th century.

taken from’Eglise-Saint-Pierre-de-Bastogne-1959.html

this is a beautiful stained glass window

inside the church it is nice and peaceful

a statue of Mary holding baby Jesus

An elaborate pulpit designed by Georges Scholtus – see above

A shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes

We lit the candles here in the shrine for Granddad.

Leo is enjoying looking at the candles.

The ceiling is painted beautifully and is amazing this has survived almost 500 years!

This blog post was about remembering my Granddad who I miss very much, I loved his lovely smile and he was such a happy person.
William Nigel Minion  born 24/04/1944 born in Bolton
passed away peacefully at home on the  28th August 2008

Margaret 6600 Bastogne, bois de la paix, wood of Peace , Belguim,

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This is the village we are staying in , its called  Magaret near Bastogne,

Team Cherry at Mageret
While the main force is under pressure in Longvilly forward elements of Team Cherry engage Mageret to reopen the road to Bastogne. But the road leading into the village is soon blocked by the wrecks of a destroyed Sherman tank and two half tracks (the Sherman was heading the column and shot down by a German PAK that had just been set up). At about 1500 a small patrol consisting of 18 infantrymen, two medium tanks and a 105mm. assault gun are sent out against the village, moving cross country north of the road. Although one of the Sherman tanks gets stuck in the bad terrain, draws fire and has to return to the column, the rest of the patrol is able to move on. They enter the northeast part of the village but although they can make out some German tanks and infantry they are in no strength to engage the enemy.

Another group of 40 men accompanied by a section of medium tanks is sent against the southern part of Mageret but as the tanks have difficulties with the rough terrain south of the road no real progress is made. The infantry consists of stragglers from Longvilly and is reluctant to move without the accompanying tanks.

The scattered remains of Team Cherry manage to conquer three houses at the northeastern edge of Mageret where they are stuck. Suffering more and more losses to the German attackers, they are finally (at 0030, 20th December) released to withdraw towards Bizory. Under the covering fire of the paratroopers they manage to make their way to Foy and finally to Bastogne.

taken from

Barn as part of the building , people lived on one side of the house

This is the front of the same house ,

This is a Sherman tank turret ,

the back of the turret

the church had to be rebuilt after the battle

can you see the old tractors ?

old school building

one of  the buidings shows battle scars ?

looking at old bullet holes

this shows another old

This is where we are staying

It is full of wood and lots of interesting old objects

This is the view from my room !

Leo’s Cot

Leo was very tired after his trip !

we walked to the peace woods,


The Wood of Peace is laid out to recreate the UNICEF emblem: a mother and child, symbol of human tenderness. This design is only visible from the air

The 4,000 trees making up this wood were planted for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. They were dedicated to the American veterans who fought in the Ardennes, Belgian combatants and all the civilians and military who died in the winter of 1944-45. Every veteran who returned to Bastogne in 1994 chose a tree, which will always bear his name. The Wood of Peace is laid out to recreate the UNICEF emblem: a mother and child, symbol of human tenderness. This design is only visible from the air. The trees on the site are mostly service trees, birches, beech trees and oaks.
these are some of the people whose names are next to the trees

some of the divisions who are commemorated in this wood

some of the civilian groups involved

note from dad :apologies to people we missed but there are over 4000 trees and a lot of name plates,

Netherlands to Belgium , via Antwerp and Liege

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European route E 25 is a north-south European route from Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands to Palermo in Italy which includes ferry crossings from Genoa to Bastia (Corsica), from Bonifacio to Porto Torres (Sardinia) and from Cagliari to Palermo (Sicily).
It passes through the following cities: Hoek van Holland – Rotterdam – Utrecht – Eindhoven – Maastricht – Liège – Bastogne – Arlon – Luxembourg – Metz – Saint-Avold – Strasbourg – Mulhouse – Basel – Olten – Berne – Lausanne – Geneva – Mont Blanc Tunnel – Aosta – Ivrea – Vercelli – Alessandria – Genoa … Bastia – Porto Vecchio – Bonifacio … Porto Torres – Sassari – Cagliari … Palermo.

our route ! we used this from Liege to Bastogne,

we are into Belgium,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1020&bih=662&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x47c17d64edf39797:0x47ebf2b439e60ff2,Belgi%C3%AB&gl=be&ei=PV9dTreCLsudOvfVrd8C&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=5&ved=0CFAQ8gEwBA

in the middle of the motorway was a railway line !

cranes for unloading goods at Antwerp / Antwerpen

This is a oil pipeline

we are going to Liege ,
note from Dad  this is Luik in Flemish ! name changes are common where different languages are involved !,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1020&bih=626&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x47c3f68ebfc3887d:0x3eaf448482a88ab8,Antwerpen&gl=be&ei=YmBdTrmHBcOfOqLH5c4C&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=8&sqi=2&ved=0CFUQ8gEwBw

we passed a lot of wind turbines

The name changes to Liege in the French speaking part of Belgium

we will put a video of the road tunnel in Liege later, Dad says the Internet bandwidth wont allow it to be uploaded.

Horwich via Eurotunnel to Wemeldinge,Zeeland, Holland via France ,Belgium

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Me playing my Nintendo

Kent border on the Dartford bridge
this is called the

Leo in the Eurotunnel

Me in the Eurotunnel

Evie making faces in France

I fell asleep in France.

on the E40 we used to drive along this road when we lived in Prague as it passes through France,Belguim,NL and Germany near the Czech border.
European route E 40 is the longest European route,[1] more than 8,000 kilometres (5,000 mi) long, connecting Calais in Francevia BelgiumGermanyPolandUkraineRussiaKazakhstanUzbekistanTurkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan, with Ridder inKazakhstan near the border to China.

Belgium Border

Note from Dad  speed limits in Belgium are lower than France on the autoroute

I saw some wind turbines

we crossed into Holland or its correct name  Netherlands

I looked at the barges
note from Dad speed limits again reinforced – you find these across Europe ,

a strange sculpture like a windmill and tower

This tunnel was long and sometimes scary !
note from dad  this is a  6.6-kilometre (4.1 mi) tunnel in The Netherlands on highway N62 
this shows we are under the water !
you can see inside the tunnel

where we are staying in Zeeland

‘Zealand was inhabited before the arrival of the Romans. The rich history of this province for every visitor is worth to explore. The province is characterized, as its name suggests, through his relationship with the sea. The eternal fight is reflected in the geography of the province which lies below sea level. A patchwork of polders and dikes, islands that have formed into three large peninsulas and areas traditionally inhabited by the water gained.
Because of the long isolation of Zeeland is much history preserved and reflected in everyday life. Let yourself back to ancient times by the many historical places and monuments in cities like Middelburg , Goes and Zierikzee and feel inspired by the lifestyle of the people in villages, where agricultural past, the Zeeland costumes and the Calvinist establishment remind you with a rich history.’

taken from the in dutch
it means the farm !

Learnt to swing !
this is a great place

i can do this myself now !

the house we are staying in !

the big bank keeping the sea out of the land

looking at the place we are staying

me by the sea

part of the old farm

me and Evie on the playground assault course !

I am helping Evie get across the bars ,

my home town

1st Year review Jake of Winter Hill

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Jake would like everyone who has read his blog,
the original idea was to show people what Jake could do rather than what he couldn’t,
Jake has a sensory issue with holding a pen so this seemed a way of getting around that issue by using a keyboard., Jake showed great interest in the local area and anything that involved getting wet! Jake has gone on to become interested in some more extreme outdoor pursuits normally with fell shoes on ! will also come along as well

Jakes new baby Brother

Jake has visited both FranceBelgium and Holland twice ,

Jake put together a challenge run

Places planned 2011
Mines -swineside 
Cross fell mines,
Blencathra ,
Whinlatter forest runs,
Holcombe moor ,
trips planned to Belguim/Holland

people have asked how much of this is Jakes Blog,
Jake gets the options to choose from some different routes which Jake/myself have researched .
Jake writes most of the individual Blog entries but I proof read  and add to what is there through links,
I  generally pick out all the good photos from a run and myself and Jake review these and remove ones we Dont feel fit into the Blog.
Yes Jake really does these distances and completes these runs, photos are generally Geo tagged

Jake’s Original blog, 31/07/10

Jake’s half year Blog

68 Blog posts 

12,000 views in total

Jake’s full year 31/07/11

108 blog entries 
28,000 views in total

Both myself and Jake take a great deal of care when out and about,
I generally use risk aversion to avoid issues, a great deal of planning and preparation goes into the runs/walks,
Jake’s equipment does vary but includes extra just in case we are delayed,
I take Jakes safety very seriously ,we often repeat things until i feel Jake gets the Technique or understands how to deal with things safely.

though I feel the following comment is much better than anything i could write

“Although Winter Hill is a wonderful “playground” and a place of great
beauty and fascination for many of us, we should always be aware of the
hidden dangers at all times, and do all we can to minimise them.
Unfortunately, many of us like the bleakness and solitude of the place,
and often go wandering around on our own – and at times when there is
perhaps nobody else around on the moors – and in the most appalling
weather conditions! Some would call us foolhardy, but this is our choice
and what we choose to do – and we would defend our right to do just this
– so long as we are all aware of the possible dangers and we dress and
equip ourselves to minimise the risks.
In poor weather never underestimate Winter Hill. The bogs really ARE
there. The visibility really CAN vanish totally within 60 seconds. The
body surface temperature plus the chill factor for those unsuitably
dressed, really CAN drop to –10C or more on top of the Hill.
DO take care on Winter Hill ….. but enjoy it! Remember. It CAN bite”

Belgium in the middle of Netherlands, Baarle Nassau/Baarle Hertog, Netherlands

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me in Belgium and Evie in Holland
taken from

Leo in half one side in Belgium the other Holland

this explains the areas

part of the house was in Belgium and the other in Holland

House in Belgium -see the flag

House in Holland see the flag

even the shop had cheese half from Belgium and the other from Holland!

see Google maps for the location !

Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Westvleteren , West-Vlaanderen Belgium -John Thomas McQue’s resting place

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this is about the visit to Great ,Great Granddads memorial
we laid poppy’s in November in England
Me walking with Mum ,Evie and Leo towards the Memorial ,

Helan Fairchild was a nurse in the first world war who died but is buried elsewhere, she served in clearing stations near the Cemetery

The gate posts -this one has the first world war date  on it

This one has the second world war date on it
a book that contains all the details for the Cemetery
towards the front of the cemetery
This is my Great ,Great Granddads gravestone

Grave/Memorial Reference: XV. F. 14.

image above taken from the web site 

Me and  Evie
A Chinese grave
A person whose name is not known

Hello world!

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I am 7 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot , sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog  is about challenging that!   I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to!