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New Chapel Lane ,Wilson Fold Farm ,Coal Brow and Bottom o’th moor

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My route:
Note from Dad: the camera was wet and so some of the Photos have a blurred edge at the bottom,
apologies I had been out with jake on a navigation in the mist , I dropped the camera in a stream when i lost my footing on a slippery rock.

New chapel lane  we went  to walk up to the New chapel

New chapel was started in 1716!
After being ejected from Horwich Chapel, Richard Pilkington built “New Chapel” for the nonconformists between 1716 and 1719. It was enlarged in 1805.
The Pilkingtons were farmers who became gentry, Richard Pilkington was owner of rights of the Horwich Manor.William Pilkington (1765–1831) became a physician and apothecary in St Helens and his sons Richard (1795–1869) and William (1800–1872) were the founders of Pilkington Glass.

the sheep came to stare at us!

Bolton Fold Farm

we are not sure what the stone was for ?

some new earthworks on the Bolton Fold farm land

Leo looking around

there are a lot of bare trees now which have lost their leaves.

This is a old bridge made out of a stone slab !

It looks like i have three arms ! -its Evie behind me !

the leaves are beautiful at this time of year

I catch a tree to stop me as its very muddy and slippy wish i wore my trainers !

across another Bridge

we spent some time stroking the horse he was very gentle !

This is a place where you can get on a horse , can you see the stone trough ?
this is called Wilson fold farm,_1871_Census_Street_Index_U-Z

its very muddy !

the water drops look very nice on the grass

see how deep the mud is

its very steep and hard work with the mud

can you see the cob webs ?

this is a ground web ! they only show up when its wet !

the old mine waste from Coal Brow

I am looking at the rocks , there is no vegetation on this mine waste -something in the waste stops plants growing

gorse flowers

this section has been straightened was this the leval  for the mine?

bits of coal found in the straight bit

some more horses

me and Evie enjoy GORP

(good old raisins and peanuts !)

the lake near Bottom o’th moor’th’Moor
great name !

I counted these and the tree was 36 !

Horwich moor Methodist Church

Bolton Fold Farm new work going ahead

Great name

Leo falls asleep he always falls asleep on this side ! Leo wont fall asleep on the pillow in the back carrier!

weather was cold -wet and very misty , everything became wet

Wilderswood ,Georges Lane to Rivington Pike

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I love my spikey hat


the Pike !

Sleet rain eating a snack at the pike !

winter hill road winter hill mast to two lads, Horwich,

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the view towards the pike !

older BT post ?

Hole Bottom

this brick comes from Horwich  we will have to find more of the brick ,

some of the stone building blocks for the brickworks

on the way to the mast via the old tramway

the tramway

crossing a stream

these are the old shafts and drift mine which were served by the tramway

Armitage Brick

the mast in mist

the wall between Horwich and Chorley

yes its very muddy

one of the wooden bridges,

crossing the mud along the path

my trainers are orange and green

I am having a drink , can you see the old shaft which has a fence around it ?

towards the two lads

car tyre tracks ! near the two lads

more mud/peat

just passing the two lads

there is person just 30 metres away

down from two lads

back near the car

Horwich heritage center and -Rivington pike/winter hill

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I went to see the Horwich heritage centre
this is a model of HMS Hood

Here is a mode of  the Horwich locomotive works
I saw the back of the these from Red Moss

a model of a old tram , these used to go to Horwich from Bolton

I just love this

its great you can pull and learn about all the levers !

These Bricks are made in Horwich we have found some when we have been out exploring
you can see the map of the tramway on the left

As well as coal, seams of dry clay were drawn and supplied works making bricks, and sanitary ware. Crankshaw’s pipeworks, whose mine was known as Klondyke, closed down in 1961. A new housing development now stands on the site, 
taken from

My run on Winter Hill ,

4.78 miles
conditions very wet underfoot plus moving across tussock grass and driving rain in the dark
Lower Rivington reservoir

Winter Hill mast

just taking a rest

two lads and Brown Hill from the path to the Pike

brown Hill ,two lads
thanks to JtE for showing me this !

my size 4  I am testing these out

Note from dad : Jake normally uses  PB junior trainers , we are using winter grade socks

can you see the Reebok ?

I enjoy the view

The mast from the Pike

the pike

can you see the carving ?

crossing between the pike and the mast  near the river Douglas  -its starting to get dark

note from dad : we are testing winter equipment and hi vis strobe lighting
here Jake is crossing is a stream , you can see a walkie talkie, Jake has a mobile phone plus a gps tracker,
Jake has a torch,whistle plus spare torch , he has two strobe lights on

what weather we can have !
Note from Dad : the weather closed in , the rain became driving and cold , almost sleet at one stage,
Jake was testing a new coat today in what turned out to be poor conditions,
Winter Hill can bite !  we had chosen this route to get used to poor underfoot conditions in low light conditions  which are very tiring ,  this is very tough for Jake  , Jake  is used to this  the terrain  and is fully equipped  ,we were testing his winter wet grade kit with a set of  spare layers to take this to cold wet weather ,   visibility was reasonable.

the mast in driving rain !

Remembering Granddad who died ,28th August 2008,

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We visited this church in Bastogne, so that we could say a prayer, light a candle and remember my Granddad.

Saint Peter’s church carries the markings of different eras. The first altar, the remarkable baptismal fonts made from chalk from the river Meuse and the massive tower are products of Roman art. The other parts of the building can be identified with the flourishing Gothic period. Saint Peter’s church is worthy of note for its admirable multicolored ceiling rafters, which is presumed to have been painted by a local artist in 1536.
The church was restored on many occasions, notably after the 1940-1945 war. Another point to note is that the building has a very beautiful “crown of light” (16th century) and an impressive pulpit, work of Jean-Georges Scholtus, born in Bastogne, who was the greatest sculptor of Luxembourg in the 18th century.

taken from’Eglise-Saint-Pierre-de-Bastogne-1959.html

this is a beautiful stained glass window

inside the church it is nice and peaceful

a statue of Mary holding baby Jesus

An elaborate pulpit designed by Georges Scholtus – see above

A shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes

We lit the candles here in the shrine for Granddad.

Leo is enjoying looking at the candles.

The ceiling is painted beautifully and is amazing this has survived almost 500 years!

This blog post was about remembering my Granddad who I miss very much, I loved his lovely smile and he was such a happy person.
William Nigel Minion  born 24/04/1944 born in Bolton
passed away peacefully at home on the  28th August 2008

Two lads to Rivington Pike and back again

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be careful on the cattle grid !

on the way to the two lads

sunset at Two lads

looking at the view over Bolton

the mast from the Two Lads

sunset looking towards Rivington Pike -can you see the Pike ?

between the mast and the pike

running towards the pike

Pigeon tower from the pike

Rivington pike -looks like i am nearly as tall as the mast , standing on the edge of the hill

Bell Pit below Rivington pike
down from the pike towards brown hill

can you see me ?

up from the dog hotel !

looking back to the Pike

across the cattle grid

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

The 10 or 14 peak courses on Winter Hill by Jake of Winter Hill

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Purpose of the challenge Run,

To raise awareness of  Autism , the only thing we would like to ask is to visit a site about autism and become aware ,
if you are doing a charity event please consider supporting a local autism or national autism group .
Course can be started  from any of access points which lead to the Winter Hill area , you can start from Horwich ,Belmont, Rivington ,Wilderswood ,Montcliffe, Georges lane, Coal Pit road, Burn edge , go to the nearest peak and follow the route clockwise or anticlockwise.
please post your times as comments against this Blog entry
Route should be across the fell , Dont use Georges Lane/Belmont Road , main winter Hill road or  Coal pit road to reduce times they can be used just for a access point  to the course , the idea is to challenge yourself and use some of the less used routes/parts  in this area,  use the route’s as a guide and at your own risk , navigation skills are required as some of the peaks are not distinct , Dont underestimate this area ,weather can be harsh and change quickly and can vary even within a short distance : underfoot -this is wet and boggy even in the middle of summer ,
course has on it
hidden hazards, deep tussock grass hiding deep ditches ,old mine workings, deep bog, steep slope’s
In winter this route will be harsh and will  involve night time navigation often in poor conditions.
Note :We have not been able to do this as a complete run as Jake is only 7 and so we have had to be split into sections though Jake managed 6.8 miles , Jake has enjoyed putting this together and will I am sure develop this further

Jake of Winter Hill 10 peaks course  option 1 or
Jake of Winter Hill 14 peaks course option 2

core peaks for option 1 and 2
Brown Hill  peak 2,
Crooked edge peak 3,
Two lads peak 4
Adam Hill Peak 5
White Brow Peak 6
(optional 350m Knoll Peak below would be +1 )
go to either option 1 or option 2
see the following Blog entry

Name↓ Locality↓ Elevation↓ OS grid reference↓
Winter Hill Rivington 456 metres (1,496 ft) SD659149
Counting Hill Smithills/Belmont 433 metres (1,421 ft) SD671141
Two Lads Hill Horwich 389 metres (1,276 ft) SD655133
Noon Hill Rivington 380 metres (1,247 ft) SD647150
Crooked Edge Hill Horwich 375 metres (1,230 ft) SD654134
Rivington Pike Rivington 362 metres (1,188 ft) SD643138
Adam Hill Horwich 360 metres (1,181 ft) SD660126
White Brow Horwich 358 metres (1,175 ft) SD661124
Whimberry Hill Belmont 340 metres (1,115 ft) SD686139
Egg Hillock Belmont 328 metres (1,076 ft) SD684142
Brown Hill Rivington 325 metres (1,066 ft) SD644135
Brown Lowe Smithills 325 metres (1,066 ft) SD669130
Burnt Edge Horwich 325 metres (1,066 ft) SD667125
taken from

Option 1 – the 10 peaks
Counting Hill Peak 7 ,
Winter Hill Trig Peak 8,
Noon Hill Peak 9,
Catter nab peak 10
rtn to Start point  ,
6.7 miles aprox
see below
see the 3 routes below

Jake of Winter Hill 14 peaks

Option 2 – the 14 peaks
Lomax wifes trig Peak 7 , -look for Trig point at 343 above Lomax
Wife farm near Horrocks Moor
whimberry hill Peak 8,
egg hillock peak 9
counting hill Peak 10,
Winter Hill Peak 11,
Noon Hill peak 12,
Catter Nab Peak 13
Scotmans Stump Peak 14
rtn to start point Rivington Pike
route (aprox) 10.5 miles

see the following routes