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Explore ruined farmhouse at holders plantation ,Winter Hill , Horwich

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a old mine look very close-bell pit(nearest end)

old mine wall ?

this is a local brick found at old farmhouse -has the words Horwich on it , perhaps Dickerson  as well?
other bricks were winter Hill bricks,

collapsed old farm house near holders plantation near burnt edge colliery

this is a old dam the route crosses the old dam here is the breech to the wall -yes you get your feet wet !
along this path on the dam we found baby frogs but not today

exposed bank – mix of coal and burnt coal -from the brickworks on winter hill

very odd water  drain this has a very rhythmic flow (sometimes fast then slow) –  mechanical ?

examples of rubbish left where we parked today -take it home and recycle!
all types plastic can be recycled -when we lived in Prague all plastic is collected and recycled !!!!!!!
please recycle
-note from dad – if the Czech republic can recycle plastic why does Bolton put this in landfill sites ???
route taken today

today’s links great place to find details on the heritage of Horwich and winter hill the best winter Hill resource
interesting web site on the historical area of Halliwell ,Bolton

RSPB Geltsdale, New venture drift/Howgill colliery and Forest head lime works,Cumbria

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New venture drift -wast tip

“Howgill Colliery – Another early Thompson project was the Howgill Colliery which was a drift connected to the Blacksyke Branch near Forest Head. Howgill was closed in 1880 but sections of it were worked many decades later to help boost the dwindling coal resources. In 1919 the Naworth Coal Company was again considering fresh mining activities closec to the old Howgill Colliery and the Venture drift was reopened beside the Gairs Branch south of Forest Head which entered the Howgill seam this was called the New Venture Drift. At its peak in 1923 it employed 46 below ground and 16 on the surface and finally closed in 1934”.
taken from

pipes from the mine -these are used to vent gases from tunnels

entrance to the drift mine -taken from the top of the drift entrance

we heard  water which sounded like it was from a  hollow tunnel -one of the other entrances to the drift mine!
railway cutting  to Gains colliery disused

a wall – look carefully a pipe !

a pipe to fill the water tank in the  steam trains ?

a water tank – pipe to the railway cutting  + valve found to control the water flow

a rainbow

capped mine shaft

mine waste tip

red lichen flower found on mine waste tip

forest head lime works,
very windy and wet on the ground

lime kilns

info about Lime Kiln’s

inside a lime kiln

mine ?

Railway loading bay

railway cutting disused

lime kiln waste

kirkhouse brick

RSPB Geltsdale -back at last
Weather: very wet ,windy high chill factor very strong winds which were very gusty visibility generally good  though, very tiring to be out and about on the high fells so we kept to the lowland parts , we will come back to this area.
Links to local area

Local places to shop

local photo

Lambley colliery, memorial for Roachburn pit disaster along the A689, Cumbria

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a mine memorial for Roachburn colliery disaster

web links for facts about this disaster and the memorial

New coal reserves were opened out near the railway between Hallbankgate and Tindale the first of these being Roachburn Pit which produced 23,259 tones of coal between 1860 and 1863 its output being loaded into railway waggons from carts at a small tipping dock. The buttreses can still be seen today at the side of the A689 near Tindale. In 1912 Roachburn had produced 21,900 tons of coal but this was to be its last prioduction due to the poor quailty of its coal. At its peak in 1902 it employed 258 people below ground and 85 on the surface and finally closed in 1912. With the closure of the mine at Roachburn the washery at Midgeholme also closed as it used to wash all the coal from the former colliery taken from

Lambley Colliery

the old mine buildings

up the bridge

the bridge over the disused railway

modern building for the mine

part of an old mine building

Kirkhouse Bricks -local brick  we found these across a lot of our trips near mines
gives a view on the history of Kirkhouse bricks

another mine building

the end of the walk showing the old mine tips

Lambley Colliery links

Lambley Colliery was taken on lease by James Thompson in 1846 and had very good coal potential but due to his poor health he was not keen to open new collieries until the Alston Branch was built. The extension of the line accross Hartleyburn Common was built and in operation by late 1849. At its peak in 1957 Lambley Colliery employed 155 people below ground and 29 on the surface and finally closed in 1957
taken from

Hadrian’s wall -Once Brewed to Winshield crag,Northumberland

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old mine

near peel   turret

near turret 39a

the wall near turret 39b on way to winshield crag

me on the wall
the trig point at winshield crag
route we took
local Links
Local YHA
Info about Hadrian’s wall trail
Winshield Crag
Winshield crag  picture

Forest head to Gains – disused railways,Old Mines and quarries -Cumbria

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Brampton Railway

image of area  from


we went from Blacksyke colliery to the  Blacksyke quarry  to Gairs colliery


along this route ran the famous  Rocket  steam engine

“In April 1837 James Thompson purchased George Stephensons Rocket from the Liverpool and Manchester Railway for the sum of £300″

background note:

Blacksyke Colliery

“Blacksyke Colliery’s first shaft was sunk during 1820-1 and went into production in 1822-3 using a steam engine for pumping and coal winding. To serve this Blacksyke colliery a branch line was put in East of Hallbangate climbing in a south westerly direction via a rope hauled line to reach this bleakly sited colliery”.

details of accidents at colliery




this is a coke oven


mine in the mist


at the top of the hill  of mine waste

steam engine where it used to be

note from dad : used for mine and the railway -incline was too steep for engines on their own !

video of Blacksyke mine

Blacksyke s quarry

red sandstone

note from dad -not from this area looks like Eden red sandstone ?

smmmmmooooth stone looks like wood !

Blacksyke quarry from above

Forest head Quarry







try and spot the railway line


Here are the railway tracks to Gains Colliery

background note :

Gairs Colliery – Work began on Gairs Colliery on the bleak windswept fells above Hallbankgate during 1909 and was completed by 1912. Besides the main seam there was a blacksmith shop and screens for sorting the coal. With this new development a further extension of the Brampton Railway was completed with a branch leaving the Blacksyke route near Forrest Head and following the course of the older line to Howgill. Beyond Howgill the new line climbed steeply to Gairs Colliery with gradients of between 1 in 27 to 1 in 18 which was one of the steepest worked adhesion lines in Great Britian at the time. At its peak in 1921 Gairs Colliery employed 180 below ground and 51 above ground and was finally abandoned on 6th September 1936

an old railway bridge  on the way to Gains colliery



the spooky house  ( dads note :Gains house where the mine manager was supposed to live but its split into two houses  which are equal ? )


Dads note we did not explore the mine because of the weather moving in see right hand side of the photo

safety choice – Jake was tired due to adverse weather conditions , don’t take risks and become a casualty  there’s always next time !

I am in the fog wind and rain again


note from Dad -we dropped height and took the protected route next to the stone wall to avoid the wind



video showing high wind ,rain and low level cloud



a mine opening  ?

(one of the small breaks in the weather to allow a good photo )


note – from dad

weather for route

high winds leading to high chill factor -cold due to driving rain  and wind , poor visibility at times  -down to 5m ,

above this area is a place called cold fell – a name not without reason !


route taken

blackberry played up due to getting wet so distance is underestimated times/speed not accurate

point to point run




Local mountain rescue team


walk links


we used a combination of the above two walks plus the Cumbria railways site to explore this area Gains mine in better weather than we had !



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spot game find the butterfly

this is a pretend castle

Roman building remain at the fort

a corner turret

a gate  into the fort at Birdoswald

a hidden tunnel  in the old bridge

the wall  near Gilsland


this is a long slide in gilsland
route taken
walk based on the following web site
PDF file of walk
Local mountain rescue teams
Birdoswald site’s great  place to eat and great Cheese at this place !
Gilsland sites

early morning walk at -4c where we stayed Smithfield ,Longtown,Cumbria

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these are our footprints in the frost

my slippy dance which Evie joined in

it was freezing that day

we walked along the drive way

a tree stump with mushrooms and fungus on it

route we took

Link to the cottage where we stayed

solway air museum at carlisle airport , visit to Avro Vulcan B.2 XJ823

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this is a  ejector seat

Blue Streak Exhibit about the testing of the Blue Streak rocket program. -see link at

more link’s below

a rocket sign DANGER KEEP OUT  from RAF spadeadam see links below

the vulcan

me going to the vulcan

I am a radar  operator

I wonder what this does !

I am in the pilot’s  seat ( guess what I am looking for ?)

I am looking for the bomb button , found it !

video from the 3 seats below the two pilots seats – 5 people helped fly this aircraft

English Electric Canberra T4 WE188 pilots seat

British Aerospace Nimrod AEW3 XV259 prototype Cockpit this never flew ! -my mum knows all about this !

useful links -museum is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


link to museum

Blue streak rocket pictures

interesting RAF base !—XJ823-at-Carlisle-Airport.htm

pictures of Vulcan from above

history of Vulcan

pictures of Vulcan  XJ823 flying and  landing

Carlisle airport background

Carlisle airport site

Eddie stobart group -link to airport

background to eddie stobart

Old mines via White Coppice Geology Trail and the Great Hill

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this is Waterman’s Cottage

I am standing on a tree ! it looks like a rock but its a old tree trunk !

this is the entrance to the city!  -Here I imagined I was discovering a  long lost city !

I am climbing the wall of the city

waterfall wall  these need climbing

last wall and very very sliiiiiiiiiipy

next to the city mine

in the small mine

a exposed bank of shale ( comment from Dad opposite here evidence of many mine shafts -bell pits  )

looking at the bell pit these are the best so far we have seen

a line of bell pits  going towards the river

standing between to gate posts at Drinkwaters which was used for target practice in WW2!

Great Hill summet  here you can go to Darwin Tower, Winter Hill views all around
– you can see Preston,Rivington Pike,Blackburn

me relaxing on a stone seat  – 4 miles  one to go !

weather Bright sunshine and cold at start to light rain and cold wind, we saw a lot of people on Great Hill
who did not have the correct kit on  ,
one asked us near the top of Great Hill if this was Great Hill  , the other two people didn’t know either – do not go out without a map and if you carry the map know how to use it!
Take care on the Hills please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

route we took 5 miles in total good site for this area about the great hill

Spooky trip to haunted castle ;) or Rivington castle in the dark !

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This is a trip to the full-size replica of Liverpool Castle, in ruins at night !

we are going  around the spooky castle we go into the secret passage !

we are running away from the castle quickly 😉

Full-size replica of Liverpool Castle, in ruins

Route to castle our route we went down the secret passage some General history of the area photos in the day 🙂 the history behind Liverpool castle