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Remembrance Sunday Parade with the Badgers and Lead Mines Clough memorial

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me and Evie have just joined the Badgers
you can find out about this here

we went down winter hey lane  Horwich

Evie is wearing a purple hat you can just see her !

Lee Lane

I liked walking with my new friends

I saw my teaching assistant

we stopped off at Horwich Town hall

This is the Mayor

Leo was happy do you like his hat ?

This is the remembrance garden in Horwich

we watched the laying of the wreaths and crosses , Evie is being carried so she can see

we are walking back now after the laying of the wreaths

we walked along Chorley new road

Evie is talking to Leo who was in the pushchair pushed by dad

I took my turn to hold the badgers flag

it became windy

Evie had her turn it was heavy for her

we saw the mayor of Horwich
Cllr Peter Baxendale

Lead Mines Clough to remember my Great Grandad and my Great Great Grandad

<p></p><p><a href=”″>Lead mines clough</a><br/></p><p><a href=””>Find more Runs in </a></p><p></p>

<p><a href=”″>Lead mines clough</a> and more runs in  on MapMyRUN. <a href=””>Find run</a></p>

</p><p><a href=”″>Lead mines clough pt 2</a><br/></p><p><a href=””>Find more Runs in </a></p><p>

<a href=”″>Lead mines clough pt 2</a> and more runs in &nbsp;on MapMyRUN. <a href=””>Find run</a>

it was very wet as ususal !

Evie enjoyed the puddles

one of the water falls

I threw stones and wished from this bridge

some of the Old mine tips

I had my Walsh trainers on and had to keep waiting for Evie and Dad !
note from dad : i was carrying Leo he does not mind running down hill but does not like the uphill sections anyway that’s my excuse !

on the right hand side you can see the pike and the pigeon tower

we came to put our crosses for My Great Grandad and Great Great Grandad

Edward McQue officer Engineer  Merchant Navy (Great Granddad)
Killed in action  21-11 -1940  SSCree , 4791 tons iron ore , all 41 hands were lost
He had successfully completed 3 voyages when his ship SSCree   was sunk by a U Boat- U123 off the coast of Ireland
the ship was carrying Iron from South Africa to Liverpool

information about U123

Great Granddad does not have a  grave having gone down with the ship,
He is remembered at the Merchant Navy memorial at Tower Hill London

John Thomas McQue 5th regiment Labour Corps
killed in action 14-12-1917 in the trenches battle of Passchendale ,Belgium

Great,Great Granddad is buried at  Dozingham war cemetery , Belguim

our Visit to Dozingham

some background to the memorial

It is very peaceful here the mast was just visible

looking towards the pike which you can just see

Bolton Mountain rescue

remembering family is very important

one of  the old pits

we went to fly my plane

Alance Bridge

we are off home , Leo enjoyed watching the plane , Evie helped carry this back to the car , it’s just getting dark !

Wilderswood to Tigers Clough / Shaws Clough , Tramway investigation

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Quick Blog tonight !
note from dad : GPS seems to have been out tonight !

off we go

the Pike

Video taken showing the mast and Horwich and the Pike

Jake can vault a farm gate in a few seconds now even in the dark

Bricked up entrance , the other side has also been collapsed  to stop you getting in !

can you see the small brick entrance ?

Yates plastic brick

the tramway has been built up with stones

one of the mine drains in Tigers Clough

I have to balance carefully as its a 4 ft drop on one side plus its a stream and slippy !!!

the stream I have to cross is very fast tonight !

crossing another stream in the dark

looking around at the View ! we watched the planes as well

through the last fence

crossing the river

Wilderswood to Tigers Clough or Shaws Clough , Rivington, Chorley/Horwich

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Note from Dad:
Jake has extra layers on due to risk of getting wet, he has a bum bag on, keeping extra kit  in,

Lower Rivington reservoir

Fast decent

I turn right here towards the old colliery

can you see the pike – i stopped off here for some Blackberries

Reebok stadium in the background , left hand side is wilderswood

between two old hedges

Pike cottage , winter hill mast and old mine workings  taken near Ormstons Farm

Old tramway down to the old brickworks
Jakes blogs on Tigers or Shaws Clough

crossing the river

i had to be careful , but i could run faster than my dad across this

down some slippery rocks

up the muddy steep bank

across river Douglas

the old dam

“Note: Richard Pilkington and Thomas Nightingale had created a dam and mill at what is now known
as Tigers Clough; its remains are still there. Richard Pilkington is ancestor of the Pilkingtons Glass
family”. Taken from the site below

W M Fletcher and sons Horwich Bricks

we looked for the source of the bricks , they were in the stream but we could not find any more upstream ?
we rescued some frogs !
old water storage

Tigers clough or Shaws clough waterfall
not quiet 5 mins from Boltons wanderers !

through  the woods

down a slope

Old mine track

up another slope

down another !

old bridge for the mine

crossing a fence

looking towards some old mine remains

Old mine track ?

Roly poly

towards the water tunnel – Georges lane at the top

it was full of iron coloured goo !

Rivington Pike in the background, the boundary stone between Horwich and Chorley

running back from pike cottage to wilderswood

Rivington Pike to Brown Hill to Back of sportsman’s cottage

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looking at Leo who is in the back carrier – pike in the background


wall marks the boundary between Chorley and Horwich

An old bottle top

on the way to the pike over the gate

view towards the mast

Yes I am eating Bilberries !

crooked edge and the two lads

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !
Brown Hill

someone has planted a garden on the side of  river Douglas

River Douglas

old sheepfold –

Note from Dad Pre-historic swirls?  one distict and one less you can feel the one on left , with two it is unlikely just to be random !

Bell Pit

old mine level or adit

pike in the background this is tough grass for me

yes roly poly time !

taking a break !

old shaft ? or collapse ?
nothing is marked on the circa 1900 map of the area

Red Moss and old railway lines ,Reebok staduim, Horwich

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fast route for Jake

4.2 miles
route was  long grass – fight for Jake as it was head height, nettles and brambles,
a quick run from two curious horses , old railway ,old coal mine, red moss (be very careful)
deep bog and rough grass,

on the start

one of the landfill check points

Reebok and police station

one of the overgrown paths

railway crossing

view towards Horwich station

overgrown head height for me

over head height !

towards the motorway

I found this difficult as the noise was too much

running away from the noise

Another source of material was an old tip at Blackrod from where some 300,000 tons of burnt colliery shale was obtained. A further example of the construction of a motorway improving the environment, by using waste materials

jumping down from a broken style


Another source of material was an old tip at Blackrod from where some 300,000 tons of burnt colliery shale was obtained. A further example of the construction of a motorway improving the environment, by using waste materials

the two horses -we had to run away from these

can you see the line of the railway ?

bridge over the railway

old telegraph pole

old shaft filled with water

bridge over the railway -disused railway

along the path

can you see the pike

old telegraph pole can you see the old insulators ?

where the line would have branched off from

yes its me – nettles taller than me !

crossing the railway lines

can you see the old cobbles Rideway Bridge

water pipeline?

underneath the m61

runcoat’s plastic brick Accrington !

winter hill mast from red moss

red moss to M61

gas plant ?

warning signs about gas !


do not enter !

my shadow

stopping for a drink

still running !,–looking-from-landfill/en

Reebok Stadium links

Red Moss Links

Methane burning site

links to Horwich and Horwich Parkway

Links to Horwich Police station!/Blackrod

Czech tent and Wilderswood to Tigers clough to Pike cottage via Old mine ways, Rivington, Horwich

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chopped down trees at Wilderswood , Rivington Pike in the background
“In 1513 Richard Urmston was granted land in Horwich by John Barton of Smithills. This is now known as Ormstons Farm. Near the farm is a small bridge, a tramway once ran under this bridge and supplied the John Crankshaw pipeworks lower down the hill with coal and clay mined higher up the slope. The pipeworks was known locally as the “Klondyke” but was demolished in the 1980’s, there is now a housing estate on the site”
“There were coal mines in the area mentioned in the 16th century documents, with many more developing in the 19th century. As well as coal, seams of dry clay were drawn and supplied works making bricks, and sanitary ware. Crankshaw’s pipeworks, whose mine was known as Klondyke, closed down in 1961. A new housing development now stands on the site”

rails from the tramway

looking up the Hill at the tramway

looking down the tramway  we went in to Tigers clough next

one of the old dams in Tigers Clough / Shaw’s Clough?

“The clough at that time housed a bleachworks, a drinking establishment
and with a brick and pipe works nearby along with a coal mine just higher
up the hill”

The bleachworks mentioned above, was known as Knoll Bleachworks
and lay on both sides of the river, where some of the remains can still be

crossing the river

always be careful when crossing rivers like this  -River Douglas

old reservoir
top of the reservoir
strange brick square in the river bed -two pipes led from this

one of the pipes

old mine crossing -bridge

in between the crossing point

bridge ?

old iron pipe found upstream did not lead anywhere around 1.5 meters long ?

another mine path

old shaft vent pipe
water tunnel
two videos from inside the water tunnel

out the other side -change of clothing and use of drying technique allowed me to become warm and dry again

Rivington Pike in the background and Pike cottage

strange but this was all woods before but great view of the Rivington pike

Anglie – or the Czech word for England , this tent was exported  to england ,
I used to live in the Czech republic in Prague/ Praha

playing our DS

Relum Tent from the Czech republic – Czechoslovakia

Me and Evie

my route

Adam Hill to Holder’s Plantation to Two Lads ,Winter Hill ,Horwich

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winter Hill Mast can you see the smaller masts ?

through the stone style

towards Adam Hill

Mine ?

Holders Plantation

the old dam wall -looking for baby frogs

Evie testing her waterproof boots

washing my hands

someone has been digging here -this is the old brickworks

top of one of brickworks Kilns

old mine tramway

two lads

two lads with the pike in the background

one of the smaller lads

Reebok from the two lads

on the way back from two lads

looks like silver – one of the reservoirs

 Lower Rivington reservoir

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

Two lads to Rivington Pike and back again

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be careful on the cattle grid !

on the way to the two lads

sunset at Two lads

looking at the view over Bolton

the mast from the Two Lads

sunset looking towards Rivington Pike -can you see the Pike ?

between the mast and the pike

running towards the pike

Pigeon tower from the pike

Rivington pike -looks like i am nearly as tall as the mast , standing on the edge of the hill

Bell Pit below Rivington pike
down from the pike towards brown hill

can you see me ?

up from the dog hotel !

looking back to the Pike

across the cattle grid

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

Belmont to New chapel Lane 4.3 miles

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Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.



old controls for lower height reservoir 
settling tank for the water supply
controls for the release of the water
Fibre  optic cable underground
spring reservoir
on the route of the winter Hill
overlooking Belmont
Old mines  NE of Winter Hill mast

on the way to the two lads – mast in the background

Two Lads -day was grey top of the mast in cloud
running towards Wilderswood -we turned right to go down to Wilderswood
Wilderswood -Montcliffe
Yates Horwich Brick
Yates Plastic Brick from Horwich

Waterfall at Wards reservoir night and day

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the approach to the waterfall

path leading up to the waterfall

the path was flooded this time

these stones protect you from the bog

up the side of the wards reservoir

climbing up the waterfall

crossing the stream

we crossed this and climbed up the water fall be careful !!!!!
close up of the water rushing down
video of the waterfall
another waterfall video
old shaft note this is square not round !

me again this time in dark ,
note from dad:
This waterfall contains a lot of slippery rocks , i have removed photos and videos showing techniques to climb, cross and dry off afterwards, the path at the top also has a broken fence hidden in the long grass which has barbed wire and wire fencing sections- this will cause injury unless you are careful in the dark ,

Hordern: (13th century ‘handran’ and ‘haderan’). Possibly from the Anglo-Saxon ‘heorde’ meaning herd, and ‘hyrne’ meaning a nook or corner.
Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.
taken from –,_Lancashire’s_Reservoir