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Wilderswood to Two Lads to Winter Hill mast Brickworks to River Douglas

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on the way from wilderswood

the Pike

The mast in the mist -two lads is to the left
cinnabar month

on the way to Two lads

wet -switched to waterproof Hat

on top of the two lads

on the way to the mast

we came across a wall next to this 3 bell pits

on of the bell pits

on the mast road

on the way down from the mast

the old brickworks

the old brickworks at the back of the mast

a old sink – they used to make these here

very interesting moss

very wet between the mast and River Douglas

This route was very wet today – this goes from the mast to Rivington Pike

nearly into the deep bog !

crossing a stream

I wanted to take this home -dad wouldn’t let me !

River Douglas

quick break!

This is the water tunnel next to Brown Hill 

another rest !

 Lower Rivington reservoir

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

Winter Hill tramway with my Nana, Evie and Leo

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Me and my Nana

Me and Evie up the road

Looking at a flock of Sheep

Evie looking at a GPO pole

Me and Nana  and Evie on the Winter Hill road

me looking at bricks

a brickworks Kiln

some bricks  at he Brickworks -I went to the other one yesterday

Evie and Jake on the Iron pipe

the tramway

looking at the thistle

Me and Evie taking a rest

Nana on the tramway

part of the Old mine

two lads

Looking at a stream


Leo is in the back carrier he has just woken up
about the two Lads
good background to this area
another local walking site
Good Walking site

Travel to Beekse Bergan, Beekse Bergen, Eurotunnel, Hilvarenbeek, North Brabant

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Eurotunnel watching films on our DS

off we go

white horse Cheriton hill

Me and Leo in Lille

Me and Evie going to the Playground

one of the playgrounds we could play on

I just love these

Evie on one bridge and Me on the other

Playing on the Beach they have there on the roundabout

one of the fast rides – water ride

me again !

me and Evie on the cars

we’re at the front

small boats which you paddle

me on a boat weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hiding 😉

m me o o on a s s s slide brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!

this is how tall this slide is

I’m  on a swing weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

On a Pony

a goat -leo is asleep again !

on the cars

On the Boat back to the mobile home

on the Boat from the beach to the swimming pool

Czech tent and Wilderswood to Tigers clough to Pike cottage via Old mine ways, Rivington, Horwich

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chopped down trees at Wilderswood , Rivington Pike in the background
“In 1513 Richard Urmston was granted land in Horwich by John Barton of Smithills. This is now known as Ormstons Farm. Near the farm is a small bridge, a tramway once ran under this bridge and supplied the John Crankshaw pipeworks lower down the hill with coal and clay mined higher up the slope. The pipeworks was known locally as the “Klondyke” but was demolished in the 1980’s, there is now a housing estate on the site”
“There were coal mines in the area mentioned in the 16th century documents, with many more developing in the 19th century. As well as coal, seams of dry clay were drawn and supplied works making bricks, and sanitary ware. Crankshaw’s pipeworks, whose mine was known as Klondyke, closed down in 1961. A new housing development now stands on the site”

rails from the tramway

looking up the Hill at the tramway

looking down the tramway  we went in to Tigers clough next

one of the old dams in Tigers Clough / Shaw’s Clough?

“The clough at that time housed a bleachworks, a drinking establishment
and with a brick and pipe works nearby along with a coal mine just higher
up the hill”

The bleachworks mentioned above, was known as Knoll Bleachworks
and lay on both sides of the river, where some of the remains can still be

crossing the river

always be careful when crossing rivers like this  -River Douglas

old reservoir
top of the reservoir
strange brick square in the river bed -two pipes led from this

one of the pipes

old mine crossing -bridge

in between the crossing point

bridge ?

old iron pipe found upstream did not lead anywhere around 1.5 meters long ?

another mine path

old shaft vent pipe
water tunnel
two videos from inside the water tunnel

out the other side -change of clothing and use of drying technique allowed me to become warm and dry again

Rivington Pike in the background and Pike cottage

strange but this was all woods before but great view of the Rivington pike

Anglie – or the Czech word for England , this tent was exported  to england ,
I used to live in the Czech republic in Prague/ Praha

playing our DS

Relum Tent from the Czech republic – Czechoslovakia

Me and Evie

my route

Adam Hill to Holder’s Plantation to Two Lads ,Winter Hill ,Horwich

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winter Hill Mast can you see the smaller masts ?

through the stone style

towards Adam Hill

Mine ?

Holders Plantation

the old dam wall -looking for baby frogs

Evie testing her waterproof boots

washing my hands

someone has been digging here -this is the old brickworks

top of one of brickworks Kilns

old mine tramway

two lads

two lads with the pike in the background

one of the smaller lads

Reebok from the two lads

on the way back from two lads

looks like silver – one of the reservoirs

 Lower Rivington reservoir

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

Wilderswood, rivington without the Trees

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running next to the Wilderswood

where they have felled the trees

Trees being felled due to a pine disease problem

no trees left – clear felled, not even the plants which were not effected were left
note from dad there is lot of old remains from the mines here -they have now gone

last few trees

running down the slope only thing left is the bark from the trees ?

running towards cabin pit

hmm they left this one ?

down towards the stream

careful this is is very loose

into the stream
going down the waterfall it was slippy

though the water tunnel

over the wall just by cabins pit

up from the Cabin pit

back to the tree line

one of the old entrances -will they destroy this ?

part of the Rockhaven castle garden can you see the path ?
the old pottery i found at Rockhaven castle

route taken

Leo trip to Two Lads

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Looking down to Horwich and Wilderswood

Rivington Pike and Two Lads

Wilderswood , cotton grass

The Two Lads

The Mast I was still awake at this point 😉

a ladybird i watched this for a very short time

sheep – I was looking at these and guess what ?

Here I am fast asleep

looking down on the old road Wilderswood in the background

route taken by Leo

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !