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Hulme end, Manifold way and Buxton

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A candy store

inside the candy store

candy and lolypops

Toy shop

Big old bottle in a Chemist

Me and Evie on the train which went around the gardens

on the playground

The water is warm and tastes funny !

we went though a tunnel on the manifold way !

in the tunnel

you can see the line of the railway


keld, Swaledale Rainby Force ,Wain Wath Falls or Force and camping

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Lime Kiln they burnt the limestone to make lime

Hi Vis jackets to keep me and Evie safe – we went to see the Swaledale Lambs

Me and Evie watching a film in our new tent

me playing in the River Swale

The waterfalls were fast and dangerous

On the limestone pavement

throwing a big rock
This is where my dad used to go swimming when he he was a boy !

Rainby Force

5 meter waterfall

another two Swaledale Lambs – they have horns

Wain Wath Falls or Force

another picture of the falls – my dad used to sit under the waterfall when it was sunny the pool is deep and cold but the water is heated up by the sunshine which is still warm when it goes over the waterfall

Keld ,Crack pot Hall, Beldi Lead Mines and Swinner Gill.

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Keld is in the Yorkshire dales -swaledale

Fossils, they look like old worms !

searching a mine tunnel ?

old rail from one of the mines !

me on a old tractor !

Crackpot Hall , the kitchen ,

this is how they used to have a bath its a old tin bath

can you see the date ?

mine adit

river bed – swinner gill

lead vein

gill scrambling
This is a waterfall -its dry at the moment – I climbed this

at the top of the  waterfall

waterfall – old mine tunnel on left blocked after a few feet

the river disappears underground but does flow down the valley normally

old mine bridge

mine adit – crackpot hall

This hill was steep

Note from dad :
This is a steep Hill decent – my trainers couldn’t cope , Jake just kept on going !!!

mine ore processing remains

old mine pulley ?
inside the mine tunnel

along the mine tunnel  please be careful !!!!!

plants do not grow – this is because its toxic waste from the minerals in the mine waste

This is my route