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Burnt Edge to New chapel lane

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a simular route

Evie is walking up the path from walker fold farm

this is called Chadwick’s close farm I looked this up on the map
there was another farm in Halliwell with the same name

can you see the mast ? me and Evie are practicing on the walkie talkies

walker fold farm

Leo is not happy we found out later he got his first tooth !

can you see the stone track this is for the colliery !

the stone slabs stopped the heavy carts getting stuck !

this is the burnt edge colliery pit head

some of the old mine buildings

can you see the Caterpillar ?

me and Evie exploring on the old walls

there is a small tunnel here – this may be a old brick kiln ?

a hole you have to be careful when exploring

I am helping Evie cross the uneven grass

the old colliery

the track above the old colliery is very different  they did not lay out stone slabs !

this is the air shaft marked on the map

burnt edge farm

the mast

the two lads

Evie is going round a big puddle too deep for her wellies !

leo has gone to sleep can you see the mast ?

this is near white brow

we could see some llamas on the farm !

the Reebok staduim

we saw a fox here

these look like emu or rheas!

we found some stones six of them , three each side !

the horses were nice to touch

Leo woke up and was touching the horses

the six stones

this collects water – for the animals

me and Evie stroking the horses

I loved this horse he was so soft

Hello world!

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I am 7 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot , sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog  is about challenging that!   I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to!

Walker fold to Burnt edge to Montcliffe to wallsuches ,Winter Hill, Horwich(-snow -8C)

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hot chocolate in the snow
This is picture of the Burnt edge colliery

previous pictures of the colliery without the snow

crossing the snow -without a path

deep snow -this was crisp on top if you went through this it was deep -up-to my Knees
looking   at a plane going to Manchester airport enlarge the picture !

video as the Sun going down – red sunset, winter Hill mast ,

This route takes is over 3 miles , we had another mile to go after this – turn left  to where we arranged to be picked up at new chapel lane church one of the nine heritage buildings

WallsuchesBetween Montserrat and Horwich is Wallsuches, and it is thought that the name is derived from ‘wella’, the Old English for water, and ‘soc’, Old English for soak. It was here that the Ridgeway family moved their bleaching croft, from the centre of Bolton, to a site by the stream called Pearl Brook in the late 18th century. Bottom o’th’Moor is just above Wallsuches.
housing development on old bleach works site

further details of Bleach works and Wallsuches,

route:snow deep in places , very cold and high wind chill factor , failing light ,  temperature without Wind chill at -8c ,

Note from Dad  :Please take advice/care  before going up on the Hills

Explore ruined farmhouse at holders plantation ,Winter Hill , Horwich

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a old mine look very close-bell pit(nearest end)

old mine wall ?

this is a local brick found at old farmhouse -has the words Horwich on it , perhaps Dickerson  as well?
other bricks were winter Hill bricks,

collapsed old farm house near holders plantation near burnt edge colliery

this is a old dam the route crosses the old dam here is the breech to the wall -yes you get your feet wet !
along this path on the dam we found baby frogs but not today

exposed bank – mix of coal and burnt coal -from the brickworks on winter hill

very odd water  drain this has a very rhythmic flow (sometimes fast then slow) –  mechanical ?

examples of rubbish left where we parked today -take it home and recycle!
all types plastic can be recycled -when we lived in Prague all plastic is collected and recycled !!!!!!!
please recycle
-note from dad – if the Czech republic can recycle plastic why does Bolton put this in landfill sites ???
route taken today

today’s links great place to find details on the heritage of Horwich and winter hill the best winter Hill resource
interesting web site on the historical area of Halliwell ,Bolton

Burnt edge colliery and a Hedgehog encounter,Winter Hill, Horwich

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this is a old quarry?

this is me on a old wall ,It maybe a part of a mine?

this is a pattern carved into a gate post

this is a air shaft- capped.

this is the mine shaft for Burnt edge colliery -capped

mine waste -I found pieces of coal here

this is a baby hedgehog

I picked the hedgehog up -carefully !

this is what the Reebok looks like at night
This is route I took