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Margaret 6600 Bastogne, bois de la paix, wood of Peace , Belguim,

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This is the village we are staying in , its called  Magaret near Bastogne,

Team Cherry at Mageret
While the main force is under pressure in Longvilly forward elements of Team Cherry engage Mageret to reopen the road to Bastogne. But the road leading into the village is soon blocked by the wrecks of a destroyed Sherman tank and two half tracks (the Sherman was heading the column and shot down by a German PAK that had just been set up). At about 1500 a small patrol consisting of 18 infantrymen, two medium tanks and a 105mm. assault gun are sent out against the village, moving cross country north of the road. Although one of the Sherman tanks gets stuck in the bad terrain, draws fire and has to return to the column, the rest of the patrol is able to move on. They enter the northeast part of the village but although they can make out some German tanks and infantry they are in no strength to engage the enemy.

Another group of 40 men accompanied by a section of medium tanks is sent against the southern part of Mageret but as the tanks have difficulties with the rough terrain south of the road no real progress is made. The infantry consists of stragglers from Longvilly and is reluctant to move without the accompanying tanks.

The scattered remains of Team Cherry manage to conquer three houses at the northeastern edge of Mageret where they are stuck. Suffering more and more losses to the German attackers, they are finally (at 0030, 20th December) released to withdraw towards Bizory. Under the covering fire of the paratroopers they manage to make their way to Foy and finally to Bastogne.

taken from

Barn as part of the building , people lived on one side of the house

This is the front of the same house ,

This is a Sherman tank turret ,

the back of the turret

the church had to be rebuilt after the battle

can you see the old tractors ?

old school building

one of  the buidings shows battle scars ?

looking at old bullet holes

this shows another old

This is where we are staying

It is full of wood and lots of interesting old objects

This is the view from my room !

Leo’s Cot

Leo was very tired after his trip !

we walked to the peace woods,


The Wood of Peace is laid out to recreate the UNICEF emblem: a mother and child, symbol of human tenderness. This design is only visible from the air

The 4,000 trees making up this wood were planted for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. They were dedicated to the American veterans who fought in the Ardennes, Belgian combatants and all the civilians and military who died in the winter of 1944-45. Every veteran who returned to Bastogne in 1994 chose a tree, which will always bear his name. The Wood of Peace is laid out to recreate the UNICEF emblem: a mother and child, symbol of human tenderness. This design is only visible from the air. The trees on the site are mostly service trees, birches, beech trees and oaks.
these are some of the people whose names are next to the trees

some of the divisions who are commemorated in this wood

some of the civilian groups involved

note from dad :apologies to people we missed but there are over 4000 trees and a lot of name plates,

101st Airborne memorial , Ligne 163,Bois des Corbeaux,Bizory

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start of the walk

some of the markers we found

old bridge

the railway is very straight but uphill slightly

along the forest track

we found some old war war 2 foxholes near a old bridge

you can just make out the shape

these were two uniform to be natural and they had some small shell holes near them as well !

like a secret forest path

back down to the start

can you see the sunflowers ?

old station building

Wemeldinge,Zeeland, dyke, war memorial and sea shells

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This is the word for Glass -its a recycling bin

me on the wall that keeps the sea out – it is called a dyke

me mummy,Leo  and Evie on top of the wall of a cycle track

we needed sun hats and cream as it was very warm at 27c

i watched some barges carry rocks

I am talking to Evie , can you see the sailing boats ?
the beach and sea had a lot of these !

the harbor entry

can you see the two windmills ?

an old house

this was scary and the biggest sunflower !

can you see the rounded windows ?

pretty shutters
The monument consists of two sides described.

On the left part reads:

On the right part are the names of 24 war victims:
Marinus Jacob Noussen * 26-02-1914 † 18-07-1940 Rotterdam
Licia Cijsouw * 07-06-1920 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Licia Cijsouw * 01-09-1936 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Jan Cijsouw * 11-02-1919 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Maria Pieternella Cijsouw * 20-12-1906 † 01-08-1942 wemeldinge
Peter Cijsouw * 30-07-191 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Pieternella Cijsouw * 01-10-1937 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Licia de Fouw * 12-03-1882 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Willem Kooman * 23-09-1856 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Cornelia Adriana Sonke * 05-07-1921 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Sara Sonke * 13-07-1878 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Pieter Marinus Glas * 25-09-1918 † 02-05-1943 Alkmaar
Marinus Traas * 21-10-1911 † 17-10-1944 Tuddem (D)
Pieternella Feellus * 15-05-1860 † 28-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Marinus Noussen * 25-09-1888 † 28-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Dirk Kromhout * 20-09-1887 † 29-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Daniël Pieterse * 17-05-1902 † 29-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Jan Paauwe * 13-11-1877 † 01-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Sander Bison * 12-06-1894 † 06-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Cornelia Leijs * 01-10-1894 † 06-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Steven van de Guchte * 08-09-1937 † 10-11-1944 Goes
Jacobus Adriaan Zuijddijk * 03-11-1908 † 12-11-1944 Neuengamme (D)
Cornelis de Jonge * 25-07-1924 † 13-12-1944 Aheinfelden (Zw)

Jan Jacobus Vermaire * 02-05-1925 † 07-05-1949 Kawali/Tjiamis (Java)

sailing boat

me and my mum on the dyke

me on the beach and evie on the Dyke and a sailing boat

on the way back


some links for the area,&hl=en&rlz=1C1AVSW_enGB374GB377&biw=1280&bih=709&prmd=ivnsm&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=IVpRTs76OsufOr-P-MIC&ved=0CH0QsAQ

up the Dyke wall

on the dyke wall

we are collecting shells

can you see the jellyfish ?

I had to be careful as it was slippy!!!!

Evie feeding some sheep

me stroking the lambs
Evie arranged the seashells and things we collected  from the dyke
sunset -it was beautiful

Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Westvleteren , West-Vlaanderen Belgium -John Thomas McQue’s resting place

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this is about the visit to Great ,Great Granddads memorial
we laid poppy’s in November in England
Me walking with Mum ,Evie and Leo towards the Memorial ,

Helan Fairchild was a nurse in the first world war who died but is buried elsewhere, she served in clearing stations near the Cemetery

The gate posts -this one has the first world war date  on it

This one has the second world war date on it
a book that contains all the details for the Cemetery
towards the front of the cemetery
This is my Great ,Great Granddads gravestone

Grave/Memorial Reference: XV. F. 14.

image above taken from the web site 

Me and  Evie
A Chinese grave
A person whose name is not known

Remembrance Sunday Memorial Walk – Lead Mines Clough , Anglezarke,Chorley,Lancashire

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Wet approach to the memorial walk

Note from dad -this was about a family memorial walk and the main activity was remembering Jakes and Evie’s Great, Great Granddad and Great Granddad. Jake wanted to share this – some of the Blog has been written by Jake and the rest by dad.
Jake had been to  this memorial before, we all thought this was a suitable location to commemorate and  remember.

Jake had tidied up the crosses and poppies spontaneously without being asked before

“I am tidying this up by putting some of the crosses back (above lead mines clough)”

me  and Evie -Evie being a Zebra! in pink

Looking at a Mine Audit with dad -(behind the tree!)

Bolton Mountain rescue – 4 land rovers

At the Bomber memorial- Winter hill is in the background , the mast is mostly covered in cloud.

Putting Great Granddad’s and Great Great Granddad’s Crosses on the memorial

making sure the crosses are together without disturbing others, picking up the poppies on the ground.

Note  from Dad:
Edward McQue (Great Grandfather) and John Thomas McQue (Great .Great Grandfather) crosses together

Edward McQue officer Engineer  Merchant Navy (Great Granddad)
Killed in action  21-11 -1940  SSCree , 4791 tons iron ore , all 41 hands were lost
He had successfully completed 3 voyages when his ship SSCree was sunk by a U Boat- U123 off the coast of Ireland
the ship was carrying Iron from South Africa to Liverpool

information about U123

Great Granddad does not have a  grave having gone down with the ship,
He is remembered at the Merchant Navy memorial at Tower Hill London

John Thomas McQue 5th regiment Labour Corps
killed in action 14-12-1917 in the trenches battle of Passchendale ,Belgium

Great,Great Granddad is buried at  Dozingham war cemetery , Belguim

Bomber memorial to the Wellington Bomber crew who died

I am  reading the memorial wreaths
Note from dad :This one that Jake is reading from was from the Chorley ramblers,

This  Memorial wreath from Bolton Mountain rescue team


one of the mine tips

me and mum

route we took

some background to the memorial

lead mine clough Anglezarke – first explore of this area (back of Winter Hill)

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I am starting off on my explore !

I am on a stone footbridge across one of the many streams,

this is a old farm ? we found on the way

this place is called Higher Hempshaws on the map

a old roof slate

a old mine trial near lead mines clough

mine adit at lead mines clough

where the water wheel (powered by water) was that pumped the water out of the mine at lead mines clough

war memorial to a bomber which crashed in WW2 ,I am tidying this up by putting some of the crosses back (above lead mines clough)

I am resting I am getting very tired nearly at the car !
the route we took,

more information re this area

weather very windy, sunny -some tracks plus cross country , It was a  long way  (4.6 miles) for me !

Churches in Belgium – Chapelle du Bonlieu, La Bastogne and La Roche.

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a church la Bastogne

a lovely painted celling  in la Bastogne

statue in the Church

the Parish  church in La roche

lovely windows  (La Roche)

a mini  church Chapelle du Bonlieu

a war memorial on Chapelle du Bonlieu

different trees for every church in the parish -really good idea ! in front of Chapelle du Bonlieu

Fermont Fort maginot line, France

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this is the main entrance to the fort

this is a 88 mm German gun

this is a really noisy train

a very narrow passage

this is a turret that moves up and down.