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Two Lads, meeting with Mal and kite flying -Clare’s Birthday

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The route we took

Note from dad:
Jake has been ill for two weeks , so we are keeping things low key at the moment,

Me and Evie

looking towards Horwich

They have repaired the fence –

can you see the pike ?

the Two lads

the Reebok stadium, Blackrod

I met Mal Frith who writes the following web site

Evie playing with Brett and Sam can you see the stick ? we found this later !

Can you see me ? there are some people collecting mushrooms ! can you see the Pike ?

Mal  going back

some of the mushrooms we saw

Two Lads -Evie just climbing up

Evie on one of the smaller ones

Jumping down

Me and Evie taking a diffrent path to dad and Leo ,I am helping Evie cross safely

can you see the pike it was very beautiful sunset

the sunset

you have to be careful , dad had checked this out before !
there is a lot of water going down here but it is not flooded ,

this is blocked

on the same line of shafts

the mast

I ran ahead to look at the Kites

Clare came up here to celebrate her birthday what a great idea !

they were flying three kites

Clare is on the two Lads -it was her birthday !

this is Evie flying the Kite,
Note from dad :thankyou very much for letting Evie fly the Kite !
we all wished Clare a happy Birthday !

Evie flying the kite , I did not want to fly the kite !
what a great view and sunset ! fantastic to have a birthday  treat up here !

looking at the sunset

we found the  the stick that Brett and Sam were playing with !

its getting dark now !

The mast lights !
I would not recommend wellington boots  for this walk , Jake and Evie are very used to this and wanted to spend prolonged time splashing in the mud , please be careful  ,

Horwich Fireworks from Adam Hill,Horwich

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we wanted a good view from the top of the Hill !
note from dad  because Jake did not like the noise we went on top of the hill to allow us to see a display without the loud noise ,

It was cold standing at the top of the hill and it was windy !

looking down on Horwich is the firework display i came to see
Horwich is where I live

we had some hot chocolate and some snacks

my dad had taught me to keep warm by dropping height and useing the heather to keep out of the wind so i became warm

I am keeping my eyes shut for the flash !

the fireworks were great ,
this is just a small part of the them ,
i hope one day to be able to watch them close up !

Burnt Edge to New chapel lane

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a simular route

Evie is walking up the path from walker fold farm

this is called Chadwick’s close farm I looked this up on the map
there was another farm in Halliwell with the same name

can you see the mast ? me and Evie are practicing on the walkie talkies

walker fold farm

Leo is not happy we found out later he got his first tooth !

can you see the stone track this is for the colliery !

the stone slabs stopped the heavy carts getting stuck !

this is the burnt edge colliery pit head

some of the old mine buildings

can you see the Caterpillar ?

me and Evie exploring on the old walls

there is a small tunnel here – this may be a old brick kiln ?

a hole you have to be careful when exploring

I am helping Evie cross the uneven grass

the old colliery

the track above the old colliery is very different  they did not lay out stone slabs !

this is the air shaft marked on the map

burnt edge farm

the mast

the two lads

Evie is going round a big puddle too deep for her wellies !

leo has gone to sleep can you see the mast ?

this is near white brow

we could see some llamas on the farm !

the Reebok staduim

we saw a fox here

these look like emu or rheas!

we found some stones six of them , three each side !

the horses were nice to touch

Leo woke up and was touching the horses

the six stones

this collects water – for the animals

me and Evie stroking the horses

I loved this horse he was so soft

Wilderswood to Rivington Pike to Two Lads, Horwich

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from Wilderswood car park the start

the mast

looking towards Horwich, wilderswood  several old shafts are in this area !

look carefully you can see a line this is the old tramway !

the Pike

old shaft -see the four posts

looking towards the mast

looking towards wilderswood and the sportsman’s

climbing towards the pike

across the rocks near the top !

can I beat my dad ?

first to the Pike !

can you see the pigeon tower ?

the path we will take to the two lads is to the right as a dark line

running towards two lads

jumping one of the ditches you find on this route

its very wet ! and muddy

River Douglas crossing

two lads is on the right hand side

video we took towards  the pike and two lads

the light is fading !

the pike is in background

I am between Horwich and Chorley!

this is me on top of the two lads

Red Moss Tramways, Middlebrook, Horwich

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OS extract from circa 1900, Gibbs farm on the left side and the old loco works at the top.
Note From Dad : the old tramways exist now it would make sense to explore more of this area on these old tramways,
The Harriers’ first cross country course interestingly enough crossed the infamous Red Moss heath long before any talk of a super tip or even the M61 motorway.  Taken from,_Greater_Manchester?oldid=0
In 1886 a problem arose with Park Hall or Arley Main Colliery, Blackrod. This had been worked for upwards of 20 years by Ridgeway & Co under Roger Leigh’s estate. By November 1885 the seams were becoming exhausted and Ridgeways gave notice determining the lease. Wigan Coal & Iron Co then decided to take over the colliery in order to continue working the pumps until an aqueduct had been constructed to convey Ridgeway’s water through Scot Lane workings to Aspull Pumping Pit. The make of water at Ridgeways was 210,000 gallons per day. They had worked to a fault under Red Moss at Horwich. This moss has been described as ‘notorious’. The waterway from Ridgeways to Scot Lane No5 to connect with that from Scot Lane to Aspull pumps was made under an agreement between Wigan Coal & Iron Co and Elias Dorning, part owner of Park Hall Estate. ” taken from,_Greater_Manchester&params=SD635104_region%3AGB_scale%3A25000

some other links for red moss
Red Moss Links  red moss is a SSSI please be careful !,_Manchester_and_North_Merseyside Red Moss is managed by this organisation 
Jakes Blogs  for red moss

short video -carefully moving along the path we disturbed around 30/40 dragonfly’s

Bull Rush
info taken from site re eating 

Typha has a wide variety of parts that are edible to humans. The rhizomes, underground lateral stems, are a pleasant nutritious and energy-rich food source that when processed into flour contains 266 kcal per 100 g.[2] They are generally harvested from late autumn to early spring. These are starchy, but also fibrous, so the starch must be scraped or sucked from the tough fibers. The bases of the leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, in late spring when they are young and tender.[4] In early summer the sheath can be removed from the developing green flower spike which can than be boiled and eaten like corn on the cob.[5] In mid-summer, once the male flowers are mature,[6] the pollen can be collected and used as a flour supplement or thickener.[7] Typha has also recently been suggested as a source of oil.[clarification needed] However, the plant’s airborne seeds have also been known to create skin irritation and can trigger asthma.
Starch grains have been found on grinding stones widely across Europe from 30,000 BP suggesting that Typha plants were a widely usedUpper Paleolithic food.[2]
Note from Dad the roots don’t taste too bad though it does depend on the state of the bog some just smell so vile that everything smells -clothes require several washes , eating things becomes a mind over matter thing at this stage. the above Bull rush sits next to a old tip , we wouldn’t consider eating anything from a SSSI site and or a tip !

Rivington pike

Two lads

one of the dragonflys

Picture from one of the  old tramways looking towards Wilderswood/Montcliffe Quarries  -we found small bits of coal around this area !

there are three tramways this is the 3rd one

top tramway

can you see me ?
Note from Dad:
Jake has a emergency whistle,phone and torch to maintain contact , Jake is fully aware of his surroundings and the dangers of straying off these central bits, I am never far away and Jake has GPS and  RFID tracking on him. this is a lowland area, but has risks even in warm light conditions, Jake has high performance clothing on with  Walsh PB trainers for grip with waterproof socks, we use this routes like this for low level training , this route is tough for a 7 year old. having tussock grass needing precise running – deviate or loose your grip and into a deep bog you will go, brambles etc  some of the undergrowth is a fight to get through, you have to minimize your impact on this environment , the paths are well used in some areas  and other areas are more sensitive so we avoid these .

middle tramway -small pieces of coal found

old tramway Reebok stadium tower left to old tip

along one of the tramways

one of the paths you can use to cross the moss

towards the old loco works on the  top tramway

see first photo the first old tramway

looking across Red moss – we listened to the birds

Red Moss ,Gibb Farm , MiddleBrook ,Reebok, Horwich

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wet  paths today

looking back at the Reebok stadium

running through the wet paths

getting very wet now

along the wet paths

the mud gets everywhere

Gibb farm

just about to go into the jungle


just getting out of the jungle

odd wood and brick in the middle of the moss

two lads, Rivington Pike and  the Mast from red moss

towards red moss hill waste tip

you have to be careful

Rivington Pike and the old loco works

can you see the Blue Damsel fly ?

resting can you see it ?- on the left hand side of the blurred grass are two eyes !

another Damsel fly
Dragon fly

web – but for what ?

Dragon fly !—production-of/hindley-green-plastic-brick-co-ltd/2144b280492294a530debe0072587339d362afa0/comp/,_Greater_Manchester

 route taken,–looking-from-landfill/en

Reebok Stadium links

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Methane burning site

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Red Moss and old railway lines ,Reebok staduim, Horwich

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fast route for Jake

4.2 miles
route was  long grass – fight for Jake as it was head height, nettles and brambles,
a quick run from two curious horses , old railway ,old coal mine, red moss (be very careful)
deep bog and rough grass,

on the start

one of the landfill check points

Reebok and police station

one of the overgrown paths

railway crossing

view towards Horwich station

overgrown head height for me

over head height !

towards the motorway

I found this difficult as the noise was too much

running away from the noise

Another source of material was an old tip at Blackrod from where some 300,000 tons of burnt colliery shale was obtained. A further example of the construction of a motorway improving the environment, by using waste materials

jumping down from a broken style


Another source of material was an old tip at Blackrod from where some 300,000 tons of burnt colliery shale was obtained. A further example of the construction of a motorway improving the environment, by using waste materials

the two horses -we had to run away from these

can you see the line of the railway ?

bridge over the railway

old telegraph pole

old shaft filled with water

bridge over the railway -disused railway

along the path

can you see the pike

old telegraph pole can you see the old insulators ?

where the line would have branched off from

yes its me – nettles taller than me !

crossing the railway lines

can you see the old cobbles Rideway Bridge

water pipeline?

underneath the m61

runcoat’s plastic brick Accrington !

winter hill mast from red moss

red moss to M61

gas plant ?

warning signs about gas !


do not enter !

my shadow

stopping for a drink

still running !,–looking-from-landfill/en

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Methane burning site

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