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Darwen Jubilee tower ,Earnsdale reservoir ,Sunnyhurst hey reservoir, Darwen tower trig point ,Darwen, Blackburn

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Sunnyhurst hey reservoir

me next to a stone with a picture of the tower on it -Darwen Jubilee tower

Darwen tower without the dome

India Mill tower in the background

view of darwen

Darwen Moor a beautiful view

Earnsdale reservoir ,Sunnyhurst hey reservoir, trig point

Darwen tower

video from the top of the tower

running down from the tower

running across  the heather

going down the path back to the car

west Pennine moor access sign

general sites :

Holden’s Colliery ,Smithills shooting hut, Winter Hill Bell pits/Shafts, Winter Hill

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two sites with routes in this area
this give’s some history to this key access point,

route we took

weather : OK 6c to 4C ,this was a discovery walk looking for a colliery
the same area in snow

looking at the icicles

me , My sister and my mum

Smithills shooting hut

on the way to the mast

millstone grit -looking at the name on it !

looks like a old mill stone unfinished  ? next to a quarry
Bell Pit

another waste tip

doorway to Holden s Colliery overview site

old walls Holden s Colliery

overview Holden s Colliery site

Holden s Colliery pits/shafts

Holden s Colliery main path is to the left with dean mills reservoir in the top left

mine waste – or shale with coal pieces in it  near Holden’s colliery
Ormrods Bolton Brick -found  next to winter Hill mast

Looking at icicles

Old shaft near winter hill  mast square in shape -grey fences behind are the winter hill support cables

across the moor

the other winter hills towers

Roly Poly
note from dad take care on the Hills

Coal pit road , colliers row , Brownstones quarry ,moortop barrows -Bell pit ,dean mills reservoir

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Photo’s of Colliers row – we will locate the mine another time,

above links are for the Quarry

note from dad : deep soft wet snow , with slush for the rest of the route , at high traffic areas -there was wet ice meaning very slippy conditions, mist conditions with rain – cold wet  penetrating type weather , Jake changed into over trousers and changed Jakes gloves the rest of Jake was dry apart from the last 1 mile when the slush became around 6 inches and  went  over into  Jakes waterproof socks, as this was a downhill section and we were near the car we didn’t need to put dry socks on.

Brownstones quarry

me checking the ground

my dad pouring my hot chocolate

hot chocolate sitting on a insulated mat

Brownstones quarry

Hampsons Farm

the horses were very wet


part of the water pipes for the reservoir

crossing a stream

looks like a head with a flat cap on it !

mist and  talking to my dad on the walkie talkie

Note from Dad :what we found was a bell pit (had the tell tale signs of this type of mine and signs of other mines following a line ,we will revisit the area without snow – the wet snow was deep – knee deep for me, as its not clear we had the correct site due to the snow covering most of the area up,

note from dad Dad:  Hmmm……….. I hope this wasn’t a person , in the Czech republic before they go on the ice they wait  and only if the temperature has been below   -5  for 5 days before they take the risk,
dean mills reservoir supplied dean Mills

Roly poly down the bank

Coal Pit road , Smithills moor , Dean Mills reservoir ,Winter Hill ,Bolton ,snow – visibility and underfoot condition’s poor

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Note from dad :condition’s poor -sleet/rain  , mist reducing visibility down to 2 to 3 metres in places , temperature warm at 1 to 2c , it was dark, moderate wind chill, soft snow clogged the trainers making descents and ascents difficult , Snow had drifted in the wind into some deep drifts , soft snow stuck to clothing increasing the risk of  wetting leading to cold wet clothing,

the snow made really good snowballs !!! note from Jake!

winter hill mast as we should have seen

frozen Dean Mills reservoir -as we should have seen

other end of the reservoir on Smithills moor  as we should have seen

Bolton at night as we should have seen

winter hill mast across the reservoir as we should have seen

Old reservoir with breach in the dam wall  as we should have seen winter hill mast  on right

Up a slope !

sleet, wind ,darkness and mist reduced visibility to around 2m at this stage , strobe and reflective clothing was essential, this route has a deep ditches, bogs and slopes on both sides

soft snow ,

loosing my footing –

note from dad : always keep the people you are with  close when you are in poor weather,

this shows the use of reflective clothing and strobe lighting to keep in contact, you need to be aware of the people around you , this weather can disorientate very easily

Roly poly

drift walking /running

Jakes Walsh trainers footprints next to memorial stone to will yo come o sunday

better Photos !! Better weather 😉

Note from dad :Road was very poor -soft wet snow  next to the ditches ( this is on the right hand side -its 8 around inches deep full of soft mud ) , Coal Pit road  had hard compressed snow – rain on top which had frozen into a black ice  giving the tyres nothing to grip into or onto – when you got out the car you fell over 😉  passable with difficulty with cold weather tyres (winter Tyres) on.

sanoodi route to follow

Me in the Snow, Two Lads, Rivington,Brown Hill, River Douglas,Wilderswood,

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Quick Photo collection of me in the Snow

Two Lads

Two Lads

Two Lads

Two Lads

Brown Hill –Rivington pike

Georges lane

Georges lane


River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

River Douglas

near New chapel Lane

near New chapel Lane


Smithills moor at night in mist with sleet –

Rivington Pike, Rivington, Horwich – Bell pits drift mine and river Douglas ice stream walk -6C

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Up the stream -which is River Douglas



a nice waterfall

beautiful ice crystals

three fingered ice monster

big  ice crystals


these banks are steep and have a lot of loose snow

me on the snow

Note from Dad:

reason for Hot Chocolate from a flask -don’t use water based drinks they freeze and the ice crystals irritate the stomach , unless you protect them from freezing !

Mine Building ? -has three doorways or gateways ?



a video of the bell pit s in this area

3 Bell pits in a row

me sitting down next to a bell pit



a big bell pit

drift mine ?





me in the ice river



me sliding down the ice


looks like water 🙂 I am on the left  hand side against the tunnel wall

me in the ice tunnel

lots of ice


sliding on my bum

walking the snowy bank


sanoodi route to follow


Wilderswood in the snow , Horwich , Christmas day walk 0C to -3C

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weather good , small family walk

old gate post at start of Wilderswood

sledging again

Rivington pike from wilderswood

deep snow

ice river

I had been down this the other day , the river goes into one of the water tunnels which is blocked ,








adit for mine ,



iron trough


mine building for the main shaft at wilderswood




shaft -capped

main colliery  winding buildings

still blowing cold air – which is warmer than the surrounding rocks melting the snow!

cabin pit shaft buildings




quarry terrace

I love running in the snow






me back at the car ,

note from dad:Two lads is to the left , Georges lane in the snow , the compact snow made it easier to drive on as the road is normally heavily potholed another mine site Horwich Heritage centre Horwich history overview


Rivington pike , Rivington, winter Hill ,Horwich in the snow -4 to -6C

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Wilder’s moor -centre two lads , left is Winter Hill Mast

good conditions – temp -4 to -6c when sun went down , good  level walk,

Rivington Pike from georges lane

Tracks from the old mines

looking down from the wilderswood drift mine mine entrance  -look carefully tramway is clear line down the hill

old shaft capped  – vented

boundary stone – Chorley  and Horwich ?

Brown Hill with Rivington Pike on right hand side

ice river -water is moving under the ice


Note From Dad: Jake has been across this section before , the ice was enough to hold Jakes weight and being shallow was low risk – please be careful not even Walsh trainers gripped on this – Jake had been practising moving safely on ice ,  Jake is keeping to snow where possible after testing what is under the snow,

Jake is using his hands and a low centre of gravity to negotiate the tunnel below, temp in this tunnel was around – 6c  plus wind chill with very cold water , Jake has 3 layers on his lower body of water resistant/thermal and quick dry material ,  we have spares of dry clothing in case!



going into the tunnel


in the ice tunnel


watching dad !

on my hands now !

careful ! water and ice very slippery !

thigh high snow between the tufts of heather

Brown Hill

sledging down Brown Hill

Brown Hill with Mast just appearing

Rivington drift mine buildings

Old entrance to Rivington drift  mine

bottom half of the Pike -sledging



the pike and Winter Hill Mast -crooked hill on right


very steep slope !!!! me and the sledge , I fell out of the sledge !!

Note from dad :these slopes are rated by Bolton mountain Rescue, this slope is  very steep and we moved Jake onto a more gentle slope!



down a more gentle slope



Sunset over Horwich with Fiddlers ferry power station can be seen on left  red moss in front of it ,

there is a solitary gate post in the middle of the field  ,





Last look at the Pike before Christmas eve ,

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !




Two lads , Rivington, Winter Hill ,Horwich sledge and Roly poly -4C Snow 3 inch to 3ft

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temperature good at start , the wind picked up and the chill factor became more intense dropping the feels like temperature another 4C

GPS failed to track for part of the route,but approx just under 2 miles



sledging down the road

climbing up the snowdrift

the mast is in the distance as we go up to Two Lads

Adam hill and White Brow

Wilderswood and Wilder’s moor





me climbing up after sledging down the hill

me doing a roly-poly



the mast from Two Lads

Rivington Pike ,Brown Hill and Crooked Edge Hill


on top of Two Lads









sliding down on the sledge


this was really fast

where the wind has blown the snow. It looks like sand

about the two Lads

good background to this area

good local walking site

another local walking site

Good Walking site

recent incident on sledging

Note from dad : you have to careful – these slopes had very deep snow and soft landings where we went , there are rocks hidden under the snow in other parts of these slopes , please be careful

-Jake spent a lot of time learning how to up and down deep snow slopes safely, also how to enjoy himself  safely , there is always a trade off of undertaking more extreme forms of outdoor activities (for a 7 year old) and  safety, have fun but do this safely,

this link taken from the Bolton Mountain rescue article above


Wilderswood, Winter Hill ,Horwich in the snow up to 3ft in drits -4 to -6 c

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Two Lads and winter Hill mast – view from wilderswood car park



“Although Winter Hill is a wonderful “playground” and a place of great

beauty and fascination for many of us, we should always be aware of the

hidden dangers at all times, and do all we can to minimise them.

Unfortunately, many of us like the bleakness and solitude of the place,

and often go wandering around on our own – and at times when there is

perhaps nobody else around on the moors – and in the most appalling

weather conditions! Some would call us foolhardy, but this is our choice

and what we choose to do – and we would defend our right to do just this

– so long as we are all aware of the possible dangers and we dress and

equip ourselves to minimise the risks.

In poor weather never underestimate Winter Hill. The bogs really ARE

there. The visibility really CAN vanish totally within 60 seconds. The

body surface temperature plus the chill factor for those unsuitably

dressed, really CAN drop to –10C or more on top of the Hill.

DO take care on Winter Hill ….. but enjoy it! Remember. It CAN bite”


today the weather was – 4c dropping to -6c combined with scrambling along a  ice covered stream with a water at 3C,  the  snow was waste high for Jake in several parts of the  scramble,  The road was passable with care (I saw two local  cars get stuck and they were just moving their cars off the driveway to the small car park opposite their houses , get stuck up here and  you have a long walk in these temperature’s with wet -ice covered clothing( in this case ) is not a a positive experience for a 7 year old!


ice stream scramble

me on the ice -scrambling down a set of steps

me stamping on the ice BANG!

me waking on the ice


the ice is slippery

me sliding dawn the ice


a branch is in the way

this snow is slippery

Note from Dad insulate yourself when sitting down -Jake enjoyed the Hot chocolate !


giant block of ice

Mine audit in the snow -this is blocked after a few meters

tree in the way


going in the and through the water tunnel



exit to a tunnel

Cabin Pit

note from Dad :change of gloves  was all that was needed to keep Jake warm – picking up ice out of the water was too much for one set of gloves!


see Jakes other Blogs for more information  and pictures in the summer,


Good local heritage site

Good fossil guide to this area


Bolton Mountain rescue