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Rivington pike sledging , Portuguese food , Winter Hill

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I  am by Wilderswood,
the route we took from Wilderswood

It began to snow

Brown Hill

I am looking at where to sledge down this slope , its very wet a lot of ice and cold water

Evie in her wellies

sledging down brown Hill

looking towards crooked edge

up towards the pike

can you see the top of the mast ?

the mast just appearing

me sledging down the pike

the mast with snow

a lone runner

a snowstorm cooming in

I am sledging and snow is just starting

runners comming up the pike in snow

Pike in falling snow

Jake has contributed to the following site

the snow storm passed over us

Evie and Mummy going down the Pike

I sledge down to Evie and mum

The pike in fog

Me in the snow and falling snow

Evie doing a roly poly

can you see the pike ?

looking at Brown Hill

falling snow near Wilderswood
Portuguese sardine pate

It was yummy !

This is  Portuguese Beef Yummy !!! Cacoila–portuguese-beef-.aspx

This is a Pasteis de nata
Portuguese cream tarts—pasteis-de-nata/

Evie Enjoyed these !

Another great day ,

Rivington Pike, Rivington, Horwich – Bell pits drift mine and river Douglas ice stream walk -6C

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Up the stream -which is River Douglas



a nice waterfall

beautiful ice crystals

three fingered ice monster

big  ice crystals


these banks are steep and have a lot of loose snow

me on the snow

Note from Dad:

reason for Hot Chocolate from a flask -don’t use water based drinks they freeze and the ice crystals irritate the stomach , unless you protect them from freezing !

Mine Building ? -has three doorways or gateways ?



a video of the bell pit s in this area

3 Bell pits in a row

me sitting down next to a bell pit



a big bell pit

drift mine ?





me in the ice river



me sliding down the ice


looks like water 🙂 I am on the left  hand side against the tunnel wall

me in the ice tunnel

lots of ice


sliding on my bum

walking the snowy bank


sanoodi route to follow


Rivington pike , Rivington, winter Hill ,Horwich in the snow -4 to -6C

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Wilder’s moor -centre two lads , left is Winter Hill Mast

good conditions – temp -4 to -6c when sun went down , good  level walk,

Rivington Pike from georges lane

Tracks from the old mines

looking down from the wilderswood drift mine mine entrance  -look carefully tramway is clear line down the hill

old shaft capped  – vented

boundary stone – Chorley  and Horwich ?

Brown Hill with Rivington Pike on right hand side

ice river -water is moving under the ice


Note From Dad: Jake has been across this section before , the ice was enough to hold Jakes weight and being shallow was low risk – please be careful not even Walsh trainers gripped on this – Jake had been practising moving safely on ice ,  Jake is keeping to snow where possible after testing what is under the snow,

Jake is using his hands and a low centre of gravity to negotiate the tunnel below, temp in this tunnel was around – 6c  plus wind chill with very cold water , Jake has 3 layers on his lower body of water resistant/thermal and quick dry material ,  we have spares of dry clothing in case!



going into the tunnel


in the ice tunnel


watching dad !

on my hands now !

careful ! water and ice very slippery !

thigh high snow between the tufts of heather

Brown Hill

sledging down Brown Hill

Brown Hill with Mast just appearing

Rivington drift mine buildings

Old entrance to Rivington drift  mine

bottom half of the Pike -sledging



the pike and Winter Hill Mast -crooked hill on right


very steep slope !!!! me and the sledge , I fell out of the sledge !!

Note from dad :these slopes are rated by Bolton mountain Rescue, this slope is  very steep and we moved Jake onto a more gentle slope!



down a more gentle slope



Sunset over Horwich with Fiddlers ferry power station can be seen on left  red moss in front of it ,

there is a solitary gate post in the middle of the field  ,





Last look at the Pike before Christmas eve ,

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !




NEW CHAPEL LANE to BOTTOM O’TH’ MOOR to WALLSUCHES to ARCON , Horwich -circular walk -4c to -8c

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2.8 miles in -4C to -8C

new chapel lane -they cancelled the candle lit service -as the road is snow bound,
note from dad -we parked here to start the walk

the sheep are following me   !

one sheep is here

I’m stroking  the sheep

moor end  – BOTTOM O’TH’ MOOR
on the ice path at WALLSUCHES
Wallsuches –Between Montserrat and Horwich is Wallsuches, and it is thought that the name is derived from ‘wella’, the Old English for water, and ‘soc’, Old English for soak. It was here that the Ridgeway family moved their bleaching croft, from the centre of Bolton, to a site by the stream called Pearl Brook in the late 18th century. Bottom o’th’Moor is just above Wallsuches.

arcon village
what date is this ? can you see ?

arcon village
housing development on old bleach works site

arcon village

wilderswood -mist and fog and the reason why we didn’t go any higher

golden windows at WALLSUCHES

Ridgemont in the sunset

this is  a nice view

me in the snow

me and Evie in the snow drift
note from dad: Both Evie and Jake are in cold weather high performance clothing,
the temperature was at this point -8C , outside clothing was now becoming frozen solid,- gloves and hats ,
another layer protected them keeping them safe,

Fiddlers ferry power station can be seen on left  red moss on right

snow angel !

note from dad -looking down the hill New chapel lane

note from dad- up the hill  – we saw 3 cars get stuck on this hill it is steeper than it looks and does not have a clear run up it,
no pavement – one of the reason’s  for the Hi vis jackets for Jake and Evie,
take care and use Cold weather tyres – (winter tyres) and the reason why we got up here!

Jakes/Evie’s  clothing safety margins
each has cold weather high performance clothing,
Jake 5 layers on core , 3 on legs/feet , 3 on head
Evie 5 layers on core , 3 on legs/feet , 3 on head
both have hi vis clothing + multiple reflective strips found on each layer,
Both Children are used to very low temperature’s ,distance
don’t under estimate how tiring the snow and ice can be on children

Darwen Moor mines , Turn Lowe, Blackburn and Darwen , mist and -2C

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known as  Pasture Barn Farm ruins

Winter Hill with the Fog coming in you can see the plane trails high in the sky – mast is to the right

me on the ice

Note from Dad: most of the route was clear but ice patches on the top were found

iron pipe in the grass -from the Mine?

me looking at the ruins

a old building

better photo of this type of  Brick

Brick from Joseph Higson Daubhill Brickworks Bolton location of Brickworks,

a metal pipe ?

Note from dad :some aspects of the building were odd for a farm

mist coming in over the mine above the farm ruins – the other half is flooded

in the mist at Turn Lowe,  The mist took 30 minutess to come down across our route making it cold and difficult to see,

me on a capped mine shaft – poor visibility which got worse as it became dark

better day and photo!

another shaft

old mine shaft and a mine  tip

me doing a roly-poly down the hill – have fun as well !!

Route we took

history of mines in this area

About the area around Darwen

see section Section 20 – 21

Turton and Entwistle Reservoir in the Snow, Bolton -4C to -6C in the shade

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a giant block of snow

the snow was very deep

a tunnel we found

the other  end of the tunnel
the ice bridge !

me and Evie relaxing

Jake that is me and Evie on the bridge

Memorial forest

a memorial to people who have died

playing on the path

looking how deep the snow is

Note from Dad  :Please take care before going out in cold temperature’s with young children support mountain rescue teams don’t  use their services !
temperature varied from -4c to -6c even in the sunshine ,  ice found on boulders and in some areas on the well used paths – the previous day it had rained and this had frozen overnight enjoy !

Two Lads ,Winter Hill, Horwich in the falling snow at -6

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Note from Dad  :Please take advice/care  before going up on the Hills—taking-ad.html–-just-in-time-for-the-snow/

the last time we were out we were just testing  the equipment ,

this time we tested the equipment, road up to this area  was clear(this is steep and single track in poor weather  – though it had patches of 2 inches of snow plus some ice, when we set back the road was completely covered in snow ,

weather was OK snow falling  -4 , medium  wind chill and snow falling ,we headed down after the weather closed in and the  snow became  heavy high  wind chill -6 c  – footprints were becoming obscured ,

If you are driving in Autumn,winter or spring  take the precaution of using cold weather tyres -they really do work !!!! I don’t endorse this site but  read the advice about “winter tyres

we got up and down to winter hill safely without a problem,

you don’t want to turn up to your car tired wet and cold and unable to drive yourself out of the situation.

a video of me on the way to  Two Lads

me on top of one of the tallest  Two Lads

the last time I was up here!

a  video of the snow falling down

Evie and me in the snow

Evie in the snow and a bit grumpy

Note from Evie : I was not !

me making a snow angel

on the way down from Two Lads

The weather got worse as we came down -the snow was in our eyes! me writing our names in the snow!

route -we know this route in the dark and poor conditions we use map and compass and GPS tracking !

Both children had extra layers and winter grade boots -both waterproof and insulated , the slopes were covered in dry snow with fresh snow falling on top , we kept to the low incline and decent , this track does contain boulders, ridges and a quarry on one side – things which are not on the map and can cause a  injury leaving you stuck in poor weather unable to move off the hill to safety ,–-just-in-time-for-the-snow/

Animals at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, Hale, Cumbria, in the Snow -4C

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Note from dad: we support the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis for their work they undertake in conservation we visit here often as we have a season ticket,
lemur climbing
funny bird
it thinks we have some  food
crested cranes
red squirrel
hanging upside  down
watching the Patagonian hares
can you see the fruit bat 

video of the harvest mice
link about the area

Spooky Wilderswood in the dark at -4 to -6 C, Winter Hill,Horwich,

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Note from Dad :

Route early evening in complete darkness  -4c through to -6c with ice found on the path and rocks, we are also testing new high visibility clothing, new strobe safety equipment on a clearly defined path,  this area and route is known to me and Jake in both  poor weather conditions and at night, both Children have previously  experienced temperature’s down to – 21C on a regular basis in winter when they lived abroad – basic family activities like going  to the supermarket from the car have to be done at -21C ,  Both Jake and Evie have multiple high performance layers on them to undertake this walk , we have online GPS trackingwe take our safety very seriously! Please be careful now the weather is getting colder and it is getting darker ,

some of previous Blog posts exploring in this area

this is my new coat

the back of my new coat -we are testing the strobe lights and the increased reflective patches

walking  through  Wilderswood

This photo is the same doorway (looking the other way )as the Photo below – the difference being one is at  night  you need to careful – things you are familiar with look very different at night

remember this  photo with the sheep ?

SPOOKY Wilderswood

ice on the path be careful

me and Evie having a hot drink !

our route:

Wilderswood Mill

walking route’s in this area

Underneath this route 😉

One of our routes

some of the Birds in this area –

Good ideas for day time Heritage trails in this area

History of Rockhaven castle – old house on this site before the wood