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Fairy Battery,Turton and Entwistle reservoir,Bolton -3 to – 6c no Snow!

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This is our third blog with places with the name of Fairy in them
the other two are
fairy caves -Trou des fees ,this was in Virton Belgium
Fairy steps -this was in Beetham ,Cumbria
me walking on ice
there is water flowing underneath this ice I am staying to the safe parts !
ice crystals
in the quarry
can you see me ? advantage of Hi visibility clothing !
memorial bench  by Bolton Holiday fellowship
memorial bench
link to Bolton’s HF
memorial bench in memory to Craig Tuppen
these are better photos!!!
Fairy Battery, an outcrop of rock popular with climbers.  The site was the secret meeting place of non-conformist worshippers in the 17th century.  Opposite the outcrop on the other side of the stream is a quarry complex with extensive mine caverns, now filled in. – taken from Blackburn and Darwen council site

me on top of Fairy Battery, I am being careful as there is a big drop on the other side!!!
climbing up a boulder  this was slippy and covered with ice
very little to grip onto !
??? ditches they just seemed to be filled with water ?
bell pit -we had seen this from Cranberry moss
right hand side of photo
we saw  several mines around the top of Fairy Battery.
our last adventure was to Cranberry moss last weekend 

giant icicles
some of the rock outcrops  in this area
some of the sites about the reservoir

family walk -fairy steps, boulder climb -Walk Away V15, Beetham,near Milnthorpe, Cumbria ,snow and -3c

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me and Evie in the stocks !

links to Beetham,

A small shrine to Saint Lioba (or Leoba), built into a stone wall in the nearby hamlet of Slackhead.

this is an old gate post

limestone pavement

looks like a giant pine cone !

through the forest -I am in the distance !

This gives some information about the fairy steps,cumbria/photos/fairy-steps-1894_34132/

Note from Dad : this is not only a good walk but a famous climbing area for bouldering this has a V15(the difficulty of a boulder problem is described by the American ‘V’ grade system that runs fromV0- to V15)

description of a climb called Walk Away V15 – (sit start)  The middle of the wall is utterly desperate by the way !!! in fact the sit start is pretty grim 😉

Video of view from the top of the fairy steps

looking  down the fairy steps

looking up the fairy steps

if you want to see the fairies you are supposed to fit through this without touching the sides but it is too narrow for dad !!

tree trunk cut for the  path

an old house we found

Route taken is

Animals at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, Hale, Cumbria, in the Snow -4C

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Note from dad: we support the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis for their work they undertake in conservation we visit here often as we have a season ticket,
lemur climbing
funny bird
it thinks we have some  food
crested cranes
red squirrel
hanging upside  down
watching the Patagonian hares
can you see the fruit bat 

video of the harvest mice
link about the area

Spooky Wilderswood in the dark at -4 to -6 C, Winter Hill,Horwich,

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Note from Dad :

Route early evening in complete darkness  -4c through to -6c with ice found on the path and rocks, we are also testing new high visibility clothing, new strobe safety equipment on a clearly defined path,  this area and route is known to me and Jake in both  poor weather conditions and at night, both Children have previously  experienced temperature’s down to – 21C on a regular basis in winter when they lived abroad – basic family activities like going  to the supermarket from the car have to be done at -21C ,  Both Jake and Evie have multiple high performance layers on them to undertake this walk , we have online GPS trackingwe take our safety very seriously! Please be careful now the weather is getting colder and it is getting darker ,

some of previous Blog posts exploring in this area

this is my new coat

the back of my new coat -we are testing the strobe lights and the increased reflective patches

walking  through  Wilderswood

This photo is the same doorway (looking the other way )as the Photo below – the difference being one is at  night  you need to careful – things you are familiar with look very different at night

remember this  photo with the sheep ?

SPOOKY Wilderswood

ice on the path be careful

me and Evie having a hot drink !

our route:

Wilderswood Mill

walking route’s in this area

Underneath this route 😉

One of our routes

some of the Birds in this area –

Good ideas for day time Heritage trails in this area

History of Rockhaven castle – old house on this site before the wood

Cranberry Moss, Bull Hill, Darwen, – Old mines,Quarries and Old Brickwork site ?.

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Stone quarry
Note from Dad this was in line with the mines found later but no sign of any coal mine waste

on top of the quarry

looking towards the mines

hot chocolate on top of a mine waste tip

can you see Darwen tower ? and me of course !
to collect water ?

on top of a yet another  mine



mine entrances

stone sleeper ?

to another  mine  -in line with the quarry

long stone – part of the mine ?

I love hot chocolate -see the bricks?  – another old mine

another mine shaft


Bull Hill Brickworks ?

brick kiln
see the picture of the Bull Hill Brick from this Kiln ?
two deer can you see them ?
last of the mines we saw – we came across around 32 old mines -too many to inspect each one
reasons for this area being full of mines ?
“The Entwistles used to sink little pits on Cranberry Moss, They were what was called Darwen yard mines .just a  few yards deep, coals were bought up by windlass, and sent to Turton, there was  fighting amongst the men. Some of them were too lazy to go down for coal, but when it was brought up they would fight for its ownership”
referance to Darwen yard mines
Our route
weather Cold  below 4c, High chill factor, Jake is now in winter grade clothing , we have changed Jakes socks to include a  waterproof /Breathable layer plus thermal layer, He has brand new Walsh PB’s for increased traction.



Useful links
Information about the River Darwen which starts on Cranberry Moss

Bull hill maternity hospital
reference to mining at Cranberry moss
fireclay accidents – mines on cranberry moss
reference to mine in this area


Hidden places near Goosnargh,Preston ,Cold war Bunker , Chingle Hall the most haunted house in England ,Whittingham Hospital (disused largest mental hospital in the country),Orchard (rare fruit tree’s) ,

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guard  house  to the Bunker  for Preston

bunker main entrance
Video this shows you Goosenargh filter station  for this site !
radio station/Mast
Note from Dad Vodafone use this !
a church in Goosnargh
painted window (look carefully)
the haunted house  (Chingle Hall)  you can see the moat !
Note from Dad – the most haunted house in England ?

??? next to Chingle hall

Chingle Hall -the haunted house  ?
Whittingham  asylum was home to nearly 3,533 patients (and 600 staff) making it the largest populated in Great Britain and second largest in Europe
it had its own church, farms, railway, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, brewery, orchestra,
brass band, ballroom and butchers.
Above is the Cameron House section
Plan of Hospital
This is the  St lukes section  -Male patients

the old  station

railway bridge -look carefully

this is the orchard which is very special


Whittingham Hospital was built in the last quarter of the 19th century.  Its orchard which we help to maintain still contains over 200 trees with 18 varieties of apples and 3 of pears.  We have replaced some of the lost trees with trees of similar varieties.  The hospital was self-sufficient in fruit from the orchard from October to May.  The following are the varieties to be found in it:
Annie Elizabeth
Bramley’s Seedling
Crimson Bramley
Early Victoria
Edward VII
Ellison’s Orange
Golden Spire
Howgate Wonder
Keswick Codlin
Lane’s Prince Albert
Laxton’s Superb
Lord Derby
Newton Wonder
Scotch Bridget
Warners King
Early Portugal
Louise Bonne
Pitmaston Duchess
This is taken from

hospital fire station

site of the old brewery

main entrance to the hospital

hospital church

feeding the ducks

lots of ducks

Note from Dad no work has been done !
remains of a headstone found in the lane !

Our route

Link about the new hospital

Links about Goosnargh and Whittingham
Where I was baptised

Red Moss Hill explore near Reebok Stadium ,Horwich (1st explore)

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the entrance to red moss

barrier  for stopping the  trucks

pipe -lots of these

a big slope -before we run down this

strange pipe???

top of  the hill

path back  to home you can see the mast look carefully !

Reebok stadium  –police station in front

one of the many paths on red moss hill

picking the ice from the frozen puddle
(Methane burner in the background -Dad)
Route we took

Red Moss Links

Methane burning site

links to Horwich and Horwich Parkway

Links to Horwich Police station

Remembrance Sunday Memorial Walk – Lead Mines Clough , Anglezarke,Chorley,Lancashire

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Wet approach to the memorial walk

Note from dad -this was about a family memorial walk and the main activity was remembering Jakes and Evie’s Great, Great Granddad and Great Granddad. Jake wanted to share this – some of the Blog has been written by Jake and the rest by dad.
Jake had been to  this memorial before, we all thought this was a suitable location to commemorate and  remember.

Jake had tidied up the crosses and poppies spontaneously without being asked before

“I am tidying this up by putting some of the crosses back (above lead mines clough)”

me  and Evie -Evie being a Zebra! in pink

Looking at a Mine Audit with dad -(behind the tree!)

Bolton Mountain rescue – 4 land rovers

At the Bomber memorial- Winter hill is in the background , the mast is mostly covered in cloud.

Putting Great Granddad’s and Great Great Granddad’s Crosses on the memorial

making sure the crosses are together without disturbing others, picking up the poppies on the ground.

Note  from Dad:
Edward McQue (Great Grandfather) and John Thomas McQue (Great .Great Grandfather) crosses together

Edward McQue officer Engineer  Merchant Navy (Great Granddad)
Killed in action  21-11 -1940  SSCree , 4791 tons iron ore , all 41 hands were lost
He had successfully completed 3 voyages when his ship SSCree was sunk by a U Boat- U123 off the coast of Ireland
the ship was carrying Iron from South Africa to Liverpool

information about U123

Great Granddad does not have a  grave having gone down with the ship,
He is remembered at the Merchant Navy memorial at Tower Hill London

John Thomas McQue 5th regiment Labour Corps
killed in action 14-12-1917 in the trenches battle of Passchendale ,Belgium

Great,Great Granddad is buried at  Dozingham war cemetery , Belguim

Bomber memorial to the Wellington Bomber crew who died

I am  reading the memorial wreaths
Note from dad :This one that Jake is reading from was from the Chorley ramblers,

This  Memorial wreath from Bolton Mountain rescue team


one of the mine tips

me and mum

route we took

some background to the memorial

Disused Turton Moor Colliery/brickworks site ?, Turton Moor, near Belmont ,Blackburn With Darwen

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spooky woods

tramway to the mine

going up the mountain

Whitaker, Darwen brick
site about bricks

Bull Hill Fire Clay works Darwin – look at the Brick
Note from Dad
at Bull Hill there was a sanatorium , plus evidence of mines -based upon maps unknown location of the Brickworks ?
Turton Moor Colliery site ? two shafts Winter Hill on right hand side in the background

Turton Moor Colliery  view of site looking down the hill

Turton Moor Colliery  -another waste tip ?

Turton Moor Colliery  waste tips -lots of burnt coal ?

Turton Moor Brick Works – lots of old bricks here !

4 ramps for the tramway ?

where they put the gold 😉  in the spooky woods -the woods were very dark and  wet!

Dads Note :pipe works by Blackburn Road,? lot of iron engine mounting’s found as well
history of the Blackburn and Darwin area
information about the West Pennine Moors
information about the West Pennine Moors
information about the West Pennine Moors
Walks in this area with ref to pipe works by Blackburn Road,
history of the Blackburn and Darwin area

Winter Hill Three Peaks at Night, Two Lads To Winter Hill To Rivington Pike –

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Note :Weather -Cold below 4c wind chill high  (wind sleet -very cold rain) visibility good apart from some driving rain

it is really windy, wet and cold

I’m having a hot chocolate -two lads

it is a really good view  from the Two Lads

me in the dark

the haunted  mast -it was spooky covered in sections of  mist ,sleet was falling  gave a red glow around  in the sky ! Note from Dad – poor quality sorry !

the creepy  sheep (mast)

falling ice sign -if the lights flash on the mast -take care !

me having a hot chocolate at winter hill Trig point

rain and sleet in the middle between Winter hill and Rivington pike

Rivington pike  (pike wall  in background)- I kept my eyes down to keep my night vision


fell runners forum -used for hints and advice

what colours to wear in the dark

good running route -too long for Me !!!

night navigation advice

night navigation advice

Note from dad – Jake is very experienced in most weathers in this area and can pick out features in what appears to be a barren environment  even at night  , The distance is well within his capability ,

Risk reduction – Jake has multi layers of high performance Waterproof/wind/ breathable and warm clothing, Hi Vis clothing is used where the visibility is poor or I need to know where Jake is , headlamp, backup Torch , Jake has on him high energy  food plus spare top layer.

Dad has more  spare clothing,compass,map food and in this case the hot chocolate. Emergency Hi vis bivi, Two Blackberry‘s(BB), one is used for GPS tracking/ Photo and the other is used for phone/e mail -backup GPS. either can be turned on to show current GPS position/route on the web. torches and BB’s  are fully charged and  checked for charge before the run.