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Christmas Eve -Cinema trip and Adam Hill to Holders to Hole Bottom to Two lads on Winter Hill

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Leo is in his push chair – we take this to school every day as its good in all weathers including the snow ūüôā

I am pushing the Pushchair today

This is Middlebrook we are going to the cinema to see TinTin

we ate out at Mcdonalds as a special treat !
I have lost my front two upper teeth !

In the Afternoon I went on a run – Adam Hill to Holders Plantation to Hole Bottom to Two Lads – fast run


Looking towards the Welsh mountains and Liverpool

Two Lads

The mast

these are large stones

Bell pit just below Adam Hill

The masts and a lone cyclist

My dad fell on down into this ! it normally me but you have to be careful

Holders Farm

A lone walker just above Holders plantation

this is much more fun that it looks !

the old dam wall at Holders plantation

Hole Bottom Brick and Tile works in the day ! no snow !

My dads trainer and tracksuit covered in mud as usual ! this is clinker from burning coal

some of old stone slabs in Hole bottom

Looking down from two Lads

the pike

Two lads

the mast from the two lads

racing down from the two lads

trying to find a dry route

Nearly back (two lads and mast )
4.85 mph today better in the day , no snow  or  rain or fog !

Horwich Fireworks from Adam Hill,Horwich

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we wanted a good view from the top of the Hill !
note from dad  because Jake did not like the noise we went on top of the hill to allow us to see a display without the loud noise ,

It was cold standing at the top of the hill and it was windy !

looking down on Horwich is the firework display i came to see
Horwich is where I live

we had some hot chocolate and some snacks

my dad had taught me to keep warm by dropping height and useing the heather to keep out of the wind so i became warm

I am keeping my eyes shut for the flash !

the fireworks were great ,
this is just a small part of the them ,
i hope one day to be able to watch them close up !

Adam Hill to Holder’s Plantation to Two Lads ,Winter Hill ,Horwich

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winter Hill Mast can you see the smaller masts ?

through the stone style

towards Adam Hill

Mine ?

Holders Plantation

the old dam wall -looking for baby frogs

Evie testing her waterproof boots

washing my hands

someone has been digging here -this is the old brickworks

top of one of brickworks Kilns

old mine tramway

two lads

two lads with the pike in the background

one of the smaller lads

Reebok from the two lads

on the way back from two lads

looks like silver – one of the reservoirs

 Lower Rivington reservoir

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

>second part of 10 peaks Adam Hill to white Brow to counting Hill to Winter Hill to Noon Hill

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see the following routes–305646/

Looking towards the Pike from Wildersmoor

Rivington Pike and Two lads(RH)

Bell Pit near Adam Hill

White Brow from Adam Hill,

Winter Hill Mast in the background

on the White Brow

evidence of mine near Knoll at 350m

Running down towards Burnt Edge -350 Knoll on right hand side

Old  animal  feeding trough

old farm house -Holden’s¬†plantation

sitting down with Winter Hill Mast in the background


Old Bricks from the  Brickworks

Old Brickworks

Brickwork’s at Hole Bottom

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Brickwork’s at Hole Bottom


Old mine tip

Brown Lowe in the distance

we counted over 60 Bell pits in this area near Holden s Colliery

Two lads in the sunset

Holden’s Colliery one of the many Shaft’s found here

deep grass difficult to cross very tiring for my legs

Mine Buildings ? found in the line with Bell Pits  in line with Holders Colliery

sunset on Winter Hill temperature had dropped to -3C at this point.

towards counting hill

wall which marks Dean Ditch


Counting Hill


Winter mast

standing on the Trig point  for Winter Hill

Rivington Pike in the distance  ,

note from Dad ,the sun set at this point, we went on ¬†to Noon Hill and Catter nab then back to winter Hill ,¬†temperature¬†which was low became very low -5 , Jake was tired at this point we made our way to the car which Jake was glad of ūüėČ,_Lancashire

fell running resources

mountain rescue



Two lads , Rivington, Winter Hill ,Horwich sledge and Roly poly -4C Snow 3 inch to 3ft

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temperature good at start , the wind picked up and the chill factor became more intense dropping the feels like temperature another 4C

GPS failed to track for part of the route,but approx just under 2 miles



sledging down the road

climbing up the snowdrift

the mast is in the distance as we go up to Two Lads

Adam hill and White Brow

Wilderswood and Wilder’s moor





me climbing up after sledging down the hill

me doing a roly-poly



the mast from Two Lads

Rivington Pike ,Brown Hill and Crooked Edge Hill


on top of Two Lads









sliding down on the sledge


this was really fast

where the wind has blown the snow. It looks like sand

about the two Lads

good background to this area

good local walking site

another local walking site

Good Walking site

recent incident on sledging

Note from dad : you have to careful – these slopes had very deep snow and soft landings where we went , there are rocks hidden under the snow in other parts of these slopes , please be careful

-Jake spent a lot of time learning how to up and down deep snow slopes safely, also how to enjoy himself  safely , there is always a trade off of undertaking more extreme forms of outdoor activities (for a 7 year old) and  safety, have fun but do this safely,

this link taken from the Bolton Mountain rescue article above