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Wilderswood mine trail ,Montcliffe,Rivington ,Horwich

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small yellow and black ladybird

just looking at the grasses

old gatepost

old mine level

old water pipe from the pond or mine ?

by the old entrance to the mine still blowing cold air

down towards cabins pit

winter hill mast in the distance

the owners showed me a very gentle old horse – he loved polo mints

old level and tramway

old mine drain?

one of the old rail s

the old tramway bridge – rails

me on a bridge across the tramway

this bridge was reinforced by iron rails

the pike

looking for grasshoppers

me holding a grasshopper

Bell pit

one of the levels

the mast from wilderswood two lads

Animals at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, Hale, Cumbria, in the Snow -4C

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Note from dad: we support the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis for their work they undertake in conservation we visit here often as we have a season ticket,
lemur climbing
funny bird
it thinks we have some  food
crested cranes
red squirrel
hanging upside  down
watching the Patagonian hares
can you see the fruit bat 

video of the harvest mice
link about the area

Grizedale walk-a long walk for my sister!

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my family without dad who is taking the photo !

we have a long way to go

this is Evie with her new zebra hat

this is a wigwam

giant man

us on the bridge

a lovely beetle it made a funny noise!  it went like this ah ah plus vibrated at the same time  it was odd

me looking at a very noisy waterfall

me with my hat with  spikes on it

I am still a very long way from the car

oh look the sign near the car  thanks for  looking ! Forestry commissions web site Local mountain rescue team  Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team (LAMRT)

Winter Hill Fold Pasture – the quarry and different insects I found

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It was very foggy today.

This is a video of a river.

This is the mast in fog.

A pattern on a gate post.

A Philipson brick from Bolton.

This is a quarry.

This is a really fast beetle, that wouldn’t sit on my hand for long!

This is a caterpillar I found.

This is the route we took:

Animals that I found whilst out for walks in the Ardennes, Belgium.

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This beetle is playing dead.

This beetle made a squeaking noise.

I found this shield bug at La Roche castle.

This is a grasshopper who sat on my hand for some time.

We found a frog in the long grass.

My sister found this stripy spider on its web.

Winter Hill bridges plus unknown large hairy caterpillar! Winter Hill.

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this is a wooden bridge

this is the second wooden bridge

unknown  hairy caterpillar (10cm) do you know what it is called?

links to information about winter hill transmitter