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middleburg historic town , Zeeland, Netherlands

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taken from

this shows the old  defence’s  and shape of the city of Middleburg

a movie about the capture of Middleburg from the second world war

one of the old streets

isn’t it beautiful ?

can you see the long chimney ?

old camper van from Germany
my dad said this was the split screen

we went into the abbey
(Local Name: Onze Lieve Vrouwe Abdij) On the northeast side of the inner ring stands Onze Lieve Vrouwe Abdij, the Abbey of Our Lady. In 1150 White Canons of the Norbertine order (named after St Norbert of Xanten, who founded the order at Prémontré in France: hence the alternative name Premonstratensian) established themselves in the Carolingian stronghold of Middelburg. In the 16th century the abbey consisted of a picturesque and many-towered complex of buildings laid out round a cloister, including the canons’ lodgings, to which were later added a refectory and chapterhouse (now the Provincial Library), a second courtyard, two churches and a tower

taken from

this is the water pump in the middle of the herb garden

look at the patterns on the roof –

Halfords in NL
we used to go to the one in Prague

the abbey tower

Abdijtoren de Lange Jan

we went for some frites or chips !

(Local Name: Stadhuis) In the Markt stands the Town Hall (Stadhuis), one of the most beautiful Gothic secular buildings in the Netherlands, built between 1452 and 1458 by members of the Keldermans family. Between 1506 and 1520 a Meat Hall (meat market) and a tower were added, and in 1670 and 1780-84 there were further additions in neo-classical style. The Town Hall was almost completely destroyed in the 1940 bombing, but after the war was rebuilt in the original style. On the facade of 1512- 13, most of which survived the bombing, are figures of 25 Counts and Countesses of Zeeland and Holland, under canopies surmounted by fabulous animals. The windows and doors are closed by red and white shutters – a common
practice in the Middle Ages, when windows were not glazed.

some sayings

another saying

red and white door to match the shutters

old Volvo

a horse drawn carriage

the grand house -can you see the name in Dutch ?

lots of pictures

this shop made and restored furniture handles

can you see the boy ?

1620 on this old gate ?

this was near to the old gate ?

me and Evie on a trampoline , can you see the abbey tower ?
Abdijtoren de Lange Jan




Golden trumpet

we are not sure -it is marked 1940 and has Jewish writing on it

part of the Abbey

This building is marked 1582

this house tilts to the left can you see ?

me and Evie on a playground !

This is where the scouts are based

Old city walls

can you see the two doors ?

looks like someone made old barrels

can you see the house is bent on the right hand side – i hope it doesn’t fall down !

1620 on the wall ?

can you see the heads ?

This is a old water tower

we ate some cakes from this shop outside was a stone picture

this is the canal which protects the city

where we stayed in Holland

Leo having his coat put on

I slept in here with Leo !

we watched some Dutch television ! it was in English with Dutch words at the bottom!

De Hollandsche FARM, the dutch farm ,Goes,Netherlands

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I am taking a look at the boats

Leo is awake for this photo

me and Evie on the raft , Evie isnt much use at pulling the raft !

at long last a Hill !

me and Evie on the Zip wire

a moon and stars seat

this rope bridge was very long !

This is fun !

me mum and Evie

I just love this !

Leo on a baby swing !

I climb to the top of this

can you see me ?
this site allows you to find the word in Dutch and how it is said

there was a petting zoo – we washed our hands afterwards


the word is Dutch is Paard
the word is dutch is Varken

this is its baby called a piglet

the word in dutch is Geit

the dutch word for Guinea pig is proefkonijn

these are insect houses

links for Goes

Zienkzee, the monument town ,Zeeland, Netherlands, Zeeland Bridge

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Historic town on the Oosterschelde in Zeeland with 568 monuments, -medieval street pattern and the oldest active carillon in the Netherlands.  Zierikzee, with circa11,000 inhabitants, the administrative seat of the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland .

route taken 

<p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p></span></font></p><p><font class=”Apple-style-span” face=”Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif” size=”2″><span class=”Apple-style-span” style=”line-height: 18px;”><a href=”″>Zienkzee</a><br/></span></font></p><p><font class=”Apple-style-span” face=”Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif” size=”2″><span class=”Apple-style-span” style=”line-height: 18px;”><a href=””>Find more Runs in </a></span></font></p><p><font class=”Apple-style-span” face=”Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif” size=”2″><span class=”Apple-style-span” style=”line-height: 18px;”></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

one of the smaller bridge closed for small craft -we had to stop here , this is a German car in front it has the letter d on the registration plate

crossing the bridge without stopping !

one of the bridges into Zienkzee

we will take a look at this tower later

one of the old entrances to the old city

can you see the old doors and where the portcullis used to be ?

Evie in the doorway to the old city 

looking back can you see the two towers ?

This is a tradional shape of a old dutch house

Windmill !

another type of old house 

the name for a windmill in dutch is Molen
this is a working mill and they are making flour
it is called the hope
this is flour delivery van , you can buy flour from the shop next to the mill , it was very noisy they didnt seem to be using wind power !
This was a very narrow house ,
i recognised this
can you see the word for pharmacy
can you see the green cross ?
this means you can get first aid from this to treat cuts
can you see the date – anno means year
a old ships anchor
This area is historic Saint Jacobs residences, locally known as the St Jacobshofje

we watched the fountain can you see the frogs ?
we saw some old dutch ships
an old buoy
one of the owners let us look at his boat , this is in the old cargo hold
This is the boat we went on
we do not know what the wooden peices are on the side of the boat are for ? but this is the boat  we went on 
another old building lots today !
another city gate
one of the old bridges which could be raised to allow the boats in and out

this was very beautiful doorway 

lots of tiles !
can you see the old tiles in the door way?
This might have had a statue – the bricks are smaller than the ones in england
royal crest ?
this is the Zierikzee Carillon
lots of shutters on this building !
the carillon clock tower 
town hall door way
old water pump
this was build of stone as well
Venetian masks in a travel agency I have been to Venice , it was a 4 hour drive from Prague !

can you see the year ?
he tower is called The Sint Lieven Monster toren. Short “De dikke Toren”. Inside the tower is a little museum and you can also clim the +/- 178 stairs to see a beautifull view of Zierikzee. (and beyond)
When Zierikzee was located at the open sea, they wanted to build the highest tower of the Netherlands. This way all the sailors, ships and boats knew where to go. During the construction the money run out, after a few years they managed to build a top. The size of the tower is now 1/8 of his actual size.

Read more:

inside the tower was a exhibition about dutch lighthouses
the word for lighthouses is Vuurtorens
This doorway had the date 1468 on it

The display had different types of lighthouses found in Netherlands 

having fun ! i love being on holiday !
driving past the city tower gates
Zeeland Bridge in the rain it rained a lot , but it rains a lot on winter hill so i Dont mind !
we are stopped -my dad took the photos ! can you see the bridge is up it let the boat through – the boat had a very tall mast
this is the  tower in Zienkzee
we are stopped see the speed 0 kmh !
I collected three bowls of mussels again !you have to try and get the big ones there are lots of oysters as well here and its low tide and very muddy but dont tell mum  !

De Zwaan windmill ,Oosterscheldekering dam , Zeeland bridge ,Kattendijke and mussel hunting

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The nine kilometre-long Oosterscheldekering (kering meaning barrier) was initially designed, and partly built, as a closed dam, but after public protest huge sluice-gate-type doors were installed in the remaining four kilometres. These doors are normally open, but can be closed under adverse weather conditions. In this way the saltwater marine life behind the dam is preserved and fishing can continue, while the land behind the dam is safe from the water

Note from Jakes dad :yes you drive over 9 km of dam , plus a man made island in the middle see the videos below , apologies about the  rain but the afternoon became bright and humid !!

the island in the middle

De Zwaan this means the swan

a pumpkin farm display ! I took this from the car !

a old water fountan at Zienkzee, we did not have time to walk round this today !

Zeeland Bridge

The Zeeland Bridge (Dutch: Zeelandbrug) is the longest bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge spans the Oosterschelde estuary. It connects the islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland in the province of Zeeland.
The Zeeland Bridge was built between 1963 and 1965. At the time of its completion, it was the longest bridge of Europe. It has a total length of 5,022 metres, and consists of 48 spans of 95 metres, 2 spans of 72.5 metres and a movable bridge with a width of 40 metres.

the bridge

going onto the bridge

showing us driving the bridge
Note from Dad: there is a very long average speed limit on this bridge !!! 80 KMH


there is a British soldier buried here

Corporal Donald Thomson died on 14 January 1945 and was 21 years old.
His body was found in the fields between Kattendijke and Wemeldinge .
He served in the Royal Marines Commando Engineer.
What more do we know this soldier?
After having obtained information from the Church and the War Committee, we know that at the age of 2 his parents lost in a car accident. His mother was Janet Williams.
Donald Thomson was brought up by Aunt Sarah and Aunt Hannah Woods.
There was a while ago from Kattendijke telephone contact with the aunts.
They were delighted to hear that Donald is buried.
The aunts were already at his age and now deceased.
How to Donald Thomson was killed is not clear.
In that period, according to our data, no fighting occurred.

lots of nice houses

a lovely church !

the Pastorie for the church

Dutch post box run by TNT

Leo fell asleep
note from dad
It was very stormy in the morning but 27C and 85% humid  in the afternoon  making walking very tiring for the children ,

we walked from the village to a place to see some birds,

<p><p><p></p><p><a href=”″>Kattendijke </a><br/></p><p><a href=””>Find more Runs in </a></p><p></p></p></p>

Note from dad is is a cycle path  yes they follow the same rules as the road !

place we watched some birds,

a place with a thatched roof

mussel collecting , you can see oysters , i dont like oysters !

a lot of Belgium people stopped off here to dive and collect mussels and oysters !

mmmmm… three plates we collected ,

I like mussels !

Beach, de Hoop Windmill, Aeolus Windmill and Mussels at Wemeldinge ,Zeeland,Netherlands

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me mummy and Evie on the Dyke we are off to the beach today

can you see the sailing boat ?

we watched the barges

a small and larger barge going in different directions , it was too cold for us to swim !

this dog was called Max

Leo and mummy on the Beach

Evie and I made a sandcastle

Evie puts some marks around the castle

a police boat ?

can you see the two cannons, there is a statue of a mermaid on the post

marina – there are lots of boats here

This is the  Aeolus Windmill this means the God of Wind

me and Evie
this is a tower mill or Stellingmolen

it was build in 1869

next to the first windmill was a small deer park
these are called fallow deer

This is the second mill

this is called De Hoop
means hope

we collected a lot of mussels to eat , we also collected oysters as well but i didn’t try these but this is the bowl of mussels me and Evie ate ! 

some links for the area 

Wemeldinge,Zeeland, dyke, war memorial and sea shells

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This is the word for Glass -its a recycling bin

me on the wall that keeps the sea out – it is called a dyke

me mummy,Leo  and Evie on top of the wall of a cycle track

we needed sun hats and cream as it was very warm at 27c

i watched some barges carry rocks

I am talking to Evie , can you see the sailing boats ?
the beach and sea had a lot of these !

the harbor entry

can you see the two windmills ?

an old house

this was scary and the biggest sunflower !

can you see the rounded windows ?

pretty shutters
The monument consists of two sides described.

On the left part reads:

On the right part are the names of 24 war victims:
Marinus Jacob Noussen * 26-02-1914 † 18-07-1940 Rotterdam
Licia Cijsouw * 07-06-1920 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Licia Cijsouw * 01-09-1936 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Jan Cijsouw * 11-02-1919 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Maria Pieternella Cijsouw * 20-12-1906 † 01-08-1942 wemeldinge
Peter Cijsouw * 30-07-191 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Pieternella Cijsouw * 01-10-1937 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Licia de Fouw * 12-03-1882 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Willem Kooman * 23-09-1856 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Cornelia Adriana Sonke * 05-07-1921 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Sara Sonke * 13-07-1878 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Pieter Marinus Glas * 25-09-1918 † 02-05-1943 Alkmaar
Marinus Traas * 21-10-1911 † 17-10-1944 Tuddem (D)
Pieternella Feellus * 15-05-1860 † 28-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Marinus Noussen * 25-09-1888 † 28-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Dirk Kromhout * 20-09-1887 † 29-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Daniël Pieterse * 17-05-1902 † 29-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Jan Paauwe * 13-11-1877 † 01-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Sander Bison * 12-06-1894 † 06-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Cornelia Leijs * 01-10-1894 † 06-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Steven van de Guchte * 08-09-1937 † 10-11-1944 Goes
Jacobus Adriaan Zuijddijk * 03-11-1908 † 12-11-1944 Neuengamme (D)
Cornelis de Jonge * 25-07-1924 † 13-12-1944 Aheinfelden (Zw)

Jan Jacobus Vermaire * 02-05-1925 † 07-05-1949 Kawali/Tjiamis (Java)

sailing boat

me and my mum on the dyke

me on the beach and evie on the Dyke and a sailing boat

on the way back


some links for the area,&hl=en&rlz=1C1AVSW_enGB374GB377&biw=1280&bih=709&prmd=ivnsm&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=IVpRTs76OsufOr-P-MIC&ved=0CH0QsAQ

up the Dyke wall

on the dyke wall

we are collecting shells

can you see the jellyfish ?

I had to be careful as it was slippy!!!!

Evie feeding some sheep

me stroking the lambs
Evie arranged the seashells and things we collected  from the dyke
sunset -it was beautiful

Horwich via Eurotunnel to Wemeldinge,Zeeland, Holland via France ,Belgium

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Me playing my Nintendo

Kent border on the Dartford bridge
this is called the

Leo in the Eurotunnel

Me in the Eurotunnel

Evie making faces in France

I fell asleep in France.

on the E40 we used to drive along this road when we lived in Prague as it passes through France,Belguim,NL and Germany near the Czech border.
European route E 40 is the longest European route,[1] more than 8,000 kilometres (5,000 mi) long, connecting Calais in Francevia BelgiumGermanyPolandUkraineRussiaKazakhstanUzbekistanTurkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan, with Ridder inKazakhstan near the border to China.

Belgium Border

Note from Dad  speed limits in Belgium are lower than France on the autoroute

I saw some wind turbines

we crossed into Holland or its correct name  Netherlands

I looked at the barges
note from Dad speed limits again reinforced – you find these across Europe ,

a strange sculpture like a windmill and tower

This tunnel was long and sometimes scary !
note from dad  this is a  6.6-kilometre (4.1 mi) tunnel in The Netherlands on highway N62 
this shows we are under the water !
you can see inside the tunnel

where we are staying in Zeeland

‘Zealand was inhabited before the arrival of the Romans. The rich history of this province for every visitor is worth to explore. The province is characterized, as its name suggests, through his relationship with the sea. The eternal fight is reflected in the geography of the province which lies below sea level. A patchwork of polders and dikes, islands that have formed into three large peninsulas and areas traditionally inhabited by the water gained.
Because of the long isolation of Zeeland is much history preserved and reflected in everyday life. Let yourself back to ancient times by the many historical places and monuments in cities like Middelburg , Goes and Zierikzee and feel inspired by the lifestyle of the people in villages, where agricultural past, the Zeeland costumes and the Calvinist establishment remind you with a rich history.’

taken from the in dutch
it means the farm !

Learnt to swing !
this is a great place

i can do this myself now !

the house we are staying in !

the big bank keeping the sea out of the land

looking at the place we are staying

me by the sea

part of the old farm

me and Evie on the playground assault course !

I am helping Evie get across the bars ,

my home town