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>second part of 10 peaks Adam Hill to white Brow to counting Hill to Winter Hill to Noon Hill

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see the following routes–305646/

Looking towards the Pike from Wildersmoor

Rivington Pike and Two lads(RH)

Bell Pit near Adam Hill

White Brow from Adam Hill,

Winter Hill Mast in the background

on the White Brow

evidence of mine near Knoll at 350m

Running down towards Burnt Edge -350 Knoll on right hand side

Old  animal  feeding trough

old farm house -Holden’s plantation

sitting down with Winter Hill Mast in the background


Old Bricks from the  Brickworks

Old Brickworks

Brickwork’s at Hole Bottom

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Brickwork’s at Hole Bottom


Old mine tip

Brown Lowe in the distance

we counted over 60 Bell pits in this area near Holden s Colliery

Two lads in the sunset

Holden’s Colliery one of the many Shaft’s found here

deep grass difficult to cross very tiring for my legs

Mine Buildings ? found in the line with Bell Pits  in line with Holders Colliery

sunset on Winter Hill temperature had dropped to -3C at this point.

towards counting hill

wall which marks Dean Ditch


Counting Hill


Winter mast

standing on the Trig point  for Winter Hill

Rivington Pike in the distance  ,

note from Dad ,the sun set at this point, we went on  to Noon Hill and Catter nab then back to winter Hill , temperature which was low became very low -5 , Jake was tired at this point we made our way to the car which Jake was glad of 😉,_Lancashire

fell running resources

mountain rescue



>10 peaks part 1 Rivington Pike- Brown Hill-Crooked edge-two lads

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Georges lane  ice run


Rivington Pike -view of Bolton,Horwich ,Chorley and Preston, Winter Hill mast


across a stream



sheep Skull we found – no other Bones ?

me in my hi vis clothing  plus strobe light plus torch plus a tracker and walkie talkie,


note from dad: a full set of emergency kit is carried by Jake  –  a bivi bag, foil blanket, food,water ,whistle,

he understands how to use this equipment we take his safety very seriously,

Jake has a great deal of experience on this terrain and has been trained to cover this in the dark, sleet and snow,ice , fog ,this environment has many micro climates – we came across still air which dipped to – 6 through to wind of 30 mph  combined with  -2 to -4 gives a very low feel like  factor in less than 150 metres.



this environment is tough what Jake make appear easy is not unless you are equipped  and experienced,


view towards Horwich


view from Two lads -Manchester,Bolton ,Reebok , Middlebrook , Horwich, Chorley


route for part one


Note from dad :

route is poor lots of  fences ,most of route is a   fight to cross  , lots of deep grass, ground was very hard like running over rock , Ice and frozen ice water in the deep bogs and streams

route was undertaken at night , conditions poor – very high wind factor in parts ,

very cold,



you would go on from the Two Lads to Adam Hill which is in part two


Rivington Pike links


Two Lads links


Bolton Mountain rescue




climbing the waterfall at the blue lagoon, Horden Butts Delf, Hordern Stoops, Wards Reservoir, Belmont

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climbing the waterfall at the blue lagoon, Horden Butts Delf, Hordern Stoops, Wards Reservoir, Belmont

looking at Winter Hill and  the Winter Hill mast’s,_Lancashire

overlooking Belmont and Blue lagoon

Hordern: (13th century ‘handran’ and ‘haderan’). Possibly from the Anglo-Saxon ‘heorde’ meaning herd, and ‘hyrne’ meaning a nook or corner.
Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.
taken from –,_Lancashire’s_Reservoir

looking towards Hordern Stoops

Hordern Stoops: This marks the parish boundary. Stoop is from the Icelandic ‘staup’ meaning a knobby lump, and has come to mean simply a post or stock

taken from –

Horden Butts Delf -old quarry
Belmont Parish Church – St Peters

sites about the Blue lagoon

note from dad: This can be a high volume waterfall , rocks very slippy, hand holds were very slippy ,volume of water can knock someone light of their feet,
be very careful, in the dark ,
Jake has been taught to move quickly and safely across this type of terrain and this type of challenge,- what appears easy is not !
Jake uses Walsh trainers whilst not designed for this are very grippy  in mud and wet conditions and on wet rocks, we use high performance waterproof and insulation layers to ensure Jake stay’s warm and dry  , we have spare clothing and a full survival kit, the video’s are not that good quality the temperature was just above freezing, it was dark, noisy and poor visibility from my breath with the  water spray from the water fall ,  it shows what  Jake managed.
the weather was clear and just above freezing, the water very cold , it was getting dark so you have to ensure you have clear communication and ensure all members of the party are safe

approach to the bottom of the water fall

above are other pictures of the waterfall

1st part
2nd  part of the climb
last section

over the  fence at the top -winter Hill mast at the right side

Note from dad -Jake is on the right hand side  , Jake admiring the view towards the winter Hill mast

look at the lovely moon

look at Belmont at night

lights of Belmont and moon over the Blue lagoon,

last look at  the masts on winter hill,  how many ?
route is fast on the paths but slow across the moorland , fences are encountered on this run,
some background to Belmont and the area
support the local  mountain rescue teams
Bolton Mountain rescue,
link to old map of this area

Rivington Chinese gardens,Lever Park,The Pigeon Tower, Rivington

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note from dad :family walk to the Chinese gardens ,Rivington

The Bungalow Grounds, locally known as the Chinese Gardens.  These were constructed by Lord Leverhulme on the slopes below the Pigeon Tower.

taken from

can you see round loaf ? to the right is great hill
sites for the round Loaf

building that looks like a turret

the top of another turret !

bathing lake -stone steps lead down into the water

pigeon tower

look at the view

Rivington Pike

Lever Bridge

ballroom floor

short stairs

long stairs , this place is full of all kinds of stairs leading to different buildings and levels

can you see the R tree ?

the big garden

a sign about  Rivington terraced garden

Pigeon Tower

links details of the plans held for Roynton Cottage,

Link to the person who designed the  Lever park friends of Lever park

maps of rivington


My new baby brother Leo

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Leo Daniel, is my new baby brother, born on the 9th January 2011 at 22:06 at home, weighing 8lb 1oz. 
Me seeing my baby brother for the first time, seconds after he was born, upstairs in our home.

Me holding Leo, I am very proud to be his big brother!

Leo asleep in his bouncy chair, he likes it here.

Leo trying out his cot.
Note From dad:
Jake has been enjoying his time with his brother and has not been out on the fells this week,

Wilderswood , Crooked edge Hill ,Two Lads, Wallsuches to new chapel lane , Winter Hill, Horwich

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3 miles – Wilderswood , Crooked edge Hill ,Two Lads, Wallsuches to New Chapel lane
Jakes blogs for Montcliffe
Jakes Blogs for two lads
Jakes Blogs for New Chapel Lane
note from Dad : Wilderswood  – on the left hand side of the wood was shaft number 1 for wilderswood colliery
Rivington Pike
Lower Rivington reservoir
Me in the mist
note from dad :Memorial to Claire Astbury  1977 to 2009 which we found just below two lads
me on top of two lads it was too windy to stay upright safely
me running down the hill from two lads
can you find me
me in the mud
coal on the path , pieces of old brick found on this path
pieces of burnt coal  called clinker – 

Note from dad :armchair – almost a bell pit shape -side nearest seems to have been washed away!
me climbing out of a stream
Red Moss , Reebok stadium  from Montcliffe
one tiny orange mushroom – can you see ?
iron rail found on path down from Lower Montcliffe Quarry
fossil which we found last time


Path up to one of the Montcliffe lower quarries
on the way to the reservoir above the Arcon development  on the way to Wallsuches
visibility went from  just under a mile  to 15 metres in just under 10 mins
high wind chill factor , sleet some snow and hail ,
enjoy and keep safe when outside
please take care

Happy New year and review of 2010

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Happy New Year

Jake thanks everyone for following his Blog for 2010 and looks forward to you joining in his adventures for 2011,

Jake started his Blog on the 31/07/2010,

Statistics for Jake’s Blog in 2010

68 Blog posts

12,000 views in total

5000 views in December
This has received  over 2000 views on just over  a 100 photos, 90%  have been chosen and mapped in Google earth.
This gives a list of over 100 miles of Jakes adventures
This is a list of my routes –though the site has been down for some of the time ,so some of Jake’s routes are recorded in

Remember don’t just run or walk –explore !