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1st Year review Jake of Winter Hill

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Jake would like everyone who has read his blog,
the original idea was to show people what Jake could do rather than what he couldn’t,
Jake has a sensory issue with holding a pen so this seemed a way of getting around that issue by using a keyboard., Jake showed great interest in the local area and anything that involved getting wet! Jake has gone on to become interested in some more extreme outdoor pursuits normally with fell shoes on ! will also come along as well

Jakes new baby Brother

Jake has visited both FranceBelgium and Holland twice ,

Jake put together a challenge run

Places planned 2011
Mines -swineside 
Cross fell mines,
Blencathra ,
Whinlatter forest runs,
Holcombe moor ,
trips planned to Belguim/Holland

people have asked how much of this is Jakes Blog,
Jake gets the options to choose from some different routes which Jake/myself have researched .
Jake writes most of the individual Blog entries but I proof read  and add to what is there through links,
I  generally pick out all the good photos from a run and myself and Jake review these and remove ones we Dont feel fit into the Blog.
Yes Jake really does these distances and completes these runs, photos are generally Geo tagged

Jake’s Original blog, 31/07/10

Jake’s half year Blog

68 Blog posts 

12,000 views in total

Jake’s full year 31/07/11

108 blog entries 
28,000 views in total

Both myself and Jake take a great deal of care when out and about,
I generally use risk aversion to avoid issues, a great deal of planning and preparation goes into the runs/walks,
Jake’s equipment does vary but includes extra just in case we are delayed,
I take Jakes safety very seriously ,we often repeat things until i feel Jake gets the Technique or understands how to deal with things safely.

though I feel the following comment is much better than anything i could write

“Although Winter Hill is a wonderful “playground” and a place of great
beauty and fascination for many of us, we should always be aware of the
hidden dangers at all times, and do all we can to minimise them.
Unfortunately, many of us like the bleakness and solitude of the place,
and often go wandering around on our own – and at times when there is
perhaps nobody else around on the moors – and in the most appalling
weather conditions! Some would call us foolhardy, but this is our choice
and what we choose to do – and we would defend our right to do just this
– so long as we are all aware of the possible dangers and we dress and
equip ourselves to minimise the risks.
In poor weather never underestimate Winter Hill. The bogs really ARE
there. The visibility really CAN vanish totally within 60 seconds. The
body surface temperature plus the chill factor for those unsuitably
dressed, really CAN drop to –10C or more on top of the Hill.
DO take care on Winter Hill ….. but enjoy it! Remember. It CAN bite”


Snow Leopard , Hands on animal experience at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis , Hale ,Cumbria

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stroking a bearded dragon – me and Evie

me and Evie with a Tortoise

This is how to hold a tortoise

this is how to hold a snake

he decided to escape

holding another tortoise today 😉

butterfly’s emerging from their pupa

Blue land crab

Evie looking at the butterflys

Here is Pavan a snow leopard
“Pavan is a young male, and was one of two leopards filmed as the basis for Stelamaria in the recent movie The Golden Compass”
taken from

a snow Leopard on the roof

he plays with a box which contains spice !

Leo looking at Pavan on the roof !

me and Evie looking at Pavan

Leo looking at the animals

Pavan on the roof

on the playground

down the slide


Can you see the Marmoset ?

Leo looking at a Marmoset

Quecha Tent sleep over

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me and Evie watching a film-Sammie’s adventures about a turtle

enjoy the film.

Note from dad : Lavender to put the bugs off

Note from Dad the Quechua tent T6.2

camp fire we collected wood  for the fire – my mum cooked me a banana with chocolate in it ! on the fire

me asleep

Wilderswood , Horwich family walk

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Leo exploring on my dads back

mine adit – this is blocked after a few feet very damp and wet and full of mud !

can you see the pike ? we are going to look at the dragonflys on the pond

walking towards Ormstons farm

old mine workings

one of the horses -sign says do not feed
 Leo with his hat on this walk he kept on taking it off

Leo on the walk – i picked his hat up several times

me and Evie stroking a horse

the mast and the old tramway

mine adit – this is dry but blocked after a few feet – goes towards cabin pit but does not link up 😉

this area has been felled

Evie hiding 😉

my first blog a year ago

route taken

Hide and seek at Rivington Castle, Rivington, Horwich

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Leo the cutest boy in the world!

a castle turret

the old gate house

we played hide and seek

we are all going to hide in this part

hiding in another part of the castle

off to the other part

Leo asleep

having a picnic

me and Evie playing hide and seek

walking back to the Rivington barn

nice and cool in the shade

Evie hiding in her hat !

what a nice day for a walk

running off -Evie can run fast !

the pike

the go ape at Rivington barn

Wilderswood to Rivington pike old mine ,water tunnel 4 miles

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me in the wood

raspberries !

jumping over a fallen tree

down to the stream

main collery shaft no 1 wilderswood the shaft (capped) is in front of this

can you see the tramway ?

one of the horses

we will have to take a look at this !

Brown Hill

the pike

A fast beetle

behind the pike the sun was setting

I could see Blackpool tower from here

old pipe feeding the water tank

T&G Higson Halliwell (part of Bolton)

found in the middle of the moors  part of the water tank – Lord leverhulme’s Rivington’s garden –

old leval

can you see the old mine

this was narrow -it was wet dark and full of spiders !

note from Dad This is narrow and even jake had to crouch and shuffle along – it was worse for me

looking out for spiders !

video’s from the water tunnel

Pigeon tower details of the plans held for Roynton Cottage,

Link to the person who designed the  Lever park friends of Lever park

maps of rivington

Lower Rivington reservoir

just below brown hill

on our way back we gave directions to some people who were looking for the pike !

The pike at sunset brown hill has the trees on it to the left

the sunset had a orange glow to it – making me look Orange !

see !

Rivington Pike to Brown Hill to Back of sportsman’s cottage

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looking at Leo who is in the back carrier – pike in the background


wall marks the boundary between Chorley and Horwich

An old bottle top

on the way to the pike over the gate

view towards the mast

Yes I am eating Bilberries !

crooked edge and the two lads

if you wanted to know what it looked like at the top of the Pike !
Brown Hill

someone has planted a garden on the side of  river Douglas

River Douglas

old sheepfold –

Note from Dad Pre-historic swirls?  one distict and one less you can feel the one on left , with two it is unlikely just to be random !

Bell Pit

old mine level or adit

pike in the background this is tough grass for me

yes roly poly time !

taking a break !

old shaft ? or collapse ?
nothing is marked on the circa 1900 map of the area