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Belmont to New chapel Lane 4.3 miles

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Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.



old controls for lower height reservoir 
settling tank for the water supply
controls for the release of the water
Fibre  optic cable underground
spring reservoir
on the route of the winter Hill
overlooking Belmont
Old mines  NE of Winter Hill mast

on the way to the two lads – mast in the background

Two Lads -day was grey top of the mast in cloud
running towards Wilderswood -we turned right to go down to Wilderswood
Wilderswood -Montcliffe
Yates Horwich Brick
Yates Plastic Brick from Horwich

Waterfall at Wards reservoir night and day

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the approach to the waterfall

path leading up to the waterfall

the path was flooded this time

these stones protect you from the bog

up the side of the wards reservoir

climbing up the waterfall

crossing the stream

we crossed this and climbed up the water fall be careful !!!!!
close up of the water rushing down
video of the waterfall
another waterfall video
old shaft note this is square not round !

me again this time in dark ,
note from dad:
This waterfall contains a lot of slippery rocks , i have removed photos and videos showing techniques to climb, cross and dry off afterwards, the path at the top also has a broken fence hidden in the long grass which has barbed wire and wire fencing sections- this will cause injury unless you are careful in the dark ,

Hordern: (13th century ‘handran’ and ‘haderan’). Possibly from the Anglo-Saxon ‘heorde’ meaning herd, and ‘hyrne’ meaning a nook or corner.
Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.
taken from –,_Lancashire’s_Reservoir

Hollinshead Hall,Tockholes,Darwin

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I’m off down the Hill !

next to a gatepost of Hollinshead Hall

me on one of the walls of Hollinshead Hall

Me and Mum and baby Leo  5 weeks looking at the informational board

the well house

old iron works – my trainer !

stone bath – water container

me and mum and Leo !

Rivington Road to Wilderswood, Rivington Pike /Winter Hill

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Belmont Road grey and misty day

can you see me ?

we caught up with some walkers

quarries on the other side

old mine tips

Pigeon tower details of the plans held for Roynton Cottage,

Link to the person who designed the  Lever park friends of Lever park

maps of rivington

Rivington pike from near the Pigeon tower

looking back at the pike near wilderswood

Trees being felled due to a pine disease problem
notice of  pine pest problem

climbing the waterfall at the blue lagoon, Horden Butts Delf, Hordern Stoops, Wards Reservoir, Belmont

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climbing the waterfall at the blue lagoon, Horden Butts Delf, Hordern Stoops, Wards Reservoir, Belmont

looking at Winter Hill and  the Winter Hill mast’s,_Lancashire

overlooking Belmont and Blue lagoon

Hordern: (13th century ‘handran’ and ‘haderan’). Possibly from the Anglo-Saxon ‘heorde’ meaning herd, and ‘hyrne’ meaning a nook or corner.
Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.
taken from –,_Lancashire’s_Reservoir

looking towards Hordern Stoops

Hordern Stoops: This marks the parish boundary. Stoop is from the Icelandic ‘staup’ meaning a knobby lump, and has come to mean simply a post or stock

taken from –

Horden Butts Delf -old quarry
Belmont Parish Church – St Peters

sites about the Blue lagoon

note from dad: This can be a high volume waterfall , rocks very slippy, hand holds were very slippy ,volume of water can knock someone light of their feet,
be very careful, in the dark ,
Jake has been taught to move quickly and safely across this type of terrain and this type of challenge,- what appears easy is not !
Jake uses Walsh trainers whilst not designed for this are very grippy  in mud and wet conditions and on wet rocks, we use high performance waterproof and insulation layers to ensure Jake stay’s warm and dry  , we have spare clothing and a full survival kit, the video’s are not that good quality the temperature was just above freezing, it was dark, noisy and poor visibility from my breath with the  water spray from the water fall ,  it shows what  Jake managed.
the weather was clear and just above freezing, the water very cold , it was getting dark so you have to ensure you have clear communication and ensure all members of the party are safe

approach to the bottom of the water fall

above are other pictures of the waterfall

1st part
2nd  part of the climb
last section

over the  fence at the top -winter Hill mast at the right side

Note from dad -Jake is on the right hand side  , Jake admiring the view towards the winter Hill mast

look at the lovely moon

look at Belmont at night

lights of Belmont and moon over the Blue lagoon,

last look at  the masts on winter hill,  how many ?
route is fast on the paths but slow across the moorland , fences are encountered on this run,
some background to Belmont and the area
support the local  mountain rescue teams
Bolton Mountain rescue,
link to old map of this area

Darwen Moor mines , Turn Lowe, Blackburn and Darwen , mist and -2C

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known as  Pasture Barn Farm ruins

Winter Hill with the Fog coming in you can see the plane trails high in the sky – mast is to the right

me on the ice

Note from Dad: most of the route was clear but ice patches on the top were found

iron pipe in the grass -from the Mine?

me looking at the ruins

a old building

better photo of this type of  Brick

Brick from Joseph Higson Daubhill Brickworks Bolton location of Brickworks,

a metal pipe ?

Note from dad :some aspects of the building were odd for a farm

mist coming in over the mine above the farm ruins – the other half is flooded

in the mist at Turn Lowe,  The mist took 30 minutess to come down across our route making it cold and difficult to see,

me on a capped mine shaft – poor visibility which got worse as it became dark

better day and photo!

another shaft

old mine shaft and a mine  tip

me doing a roly-poly down the hill – have fun as well !!

Route we took

history of mines in this area

About the area around Darwen

see section Section 20 – 21

Disused Turton Moor Colliery/brickworks site ?, Turton Moor, near Belmont ,Blackburn With Darwen

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spooky woods

tramway to the mine

going up the mountain

Whitaker, Darwen brick
site about bricks

Bull Hill Fire Clay works Darwin – look at the Brick
Note from Dad
at Bull Hill there was a sanatorium , plus evidence of mines -based upon maps unknown location of the Brickworks ?
Turton Moor Colliery site ? two shafts Winter Hill on right hand side in the background

Turton Moor Colliery  view of site looking down the hill

Turton Moor Colliery  -another waste tip ?

Turton Moor Colliery  waste tips -lots of burnt coal ?

Turton Moor Brick Works – lots of old bricks here !

4 ramps for the tramway ?

where they put the gold 😉  in the spooky woods -the woods were very dark and  wet!

Dads Note :pipe works by Blackburn Road,? lot of iron engine mounting’s found as well
history of the Blackburn and Darwin area
information about the West Pennine Moors
information about the West Pennine Moors
information about the West Pennine Moors
Walks in this area with ref to pipe works by Blackburn Road,
history of the Blackburn and Darwin area

Winter Hill Fold Pasture – the quarry and different insects I found

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It was very foggy today.

This is a video of a river.

This is the mast in fog.

A pattern on a gate post.

A Philipson brick from Bolton.

This is a quarry.

This is a really fast beetle, that wouldn’t sit on my hand for long!

This is a caterpillar I found.

This is the route we took: