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Rivington Pike, Rivington, Horwich – Bell pits drift mine and river Douglas ice stream walk -6C

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Up the stream -which is River Douglas



a nice waterfall

beautiful ice crystals

three fingered ice monster

big  ice crystals


these banks are steep and have a lot of loose snow

me on the snow

Note from Dad:

reason for Hot Chocolate from a flask -don’t use water based drinks they freeze and the ice crystals irritate the stomach , unless you protect them from freezing !

Mine Building ? -has three doorways or gateways ?



a video of the bell pit s in this area

3 Bell pits in a row

me sitting down next to a bell pit



a big bell pit

drift mine ?





me in the ice river



me sliding down the ice


looks like water 🙂 I am on the left  hand side against the tunnel wall

me in the ice tunnel

lots of ice


sliding on my bum

walking the snowy bank


sanoodi route to follow


Hello world!

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I am 7 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot , sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog  is about challenging that!   I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to!

Dusk / Night time in wilderswood !

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me in the dark in high visibility clothing

me going  into the water tunnel

old mine adit blocked after a few feet !

this water tunnel is blocked always check you can get out the other side!

a small quarry  which was used to build the local houses

one water tunnel this is longer of the two tunnels ,caution a lot of fast flowing water!

second water tunnel  I fall in this one ! 😉

route that we took –

we followed the stream down – very fast flowing , weather was very windy ,

water tunnels with a bright torch,Old trough? and plastic Brick ;), Wilderswood, Rivington, Horwich

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this is me with my new torch in a tunnel

this is me half way through  a tunnel

this is me going up the steps

this is a water trough?

this is a hard tunnel i got very wet

plastic bnck

Wilderswood mines and water tunnels,Wilderswood,Horwich

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I like this place because you can find interesting things.

This is the entrance to the mine shaft.

This is me in the water tunnel.

Link to a good walking site
Good local history site