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Belgium in the middle of Netherlands, Baarle Nassau/Baarle Hertog, Netherlands

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me in Belgium and Evie in Holland
taken from

Leo in half one side in Belgium the other Holland

this explains the areas

part of the house was in Belgium and the other in Holland

House in Belgium -see the flag

House in Holland see the flag

even the shop had cheese half from Belgium and the other from Holland!

see Google maps for the location !

Safaripark Beekse Bergen, Beekse Bergen collage of photos

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me with some Goat’s


I love these Giraffes



Baby Rhino

my dad with Leo and the Goat

Me and Evie being Monkeys !

Tiger scary !

lille Zoo

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me driving a car on the playground before the Zoo

me pushing the heavy Pushchair -across the bridge to the Zoo

a big city on a log

lots of buildings

another close up -I don’t know who did this !

Zebras in the Zoo

snowy owl




me on the climbing net

this was the route

across the planks

holding on and keeping my balance

i did this

another section done

Lille center and on the metro

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chocolate bunny given free on the metro for easter Yummy !
Metro trip some underground – i really enjoyed this !

Market for Books lovely old buildings
can you see the golden statues ?

Chocolate place
statue of a person ringing a bell
TGV at Lille Flanders station -colours like a Eurostar train
Crowne Plaza Lille 
copper covered hotel
TGV at Lille International station -there was a good playground just around the corner

Chambre de commerce, Lille

shop with cups in the air !
Saint Maurice Church
Play area in the church !
pillars in the old church
lighting a candle for Grandad to remember him , Grandad’s Birthday would have been the 24th April and He would have been 67, Grandad sadly died 28th August 2008.
beautiful stained glass window

Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Westvleteren , West-Vlaanderen Belgium -John Thomas McQue’s resting place

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this is about the visit to Great ,Great Granddads memorial
we laid poppy’s in November in England
Me walking with Mum ,Evie and Leo towards the Memorial ,

Helan Fairchild was a nurse in the first world war who died but is buried elsewhere, she served in clearing stations near the Cemetery

The gate posts -this one has the first world war date  on it

This one has the second world war date on it
a book that contains all the details for the Cemetery
towards the front of the cemetery
This is my Great ,Great Granddads gravestone

Grave/Memorial Reference: XV. F. 14.

image above taken from the web site 

Me and  Evie
A Chinese grave
A person whose name is not known

Two lads to Rivington Pike and back again

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be careful on the cattle grid !

on the way to the two lads

sunset at Two lads

looking at the view over Bolton

the mast from the Two Lads

sunset looking towards Rivington Pike -can you see the Pike ?

between the mast and the pike

running towards the pike

Pigeon tower from the pike

Rivington pike -looks like i am nearly as tall as the mast , standing on the edge of the hill

Bell Pit below Rivington pike
down from the pike towards brown hill

can you see me ?

up from the dog hotel !

looking back to the Pike

across the cattle grid

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !

Belmont to New chapel Lane 4.3 miles

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Belmont: “Fair or beautiful mountain”. Derived from Low Latin ‘bellus’ – fair, beautiful, and ‘montem’ – a mountain.



old controls for lower height reservoir 
settling tank for the water supply
controls for the release of the water
Fibre  optic cable underground
spring reservoir
on the route of the winter Hill
overlooking Belmont
Old mines  NE of Winter Hill mast

on the way to the two lads – mast in the background

Two Lads -day was grey top of the mast in cloud
running towards Wilderswood -we turned right to go down to Wilderswood
Wilderswood -Montcliffe
Yates Horwich Brick
Yates Plastic Brick from Horwich